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How to Build Community

by Katie Axelson on 4/28/2014
Team salmo45:11

How to Bless on a Budget

by Katie Axelson on 4/21/2014
Team salmo45:11

Buckets and New Beginnings

by Meghan Tschanz on 4/18/2014
Team lionheart

Philippines video recap

by Owen Siebring on 4/18/2014
Team turnthepage

TIA - This Is Africa

by Tiffany Blount on 4/18/2014
Team free


by Emily Zion on 4/18/2014
Team setafiresc

The Purpose of Prayer

by Vallory Moss on 4/18/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

Stuck in Superstition

by Vallory Moss on 4/18/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

I'm Not Invincible

by Jen McHutchion on 4/18/2014
Team stillrelentless

A Boy Named Shofall

by Audrey Bazil on 4/18/2014
Team recklesspursuit

A Much Needed Reminder

by Dillon Wadewitz on 4/18/2014
Team simplicity

Truly we are bound...

by Aly Badinger on 4/18/2014

Just Enough

by Rebecca Spires on 4/17/2014
Team breathe

Appalachian Trail: 2 Weeks in

by Steven Buffington on 4/17/2014
Team pepparainjahs

Month 9: Romania

by Lindsey Irvine on 4/17/2014
Team barefoot

Help Me Come Home!!

by Susannah Bretz on 4/17/2014
Team shininggrace

Fully Funded!!

by Kaylee Stoops on 4/17/2014
Team amalgamation


by Mike Bergey on 4/17/2014
Team squadleaders

A Little EXTRA in the ORDINARY

by Julie Lane on 4/17/2014
Team lylas

Spiritually and Physically Blinded

by Julie Lane on 4/17/2014
Team lylas

Video: For You

by Ruby Lopez on 4/17/2014
Team wwjd

Catching Up

by Ham Dilbeck on 4/17/2014
Team letitrain

South Africa Picture Blog

by Helen Charles on 4/17/2014
Team dawntreaders


by Gina Neuville on 4/17/2014
Team zealouslove

Hang Ten Brah

by DeAnna Jarnagin on 4/17/2014
Team awakening

I Am Set Free

by Hillary Unis on 4/17/2014
Team awakening

Ode to Family

by Audra Bridendolph on 4/17/2014
Team globalrootz

Do you validate?

by Jessica Fouch on 4/17/2014
Team angeadh-glas

My Hail Mary

by Jessica Fouch on 4/17/2014
Team angeadh-glas

El Tunco Time!

by Cody Askew on 4/17/2014
Team rootedmovement

what to expect when world racing

by Brittany Eichorn on 4/17/2014

Changes are Coming

by Saraya Lyons on 4/17/2014

Our God is Able

by Aleisa Mifflin on 4/17/2014

The First of Many Great Stories to Come

by Christopher Moore on 4/17/2014

How You Can Support Me

by Anna Friedges on 4/17/2014

My World Race Experience Expectations

by Lace Krager on 4/17/2014

Vital Donation Information :)

by Lace Krager on 4/17/2014

"Uh, dude...thats a lot of money!"

by Lace Krager on 4/17/2014

Tweeting the Gospel

by Hannah Stewart on 4/17/2014

Here I am, Send Me

by Kristen Shreiner on 4/17/2014

What You Are Supporting pt. 2

by Sydney Roberts on 4/17/2014

I Just Knew

by Mary Dunne on 4/17/2014

Why the World Race??

by Monica Payne on 4/17/2014

I'm going on the World Race! January 2015...

by Alyssa Trainor on 4/17/2014

The Bartering Beast Within

by Kacie Price on 4/16/2014

Georgia on the Horizon?!?!!!!!

by Danae Englund on 4/16/2014
Team supertramp

Here We Go

by Ross Anderson on 4/16/2014
Team uh

Mind Games

by Athena Papadopoulos on 4/16/2014
Team wwjd

Discovering my one true love.

by Sarah Cheung on 4/16/2014
Team davidsangels

Month 8 Plea

by Emily Miller on 4/16/2014
Team endlesspursuit

One Year Ago Today

by Vallory Moss on 4/16/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

Final Thoughts on Bulgaria

by Amanda Goodroe on 4/16/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

The Battle is Real

by Kristin Korson on 4/16/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

I WILL make it!

by Linley Sullivan on 4/16/2014
Team endlesspursuit

That moment when...

by Faith Vining on 4/16/2014
Team wrappedinradiance

Love in Swaziland

by Kasey Waller on 4/16/2014
Team wetsoles

Mid-month Pictures from Nepal

by Lolita Tam on 4/16/2014
Team unveiled


by Lexi Johannessen on 4/16/2014

Loving Boldly - Where I am Fundraising

by Henry Inglesby on 4/16/2014

Can't Stop, Wont Stop!

by Megan Cherry on 4/16/2014
Team unitedwarriors

Peru Ministry

by Lydia Neumann on 4/16/2014
Team alegria

Say Yes To The Mess

by Mandi Gummels on 4/16/2014
Team teamzoa

Getting in Deep

by Kaila Demoss on 4/16/2014
Team awakening

The Beauty in Poverty.

by Taylor Blankstein on 4/16/2014
Team joybombs

Come to me...

by Danielle Molnar on 4/16/2014
Team brokenchains

The Power of the Holy Spirit

by Ali Watson on 4/16/2014
Team braveheart

More than Conquerors

by Shelby McKinney on 4/16/2014
Team lionseekers

The Doctrine of Hell.

by Drew Bowman on 4/16/2014
Team braveheart

Spiritual Warfare is Real

by Kimberly Bell on 4/16/2014
Team braveheart

Creek Preaching and Boldness

by Kimberly Bell on 4/16/2014
Team braveheart

My Time is Not My Own

by Larisa Aleksandrov on 4/16/2014
Team entrusted

Blessings in the slums

by Julie Shirley on 4/16/2014
Team globalrootz

Show me one more time

by Julie Shirley on 4/16/2014
Team globalrootz

Jesus in the monkey temple

by Julie Shirley on 4/16/2014
Team globalrootz

That time a prostitute prayed for me

by Cait Clausing on 4/16/2014
Team radiant

Boys of Bulgaria

by Daniel Williams on 4/16/2014
Team deeproots

dios es loco - the empty tomb

by Stacie Fields on 4/16/2014
Team nuria

Jesus Rides the Chicken Bus

by Stephanie Stambaugh on 4/16/2014
Team nuria

This One's For My #Ablazeuth

by Alyssa Boyles on 4/16/2014

Where I'll be: Month 1-Albania

by Drea Ruddock on 4/16/2014

30 Days Until Training Camp!

by Callie Fike on 4/16/2014

So, Pablo & Brooke, where are you going?

by Brooke Chavez on 4/16/2014

So, Pablo & Brooke, where are you going?

by Pablo Chavez Rosalino on 4/16/2014

Trusting in the Little Things

by Leslie Oxford on 4/16/2014

Deadline #1 PASSED

by Danielle Anchondo on 4/16/2014

Change of Plans!

by Tressa Borchardt on 4/16/2014

75 Days

by Naomi Demmon on 4/16/2014

T-shirt's: World Trikes

by Ash Owens on 4/16/2014

Following the Leader

by Alyssa Keene on 4/16/2014

What is this World Race thing you speak of???

by Aviana Alvarado on 4/16/2014

Live Aloha, Spread Aloha

by Kai Taniguchi on 4/16/2014


by Kendra Harris on 4/16/2014

$11 for #11n11

by Josef Kainrad on 4/16/2014

thankfulness for the five-one

by Courtney Thompson on 4/16/2014

prompting in my soul.

by Courtney Naylor on 4/16/2014