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I Got Married!

by Laura Schaefer on 9/21/2014
Team radiance

Shaq Sighting in Cambodia

by B.J. Hilbelink on 9/21/2014
Team boldlypresent

The debrief of Nick Thomas

by Brady MacIver on 9/21/2014
Team boldlypresent

The debrief of Nick Thomas

by Marin MacIver on 9/21/2014
Team boldlypresent

Diane is a Teammate

by Nick Thomas on 9/21/2014
Team boldlypresent

He is Faithful.

by Andrew Ingrassia on 9/20/2014

Death does not make sense.

by Bethany Bernard on 9/20/2014
Team ironmaidens

Life in Guatemala

by Anna Prichard on 9/20/2014
Team geronimo

Guat's up

by Devan Herbeck on 9/20/2014
Team lavishedwarriors

A little bit of quite time

by Jamie Van Dyke on 9/20/2014
Team lavishedwarriors

Sweet Christian

by Jamie Van Dyke on 9/20/2014
Team lavishedwarriors

Is This Real Life?

by Abbie Eaton on 9/20/2014
Team lavishedwarriors


by Zachary Fires on 9/20/2014
Team riverbound

Her Name Was Red

by Alena Bartolai on 9/20/2014
Team koinonia

Walking By Faith

by Katie Cawthon on 9/20/2014
Team nodoubt

Team Leading [part 1]

by Larisa Aleksandrov on 9/20/2014
Team leonard*

From Hurt to Freedom

by Kagan Fulford on 9/20/2014
Team radical

From Hurt to Freedom

by Hagen Fulford on 9/20/2014
Team radical


by Breanna Mason on 9/20/2014
Team uncharted

Be That Person.

by Chelsea Greenwood on 9/20/2014
Team skittles

I'm diving in

by Rachel Eddy on 9/20/2014
Team katafygio

It was worth a broken leg to me.

by Sadie Goodwin on 9/20/2014
Team katafygio

Relationships Beyond Words

by Ashley Loucks on 9/20/2014
Team alvah


by Jared Yoder on 9/20/2014
Team nogreaterlove

Moldova Photo Blog

by Brooke Chavez on 9/20/2014
Team nogreaterlove

Moldova Photo Blog

by Pablo Chavez Rosalino on 9/20/2014
Team nogreaterlove

I Know Who I Am

by Zachary Ripley on 9/20/2014
Team tonka

Nepal: Part II

by Catherine Mounger on 9/20/2014
Team boundless

The Support Saraya Challenge

by Saraya Lyons on 9/20/2014
Team pac

India Teaser Video

by Kalie Forbes on 9/20/2014
Team riverdwellers

Encouragement of the Saints

by Christopher Moore on 9/20/2014
Team mosaic

Like a child

by Rhema Kennedy on 9/20/2014
Team sistafierce

Mwen Kapab!

by Sarah Jang on 9/20/2014
Team hopeawakening

World Race University

by Laura Kawatski on 9/20/2014
Team hopeawakening

Our Leaders Need Encouragement Too!

by K or Lani Houston on 9/20/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

I want to give them a voice.

by Katherine Gavin on 9/20/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

Pits and Peaks: Part 1

by Taylor White on 9/20/2014
Team thesurrendered

Pits and Peaks: Part 2

by Taylor White on 9/20/2014
Team thesurrendered

Let the Kids Be Kids

by Katie Allen on 9/20/2014
Team hungryyoungsters

A Blessing in Disguise

by Emily Werness on 9/20/2014
Team burningjoy

Cambodia! Yeahsure, sure.

by Asia Smith on 9/20/2014
Team burningjoy

A Day in the Life - Week One

by Bekah Shearin on 9/20/2014
Team boldlypresent

Mud. It's gross.

by Bekah Shearin on 9/20/2014
Team boldlypresent

Yeah, Sure Sure

by Ashley Albert on 9/20/2014
Team burningjoy

Yeah, sure, sure...Huh?

by Martha Kennedy on 9/20/2014
Team burningjoy

Cambodia Ministry Summary

by Nick Thomas on 9/20/2014
Team boldlypresent


by Alany Eder on 9/20/2014
Team theconquerors

Back to the beginning..

by Nicky Keeno on 9/20/2014

No Pain No Gain?

by Melissa Bjorklund on 9/20/2014

For This Reason

by Wayne Mask on 9/20/2014

For This Reason

by Codie Cox on 9/20/2014

What is the World Race?

by Amanda Jen on 9/20/2014

Expectations Verses Expectancy

by Joy Schneider on 9/20/2014

Why Me?

by Amelia Dernier on 9/20/2014

What If

by Briana Chase on 9/20/2014

Water Crackers and WineHRAR!

by Brooke Leffelman on 9/20/2014

Total Surrender

by Emily Johnson on 9/20/2014

Beyond the Frame

by Chrissy Robertson on 9/19/2014
Team saltshakers

I Give Up

by Chelsea Thomas on 9/19/2014
Team i68

Me encanta Guatemala es muy bonita!

by Andy Sengsavang on 9/19/2014
Team livingwater

Dig In

by Grace Alguire on 9/19/2014
Team geronimo


by Megan Ehrlick on 9/19/2014
Team geronimo


by Mackenzie Yeager on 9/19/2014
Team geronimo

Children, Ducks and Waterslides

by Taryl Crabtree on 9/19/2014
Team riverbound

The Philippines!!!!

by Nathan Schwarz on 9/19/2014
Team mizizi

Unsung Heroes Mision Caribe

by Casey Murry on 9/19/2014
Team thegoodtimers

It's Not About Me

by Brooke Wright on 9/19/2014
Team kaleo

The Refuge is in Their Eyes

by Jackie Bakalarski on 9/19/2014
Team goldengirls

Intern for Life

by Amanda White on 9/19/2014
Team ateam


by Kayla Christophel on 9/19/2014
Team captivated

Backstage on the Race

by Nathan or Nate Borntrager on 9/19/2014
Team (fe)males

Thai-d Together

by Deborah Jones on 9/19/2014
Team victorioussecret

Battling for Brokenness

by Serena Snyder on 9/19/2014
Team alvah

The Ugly Truth

by Victoria Henry on 9/19/2014
Team ru-ah

The thing that brings me joy

by Kamie Brown on 9/19/2014
Team unity31

How I Got Rich on the World Race

by Katie McGuire on 9/19/2014
Team apotolmao

Glory to God

by Saraya Lyons on 9/19/2014
Team pac

brb america

by Janet Castaneda on 9/19/2014
Team mosaic

Diamond in the Rough

by Roxi Bucur on 9/19/2014
Team mosaic

Compounding in Christ

by Natalie Neal on 9/19/2014
Team riverdwellers

Month 1 - Panama

by Britteny Kramer on 9/19/2014
Team anchoredinwaves