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Dare You to Move

by Rachael Robinson on 12/6/2015
Team riverjumpers

Chasing The Wind

by Kaiden Springsteen on 11/25/2015
Team half dozen disciples

This one is for the Niños

by Gabbi Ford on 11/25/2015
Team bintibeans

Sticks and Plastic Bags

by Brittani Banks on 11/25/2015
Team teamzion

Thankful Tune

by Rebecca Hyde on 11/25/2015
Team teamsilverlinings

Homesick For Heaven

by Malorie Finley on 11/25/2015
Team ignition


by Ashley Page on 11/25/2015
Team deeplyloved

What If?

by Shonda Foublasse on 11/25/2015
Team deeplyloved


by Marcus Wiersma on 11/25/2015
Team teamhighlo

Unsung Heroes

by Rachael Villafane on 11/25/2015
Team discoveranddisciple

Is Freedom Really Free?

by Haley Gritz on 11/25/2015
Team kaleo

11 Thankfulisms

by Emily Richardson on 11/25/2015
Team selahvie

Week 10

by Ashley McCain on 11/24/2015
Team bintibeans

Listening to whispers.

by Kourtney smith on 11/24/2015
Team luminous

Chasing Waterfalls

by Diego Galvao on 11/24/2015
Team teamselah

Beautiful Chaos

by Emily Johnson on 11/24/2015
Team teambs

Enough About Me

by Laurie King on 11/24/2015
Team teamselah

Seasons come, seasons go

by Court Grever on 11/24/2015
Team teamzion

Consider The Wildflowers

by Lily Johnson on 11/24/2015
Team atlas

Play Worship

by Lily Johnson on 11/24/2015
Team atlas


by Clayton Manche on 11/24/2015
Team riverjumpers

A Gigantic Thank You

by Aubrey Cherry on 11/24/2015
Team blaze

USA vs Other Countries

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 11/24/2015
Team blaze

Stripped of Comforts

by Haley Roddy on 11/24/2015
Team brunetteblend

My Finances

by Sarah German on 11/24/2015
Team deeplyloved

Travel days, passwords, and Vietnam

by Kacy Clark on 11/24/2015
Team xena

Kyoto [vlog]

by Alex Kirkikis on 11/24/2015
Team teamudiya

Romani Slavery

by Mallory Gaston on 11/24/2015
Team serendipity

Romani Slavery

by Daniel Gaston on 11/24/2015
Team serendipity

Will you love the Boy with No Shoes???

by Nathan Borish on 11/24/2015
Team kaleo

Albanian Farm Tour

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 11/24/2015
Team kaleo

What Shouldn't Be, But Is

by Jen Selby on 11/23/2015
Team teamzion

Just a Glimpse

by Maggie Lindberg on 11/23/2015
Team sunflower

Simple Gospel

by Taylor Bernard on 11/23/2015
Team sunflower

A Glimpse into Life at Mi Casa

by Megan Collette on 11/23/2015
Team aboundingroots

The Long Road Home

by Patrick Booth on 11/23/2015
Team vengadores

Welcome Home

by Sarah Gifford on 11/23/2015
Team j.o.s.h.

11/11: 11 Things I'm Thankful For

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/23/2015
Team roar

1,221 Gifts

by Olivia Osley on 11/23/2015
Team gideon

Whoa, Cambodia

by Hannah Jones on 11/23/2015
Team riverwild

Route Change and Fundraising Update

by Courtney Goddard on 11/23/2015
Team freedom

Taking Medicine on The World Race

by Jordan Adams on 11/23/2015
Team ignition

I Can Do Bad All by Myself

by Shonda Foublasse on 11/23/2015
Team deeplyloved

The adventures of 2x4 Man

by Sarah Michel on 11/23/2015
Team adelphi

A Call to Prayer

by Keighty Patton on 11/23/2015
Team xena

Nepal Recap!

by Kate Coleman on 11/23/2015
Team lucent

One Month, One Day, and One Bar

by Melissa Presley on 11/23/2015
Team lumes

Fully Funded by New Years

by Anna Romero on 11/23/2015
Team lumes

101 Things I've Learned Halfway

by Kristen Wise on 11/23/2015
Team ing

Nepal: A Country of Light

by Amber Mikkelsen on 11/23/2015
Team adelphi

Step Out

by Zackary Kirk on 11/23/2015
Team sourpatchkids

I Took The Bible For Granted

by Lizete Dos Santos on 11/23/2015
Team submerge427

The mom and the boy.

by Amber Kopecky on 11/23/2015
Team submerge427


by Roni Farrell on 11/23/2015
Team unwritten

I'm fully funded!!!

by Joy Grayczyk on 11/23/2015
Team etcembracethechaos

Human and worthwhile.

by Hannah Lin on 11/23/2015
Team liora

Growing Pains

by Hannah Henderson on 11/23/2015
Team selahvie

When We Were Dirty

by Debbie Jacobs on 11/23/2015
Team liora

When Painting is Part of God's Plan

by Hannah Henderson on 11/23/2015
Team selahvie

Not My Time

by Ashley Ancona on 11/23/2015
Team liora

Heavy Hearted

by Mackenzie Farmer on 11/22/2015
Team atarahdoves

My Love Is For You

by Tori (T) Camus on 11/22/2015
Team teamsilverlinings

Love Does

by Katherine Dunaway on 11/22/2015
Team teambs wait, Transnistria!

by Meagan Kelly on 11/22/2015
Team raisinettes

10/11: 11 Books I Read

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/22/2015
Team roar

Top Eleven: Going Home Edition

by Melissa Bjorklund on 11/22/2015
Team roar

Call For Help

by Sabrina LYLE on 11/22/2015
Team avodah

Belize Video and Update

by Aly Badinger on 11/22/2015
Team machonachos

Health Problems

by Josh Schmutzer on 11/22/2015
Team riverwild

We Broke Bread

by Hannah Menzies on 11/22/2015
Team riverwild


by Drew Steverson on 11/22/2015
Team rascals

Power of Life and Death

by Jen Eyears on 11/22/2015
Team deeplyloved

Those who bless will be blessed!

by Jordan Adams on 11/22/2015
Team ignition

Moments of Impact

by Hannah Hand on 11/22/2015
Team ignition

Finding Hope by Praying For Others

by Jordan Adams on 11/22/2015
Team ignition

Video of Month 3 in Mozambique

by Mallory Rabon on 11/22/2015
Team august

Nepal Recap Video

by Christina Shore on 11/22/2015
Team summit

Nepal Recap Video! Month 5

by Mary Dunne on 11/22/2015
Team august