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Haiti Here We Come!!!

by Austin Ulsh on 9/8/2014

Breaking Good Hearts

by Matt Blair on 8/13/2014
Team real

World Race Round 2

by Austin Ulsh on 7/31/2014

New World Race Video!

by Austin Ulsh on 6/25/2014

The video that can change your life!

by Kristin Fuller on 6/25/2014

The Reason for my Tattoo

by Kristin Fuller on 3/12/2014

Fruits of the Labor

by Kristin Fuller on 2/14/2014

Stepping into the New Year

by Kristin Fuller on 1/29/2014

My Role in the Bigger Picture

by Kristin Fuller on 10/23/2013

When the Mountains Don't Move

by Matt Blair on 10/19/2013
Team real

Is Church Involvement Required for Christians?

by Kristin Fuller on 9/27/2013

Muddy Water

by Kristin Fuller on 9/19/2013

In a word . . . Preparation

by Kristin Fuller on 9/3/2013

An Update on My Ministry

by Kristin Fuller on 8/27/2013

The Starkest of Dichotomies

by Matt Blair on 7/24/2013
Team real

SSay Yess To The SS

by Matt Blair on 6/1/2013
Team real

I'm going back to Africa!

by Austin Ulsh on 5/27/2013

Discipleship and my Future

by Austin Ulsh on 5/6/2013

Hey You...Avoid THIS!

by Matt Blair on 5/2/2013
Team real

Discipleship and Me

by Austin Ulsh on 4/28/2013

My Calling..

by Austin Ulsh on 4/21/2013

"I'm Good" is Garbage: "The Lead Up"

by Matt Blair on 4/19/2013
Team real

"I'm Good" is Garbage: "The Streets"

by Matt Blair on 4/19/2013
Team real

He KNOWS the plans He has for ME

by Kristin Fuller on 4/14/2013

Calling All Men... (And Women)

by Matt Blair on 4/2/2013
Team real

App's for World Racer's

by John Wilcoxson on 3/21/2013

Haters Gone Hate

by Meagan LaFoy on 3/10/2013
Team real

Bat Cave's & TV Show's

by John Wilcoxson on 3/7/2013

Why it Matters

by Austin Ulsh on 3/1/2013

Hi! I'm Back!

by Kristin Fuller on 2/21/2013

Chosen and Appointed

by Meagan LaFoy on 2/11/2013
Team real

Life Goes On

by Meagan LaFoy on 1/25/2013
Team real

Stepping Forward

by Austin Ulsh on 1/12/2013

No Pun Intended

by Matt Blair on 1/4/2013
Team real

CGA!!! (Center for Global Action)

by Austin Ulsh on 12/29/2012

Do Something

by Meagan LaFoy on 12/26/2012
Team real

Twas the Championship Night

by Sarah Craycroft on 12/19/2012
Team real

My Final Month on the World Race - Philippines

by Austin Ulsh on 12/19/2012

Final WR Travel Days: Philippines to HOME

by Kristin Fuller on 12/14/2012


by Sarah Craycroft on 12/12/2012
Team real

An Elf's Re-Entry

by Jenna Hartkopf on 12/4/2012
Team real

RE: I'm not who you think I am

by Austin Ulsh on 12/4/2012

I'm Not Who You Think I Am

by Meagan LaFoy on 12/4/2012
Team real

Plateau Top (and bottom) Experience

by Matt Blair on 12/2/2012
Team real

Resume Builder

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/30/2012
Team real

You Know You're on the WR

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/30/2012
Team real

Filipino Ministry Video

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/30/2012
Team real

So Many Emotions!

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/29/2012
Team real

A Visual Snapshot of Philippines Ministry

by Kristin Fuller on 11/28/2012

Philippines Ministry Video

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/25/2012
Team real

Under the Sea

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/25/2012
Team real

Community? No Thanks.

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/24/2012
Team real

Going Home?

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/24/2012
Team real


by Sarah Craycroft on 11/24/2012
Team real

Public School Worship

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/22/2012
Team real

Thankful for on the Race!

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/22/2012
Team real

Ministry that Made it Real

by Kristin Fuller on 11/22/2012


by Meagan LaFoy on 11/22/2012
Team real

Thanks China

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/21/2012
Team real

The Chinese Surrender

by Matt Blair on 11/20/2012
Team real


by Sarah Craycroft on 11/19/2012
Team real

A Year in Perspective

by Austin Ulsh on 11/19/2012

Last Month of Ministry

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/18/2012
Team real

A Changed Perspective on Thankfulness

by Kristin Fuller on 11/18/2012

Alone Time

by Meagan LaFoy on 11/16/2012
Team real

I'm so Excited!

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/12/2012
Team real

Dance Party on the Great Wall of China!!!

by Austin Ulsh on 11/8/2012

My Time on the Great Wall (video)

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/2/2012
Team real

Extreme Makeover: WR Edition

by Jenna Hartkopf on 11/1/2012
Team real

Month 10 - China

by Sarah Craycroft on 11/1/2012
Team real

Travel Days: China to Philippines

by Kristin Fuller on 10/31/2012

China in a nutshell

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/31/2012
Team real

I love NEW things

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/30/2012
Team real

China oh China

by Austin Ulsh on 10/30/2012

Never too Late

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/30/2012
Team real

Genie in a Bottle

by Jenna Hartkopf on 10/26/2012
Team real

The Birds and the Bees

by Jenna Hartkopf on 10/22/2012
Team real

I was Prayer Walking and He Answered

by Kristin Fuller on 10/21/2012

The Suite Life of Team Real+

by Jenna Hartkopf on 10/21/2012
Team real

Culture Shock in China

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/19/2012
Team real

House Hunters International-CHINA

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/19/2012
Team real

India-Photo Recap

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/17/2012
Team real

My Daily Mission

by Kristin Fuller on 10/16/2012

The Vineyard

by Meagan LaFoy on 10/16/2012
Team real

Things Learned and Experienced on the WR

by Austin Ulsh on 10/16/2012

Conform? No Way.

by Sarah Craycroft on 10/12/2012
Team real

Making Me Think About Money

by Kristin Fuller on 10/11/2012

Travel Days: Nepal to China

by Kristin Fuller on 10/11/2012

Oh Crap My Mom Was Right!

by Meagan LaFoy on 10/11/2012
Team real

If I Die "Too Soon"

by Matt Blair on 10/9/2012
Team real

I Want

by Meagan LaFoy on 10/8/2012
Team real

Addicted to Rehab

by Matt Blair on 10/2/2012
Team real

India Ministry Video

by Sarah Craycroft on 9/29/2012
Team real

Nepal Recap Video

by Austin Ulsh on 9/28/2012

Snapshot of Nepal

by Kristin Fuller on 9/28/2012


by Jenna Hartkopf on 9/28/2012
Team real

I'm Getting Married...Again

by Meagan LaFoy on 9/28/2012
Team real