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No Man Is An Island

by Olivia Hawkins on 8/1/2014


by Gabby Hobbs on 8/1/2014
Team apotolmao

Some Things are too Beautiful for Pictures

by Jacob Quijas on 8/1/2014

tidbits from the quiet place

by Kelsey Chancellor on 7/31/2014
Team unveiled


by Modupe Ogunkeye on 7/31/2014

World Race Round 2

by Austin Ulsh on 7/31/2014


by Katelyn DeVoe on 7/31/2014
Team turnthepage

I'm going to...

by Tiffany Blount on 7/31/2014
Team free

Hashtag: Month 15, 16, 17, and 18

by Logan Needy on 7/31/2014
Team momentum

It doesn't end.

by Ariane Torres on 7/31/2014
Team lol

11 images over 11 months {Photo Blog}

by Hanna Reeves on 7/31/2014
Team lol

I (barely) survived training camp.

by Michelle McClellan on 7/31/2014

Better than a Costco Sampler

by Megan Ehrlick on 7/31/2014

Answering the Phone

by Henry Inglesby on 7/31/2014

You're Lookin' At A "Trained" Missionary, Folks

by Alissa Cunningham on 7/31/2014

Holy Crap.

by Jamie Carlson on 7/31/2014

"Have you eaten your strawberry today?"

by Court Peterson on 7/31/2014

Mongolia Recap Video!!

by Micah Roeder on 7/31/2014
Team change

Love ya!

by Kim Harris on 7/31/2014
Team rad

Christianity: The Good & The Bad

by Sarah Wilson on 7/31/2014
Team ovida

Blessed to be a blessing?

by Michelle Lockett on 7/31/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

Female f-word f-word

by Alyson Bender on 7/31/2014
Team mates

The streets we walk

by Alyson Bender on 7/31/2014
Team mates

Heart broken at home

by Alyson Bender on 7/31/2014
Team mates

Three mates stateside

by Alyson Bender on 7/31/2014
Team mates

Coin Widows

by Kelly Griffin on 7/31/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

My Month in Malawi

by Rita Miller on 7/31/2014
Team uncharted

The Walking Dead

by Jinnae Morgan on 7/31/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

Falling Short of the Title

by Arden De Cuir on 7/31/2014
Team oak

My Dominican family

by Andy White on 7/31/2014
Team trustwithoutborders


by Kelsey Shreve on 7/31/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

Joy from a garbage dump

by Kelly Franke on 7/31/2014
Team katafygio

Let us Love

by Emily Arzani on 7/31/2014
Team apotolmao

Nepal Cribs Video

by John Harbold on 7/31/2014
Team boundless

Where have you been, Saraya?

by Saraya Lyons on 7/31/2014
Team pac

Goodbye Nepal

by Jonathan Sander on 7/31/2014
Team boundless

Lists from Nepal

by Kelsey Beggs on 7/31/2014
Team aperture

Lists from Nepal

by Kelsey Beggs on 7/31/2014
Team aperture

How I lost 5 pounds in Nepal

by Lindsay Westerfield on 7/31/2014
Team gladiators


by Danica Cotov on 7/31/2014
Team boundless

A promise to my next 10 months...

by Aviana Alvarado on 7/31/2014
Team undefined

Feeling Feelings

by Aviana Alvarado on 7/31/2014
Team undefined

What Nepal Taught Me

by Rebekah Baumann on 7/31/2014
Team pac

Sit back and enjoy a lemonade with Papa

by Jordan Duke on 7/31/2014

Oh The Places Youll Go!

by Julie Sliwinski on 7/31/2014

Lemme Explain: Training Camp Part 1

by Michelle Rubert on 7/31/2014

Pictures and Video: Training Camp Part 2

by Michelle Rubert on 7/31/2014

Final Call For TShirts!

by Tera White on 7/31/2014
Team livingwater

That One Time When:

by Kat Kendall on 7/31/2014

Dig Deep

by Heidi Streicher on 7/31/2014


by Kat Kendall on 7/31/2014

The Joy of Community

by Katie Kroeger on 7/31/2014


by Heather Snider on 7/31/2014

It started with...

by Britteny Kramer on 7/31/2014

Why Aren't You Afraid?

by Anna Murphy on 7/31/2014

Strawberries and such!

by Jesse Thomas on 7/31/2014
Team deeppursuit

11 Dollars, 11 Days, for My 11

by Caroline Ritchey on 7/31/2014
Team starfish

A Wallflower Existance

by Casey Wilson on 7/31/2014
Team starfish

19 Days, $3,000

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 7/31/2014
Team starfish

Blown Tires and Crazy Love

by Kelsey Yongue on 7/31/2014

Ministry Where You're At

by Nic Mizeur on 7/31/2014

Profound Truths found in Taylor Swift's "22"

by Grace Veker on 7/31/2014


by Scott Perez on 7/31/2014

Let the fool out!

by Katy Knutson on 7/31/2014

Training Camp

by Katie Allen on 7/31/2014

Unprepared - World Race Training Camp

by Nick Thomas on 7/31/2014

I can't do this Alone

by Ryan Boenigk on 7/31/2014

Yard Sale!!!

by Amy Davis on 7/31/2014

So you're wrong about some stuff? That's ok

by Chelsea Lemon on 7/31/2014

How Can YOU Help?

by Alex Keeley on 7/31/2014

This has not been nice.

by Tabbi Brown on 7/31/2014

Bear Necessities

by Marisa Leal on 7/31/2014

Worship Wednesday(Thursday), Vol. 11

by Monica Payne on 7/31/2014

The World Race in 3 Minutes-Video

by Anna-Marie Gutierrez on 7/31/2014

T-Shirt Fundraiser!!

by Ashley Thaggard on 7/31/2014

Wake Up Call.

by Katie Kastl on 7/31/2014

A call for support

by Lace Krager on 7/31/2014

It's about time!

by Mercy Preston on 7/31/2014

Support Letter

by Beth Borrett on 7/31/2014


by Josh Evans on 7/31/2014

A Year Ago Today, We Came Home

by Cheyanne Hardy on 7/30/2014
Team coolrunnings

Memories of Mama

by Melanie Heath on 7/30/2014
Team pepparainjahs

A new normal

by Megan Kennedy on 7/30/2014
Team radiance

Whispers Losing Hesitancy.

by Amanda McConnell on 7/30/2014
Team squadleaders


by Faith Vining on 7/30/2014
Team aletheia

The end is where it begins...

by Hannah Steele on 7/30/2014
Team wildfire


by Hannah Steele on 7/30/2014
Team wildfire