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Home sweet home

by Amanda Hobbs on 9/2/2014
Team evermore

A King in a cage

by Kimberly Webb on 9/2/2014
Team change

I'm Expecting

by Shannon Passaro on 9/2/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

Jordans and Africa

by KIMBERLY GIBSON on 9/2/2014
Team mates

Rescue: What I Learned in India

by Aviana Alvarado on 9/2/2014
Team undefined

Warrior Prayer Dare

by Margaret Kloess on 9/2/2014
Team undefined

Peace Out, Y'All

by Ronny Wilson Jr on 9/2/2014
Team freeindeed

Embracing me tightly

by Andrea Dunn on 9/2/2014
Team sistafierce

Where Is Your Focus

by Kendra Harris on 9/2/2014
Team reptar

Finish Strong

by Victoria Castillo on 9/2/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

Philosophical Unknowns

by Tabbi Brown on 9/2/2014

What I'm looking forward to this fall

by Savannah Rucker on 9/2/2014

A New Adventure!

by Donald Hamilton on 9/1/2014

2,400 miles away from home

by Amy Zeller on 9/1/2014
Team barefoot

What's Next??

by Bethany Fristad on 9/1/2014
Team ohana

America's Cool (Month 12 Recap)

by Allison Braun on 9/1/2014
Team cool

The Smile of a Shepherd Boy

by Kayla Hatcher on 9/1/2014
Team freshanointing

New Seasons!

by Cara Triezenberg on 9/1/2014
Team lol

Last and Final Team Changes

by Lydia Neumann on 9/1/2014
Team girasoles

When Dad and Mom Came on the Race

by Lydia Neumann on 9/1/2014
Team girasoles

The Struggle Is Real

by Katie Cawthon on 9/1/2014
Team emet

Childlike Faith

by Lyndsay Felps on 9/1/2014
Team captivated

One Saturday Morning

by Deborah Jones on 9/1/2014
Team calmwaters

Azungus on Parade

by Deborah Jones on 9/1/2014
Team calmwaters

Traveling for DayZ

by Kelsey Kraus on 9/1/2014
Team calmwaters

A Long Road to Quito

by Mary Chandler Pruette on 9/1/2014
Team rakchazak

Farewell, Home

by Alice Sudlow on 9/1/2014
Team kenosis

almost there.

by Erica Wood on 9/1/2014
Team relentlesshope

Subtle Christian Racism

by Josef Kainrad on 9/1/2014
Team ruach

Some Summer Summaries :)

by Kayla Park on 9/1/2014
Team magneticlight

"Are you excited?"

by Megan Moffitt on 9/1/2014
Team hungryyoungsters

T-Shirts are IN!!

by Kaitlyn Rider on 9/1/2014

God is Just Full of Surprises

by Karissa Rodriguez on 9/1/2014

The "It" Factor

by Kyla Stearns on 9/1/2014

Thank You: When Words Aren't Enough

by Kiersten Gamby on 9/1/2014

My Future Calling

by Josiah Clagett on 9/1/2014


by Gennesis Dheming on 9/1/2014

Blank Pages Filled With Expectations

by Kelly Smith on 9/1/2014

Growing Older

by Crystal Avery on 9/1/2014

My Reason to Go

by Cole Bruner on 9/1/2014

Remember Why You Started

by Lauren Purser on 9/1/2014

A Race for The World Race!

by Allison Hultquist on 9/1/2014

Not only a weekend warrior

by Boog Bernhard on 9/1/2014

He said I did...I created you!

by Yedidah Ameyaw on 9/1/2014


by Jordan Tarant on 9/1/2014


by Kylene Wilson on 9/1/2014

Central America!

by Keighty Patton on 9/1/2014

Five Word Phrases

by Scott Chan on 9/1/2014

The Paw Paw Patch

by Brian Barrett on 8/31/2014
Team Gozo


by Jordyn Sheffield on 8/31/2014
Team israel

A letter to future me.

by Meghan Callahan on 8/31/2014
Team thisisit

I'm Moving!

by Jessie Schuett on 8/31/2014
Team squadleaders

To Dance in a Land I Don't Know

by Krista Schweitzer on 8/31/2014
Team uncaged

Spoiler Alert

by Katherine Chen on 8/31/2014
Team nautilus

V Card

by Anna Cheek on 8/31/2014
Team refinedelegance

Coleraine, Ireland

by Abby Stewart on 8/31/2014
Team captivated

I Am Free!

by Anthea Kruik on 8/31/2014
Team sruthan

Stepping Out of the Boat

by Amanda Lawrence on 8/31/2014
Team captivated

Goodbye Africa

by Daniel Williams on 8/31/2014
Team uncharted

The Lady in the White Hat

by Kelsey Shreve on 8/31/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

About the Mission in Haiti

by Katherine McClard on 8/31/2014
Team forerunners

Love That Can't be Earned

by Katherine McClard on 8/31/2014
Team forerunners

Faith through Suffering

by Katherine McClard on 8/31/2014
Team forerunners

Desperate for Love (Part 1-Nikki)

by Katherine McClard on 8/31/2014
Team forerunners

Treasures from India

by Kelsey Beggs on 8/31/2014
Team aperture

Sing It Out!

by Danica Cotov on 8/31/2014
Team boundless

Orphan Hearts and Sweet Kisses

by Kelsie Biven on 8/31/2014
Team undefined

What I'm Taking

by Grace Manci on 8/31/2014
Team belovedwarriors

I'm fine

by Breanna Witvoet on 8/31/2014
Team agapewarriors

It's gettin' real folks

by Ethan Wadsworth on 8/31/2014
Team magneticlight

Final Week In America

by Ashley Albert on 8/31/2014
Team burningjoy

It's All About How You Finish

by Bradon Williams on 8/31/2014

Awesome video

by Sean McCloskey on 8/31/2014

Spent $1117.65, but saved over $200!

by Meagan Kelly on 8/31/2014

A Tribute

by David Hamilton on 8/31/2014

Cuando se me van las ganas

by Monica Terrazas Berrocal on 8/31/2014

Beautiful Destruction

by Hilary Rogers on 8/31/2014

Peru!! The first MONTH!

by Emily Trudell on 8/31/2014

I'm Challenging YOU!

by Beth Crenshaw on 8/31/2014


by Megan Barretto on 8/31/2014

Running the Race

by Amber SLONE on 8/31/2014

Upside Down in a Week

by Bethany Staton on 8/30/2014
Team awaken

preprate Per!

by Tiffany Blount on 8/30/2014
Team free

blank screens, empty lines

by Chelsey Murphree on 8/30/2014
Team aletheia

Only One Week To....

by Abbie Eaton on 8/30/2014
Team lavishedwarriors