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Team Rooted

Frequent Flyer (Please Help!)

by Julie Malament on 3/14/2013

Leap of Faith

by Julie Malament on 2/26/2013

They Forgot My Name...

by Ben Gagne on 8/22/2012
Team squadleaders

Joy in the Midst of Circumstances

by Julie Malament on 7/26/2012

Life Update - God's Been So Faithful

by Julie Malament on 6/4/2012

An Honest Rant...

by Ben Gagne on 5/30/2012
Team squadleaders

Packin' up my Guitar & moving to Peru!

by Beka Fritz on 5/8/2012

Life Updates!!

by Natasha Ritsema on 4/15/2012

The Vision-New address

by Crystal Adams on 2/14/2012

Giving my Beauty for His Glory - 24hrs of Waiting

by Julie Malament on 2/13/2012

Living a Life with No Regrets

by Julie Malament on 2/8/2012

Steps of Faith

by Julie Malament on 2/5/2012

Was BLIND- now I see

by Crystal Adams on 1/12/2012

Can I really do this in 6 days!?

by Crystal Adams on 12/30/2011

What's Next?!

by Beka Fritz on 12/28/2011

Merry FriTZMas!! -Video

by Beka Fritz on 12/28/2011

To Tebow or not to Tebow..

by Crystal Adams on 12/23/2011

Cambodia Crayons - Video

by Beka Fritz on 12/10/2011

Things Aren't Always... - Video

by Beka Fritz on 12/7/2011

Out With the Old, In with the New

by Crystal Adams on 11/22/2011

World Race 'U' Squad - Tribute Video

by Beka Fritz on 11/18/2011

Single for Life

by Beka Fritz on 11/9/2011

What is G42?? (VIDEO)

by Julie Malament on 11/7/2011

Fairy Tale Love

by Natasha Ritsema on 11/7/2011

Over the Hill - Video

by Beka Fritz on 11/6/2011

Trusting for a MIRACLE... What's Next!!!

by Julie Malament on 11/5/2011

In Two Weeks....

by Crystal Adams on 11/5/2011

Love Your Neighbor

by Natasha Ritsema on 11/4/2011

This is for all Cap Guy's...

by Beka Fritz on 11/3/2011

No Expectations

by Natasha Ritsema on 10/30/2011

Where's Moldo?!

by Beka Fritz on 10/29/2011

Broken Limbs... Whole Spirit

by Crystal Adams on 10/27/2011

Month 11 !? Here We Go!

by Julie Malament on 10/21/2011

No More Lies- TRUTH!

by Crystal Adams on 10/18/2011

Children of the World

by Natasha Ritsema on 10/17/2011

Body Guards for a Racist?!

by Beka Fritz on 10/14/2011

The Swazi Scene

by Julie Malament on 10/14/2011

Swaziland Video

by Crystal Adams on 10/14/2011

Hungry for a Holy Discontent

by Julie Malament on 10/14/2011

Seasons of Tye

by Natasha Ritsema on 10/14/2011

Wrecked for LOVE

by Crystal Adams on 10/11/2011

It's all Russian to me...

by Beka Fritz on 10/10/2011

What's a Babushka?

by Beka Fritz on 10/9/2011

Extended Family

by Natasha Ritsema on 10/3/2011

Ukraine and Next year Adventures!

by Crystal Adams on 10/3/2011

Swazi Kids- Video

by Beka Fritz on 9/30/2011

Spring of Living Water

by Julie Malament on 9/29/2011

Photo Albums

by Natasha Ritsema on 9/28/2011


by Crystal Adams on 9/25/2011

What Would Kasey Do?!

by Beka Fritz on 9/25/2011

$300 Wire Car

by Beka Fritz on 9/23/2011


by Crystal Adams on 9/21/2011

Saving the Saved

by Crystal Adams on 9/14/2011

Teal Huts & Zebra Butts

by Beka Fritz on 9/10/2011

The Other Side of Your Donation...

by Natasha Ritsema on 9/10/2011

Only on the World Race

by Trey Genser, III on 9/10/2011

Mozambique Video

by Crystal Adams on 9/10/2011

It's Just Dancing....

by Natasha Ritsema on 9/1/2011

Mozambique Montage MAAAAAAAANN!!

by Trey Genser, III on 8/27/2011

Jailhouse Rock

by Trey Genser, III on 8/27/2011

Living in God's Faithfulness

by Trey Genser, III on 8/27/2011

"Blessed Are....."

by Natasha Ritsema on 8/26/2011

My Month in Moz - Video

by Beka Fritz on 8/25/2011

MOzzy on Over: Our Month in Mozambique (VIDEO)

by Julie Malament on 8/25/2011

Fields of the Fatherless

by Julie Malament on 8/25/2011

Spiritual Milk

by Natasha Ritsema on 8/23/2011

An Ode to the World Race

by Crystal Adams on 8/23/2011

I Have Failed You

by Crystal Adams on 8/21/2011

Life Lines

by Beka Fritz on 8/20/2011

Proclaim Freedom to the Captives

by Julie Malament on 8/16/2011

We have the best Dad!

by Beka Fritz on 8/14/2011

"The very hairs on your head are numbered..."

by Natasha Ritsema on 8/13/2011

Birthday and Videos- AMAZING

by Crystal Adams on 8/12/2011

Today.. I Wept

by Crystal Adams on 8/12/2011

Nepal Video - GEMS Nepal

by Julie Malament on 8/10/2011

I am a Sojourner

by Julie Malament on 8/9/2011

'Let the guys Handle it...'

by Beka Fritz on 8/7/2011

Sore Arms and Prison Prayers

by Natasha Ritsema on 8/6/2011

Coming out of my Skin

by Crystal Adams on 8/6/2011

Letters from Jail

by Beka Fritz on 8/5/2011

Christ Clicks

by Beka Fritz on 7/31/2011

The Seeds

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/31/2011

They took us to PRISON in Africa!

by Crystal Adams on 7/31/2011

South Africa Surf and Soccer Ministry Video

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/30/2011

South Africa Sports Ministry- Video

by Beka Fritz on 7/25/2011

Fighting Demons

by Crystal Adams on 7/25/2011

Ask me how 'Church' was Sunday...

by Beka Fritz on 7/23/2011

Beautiful People

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/22/2011

Lord of all Creation!

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/16/2011

Xhosa- African Click Language

by Crystal Adams on 7/16/2011

Surfs Up!

by Beka Fritz on 7/15/2011

Soccer and Surfing for God in S Africa

by Crystal Adams on 7/15/2011

I'm Going Home - Seriously

by Julie Malament on 7/12/2011

Last few...

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/12/2011

Happy Birthday Natasha

by Natasha Ritsema on 7/2/2011