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Be Kind Rewind

by Raymond Sabon on 11/25/2014
Team squadleaders

Why I Need to Grow Up

by Sha'terika Perkins on 11/25/2014
Team ...dropsmic

Guat's Happen'n

by Jodi Terpstra on 11/25/2014
Team livingwater

Imprints on my Heart

by Michelle McClellan on 11/25/2014
Team valiant

Swaziland is One Week Away!

by Ariel Niles on 11/25/2014
Team abdiel

11 in 11 in 11

by Ana Kempner on 11/25/2014
Team soentonces

A Thank you to YOU

by Jaide Penney on 11/25/2014
Team thepursuit


by Katherine Chen on 11/25/2014
Team summit

Tell the World I'm Coming Home

by Amanda Finneseth on 11/25/2014
Team halas

Lessons from India

by Drea Ruddock on 11/25/2014
Team tourdestade(squadleaders)

Satya Ana

by Dani Tripp on 11/25/2014
Team arete

Seeing the Beauty in the Broken

by Katie McGuire on 11/25/2014
Team luna

Love Language

by Haley Gray on 11/25/2014
Team relentless

Naked in Japan.

by Ash Owens on 11/25/2014
Team aleph

Beauty in Bogotá

by Christina Smith on 11/25/2014
Team boxcarchildren


by Naomi Demmon on 11/25/2014
Team us

Thailand Wrapped Up!

by Heidi Streicher on 11/25/2014
Team mountainmovers

An Artist's Journey

by Kat Kendall on 11/25/2014
Team riverdwellers

Some Much Deserved Recognition

by Justin Kennedy on 11/25/2014
Team anathallo

Building a Community

by Maria Garcia on 11/25/2014

I challenge you.

by Cindy Chau on 11/25/2014
Team eklektos

Hold on to Hope

by Taylor Ruckel on 11/25/2014
Team riverdwellers

Eternal Monsoon

by Heather Tobey on 11/25/2014
Team bold|2831

The Beauty of Brokenness

by Tori Baker on 11/25/2014

Behind The Curve

by Maria Hall on 11/25/2014

Why Missions? Why the World Race?

by Anne Bruner on 11/25/2014

What about Living with demons?

by Faith Beattie on 11/24/2014
Team i68

dios es bueno!

by Brooke McIntosh on 11/24/2014
Team valiant

God Still Knows What He’s Doing

by Katie Axelson on 11/24/2014
Team anchored

Breather's Season Finale

by Brittany Vander Naald on 11/24/2014
Team thrivin

Did Not Finish

by Eric Cash on 11/24/2014
Team summit

I'm Coming Home!

by Katie Cawthon on 11/24/2014
Team nodoubt

What a month

by Andy White on 11/24/2014
Team limitless

Random Thoughts

by Darron Chamlee on 11/24/2014
Team agape

No quiero regresar a casa

by Nicole Bonilla Jimenez on 11/24/2014
Team luna

You're Invited

by Kristin Brewster on 11/24/2014
Team renovate

Serving Others

by Justin Athanaseas on 11/24/2014
Team deep

A New Kind of Normal

by Rachael Fleetwood on 11/24/2014
Team mountainmovers

Waves of Pattaya

by Katie Kroeger on 11/24/2014
Team beautifullybroken

The Quest

by Roxi Bucur on 11/24/2014
Team mosaic


by Ashley Hinkleman on 11/24/2014
Team auroraborealis

Enough Is Enough

by Ronny Wilson Jr on 11/24/2014
Team freeindeed


by Jen Kaiser on 11/24/2014
Team kenosis

Surviving the Wilderness

by holly McCarley on 11/24/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Marshmallow Ministry

by Christina Bautista on 11/24/2014
Team kenosis


by Becky Houston on 11/24/2014
Team theconquerors

Goes beyond November.

by Lexi Garza on 11/24/2014

Just a little thought for the day

by Sam Blecman on 11/24/2014

Come As You Are

by Makenzie Mullin on 11/24/2014

Support me with your Nose!

by leah Nestor on 11/24/2014
Team darvida

All You Need To Know

by Jeff Gala on 11/24/2014
Team darvida

Life after Training Camp

by Bryce Hayden on 11/24/2014
Team keybearers

Be Brave Shirts!

by Megan Gallear on 11/24/2014
Team thefellowship

Boundless Love

by Tabbi Brown on 11/24/2014

Hiding Behind the Lipstick

by Leondra Smith on 11/24/2014
Team chosen

Trip of a lifetime

by Emily Lancon on 11/24/2014
Team carpedeum

Seasons Changing

by gwen Debaun on 11/24/2014
Team onesontherock

The Three D's

by Savannah Rucker on 11/24/2014
Team intentionallove

Standing On The Edge

by Brandon Perry on 11/24/2014
Team dunamis

My World Race Wish List

by Andrew Hancock on 11/24/2014

Making THE list and checking it twice!

by Jess Meltz on 11/24/2014


by Maggie McDonald on 11/24/2014


by Maggie McDonald on 11/24/2014

A War on Comfort

by Erin Cramer on 11/24/2014

Thai Turkey Challenges & Thrilling Adventures

by Jen Silverman on 11/24/2014

Behind The Design

by Lyndi Stucky on 11/24/2014

Truth Be Told

by Racquel Cooke on 11/24/2014

He chose us!

by mark Mathis on 11/24/2014

Your Blood Built a Bridge

by Marielle Moguel on 11/23/2014
Team squadleaders

Finish Strong!

by Allie Mitchell on 11/23/2014
Team r&r

Crap, this is hard.

by Sabrina Weneck on 11/23/2014
Team anchored

Month 9 - Cambodia

by Kim Grady on 11/23/2014
Team 27one

Month 8 - Thailand

by Kim Grady on 11/23/2014
Team 27one


by Katherine Chen on 11/23/2014
Team summit

Beloved - Spoken Word

by Kaila Demoss on 11/23/2014
Team halas

The month I became a mom! (SCH India)

by Nicole Bonilla Jimenez on 11/23/2014
Team luna