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A Summarization

by Britteny Kramer on 8/1/2015
Team eshetchayil

Deplete and Enable

by Kathryn Cuyler on 8/1/2015

The Things that Go Uncaptured

by Justin Hunt on 8/1/2015
Team vengadores

Fighting in the Good Fight

by Amanda Bednar on 8/1/2015
Team fenix

The One Where I Find My Calling

by Heather Merrell on 8/1/2015
Team credence

Labels: What No One Wants To Say

by Brittine Brady on 8/1/2015
Team sistahfierce

The Month I Fell in Love

by Ashleigh Schneider on 8/1/2015
Team iris

God is Knocking your door

by JAY PARK on 8/1/2015
Team horizon

South Africa |VIDEO|

by Aly Badinger on 8/1/2015
Team rohiweebles

A Prayer Worth Fighting For.

by Victoria Pierce on 8/1/2015
Team rohiweebles

Albania Recap!!

by Justin Kent on 8/1/2015
Team galene

ONE / 11

by Jill Childress on 8/1/2015
Team radiantvibes

Dear Numbness

by Shannan Kelley on 8/1/2015
Team sozo

How Is Sarah?

by Sarah German on 8/1/2015
Team anchor

Imprisoned Unjustly

by Shonda Foublasse on 8/1/2015
Team agapeethne

I'm in Nepal, y'all.

by Hannah Hand on 8/1/2015
Team chosenservants

Recap with Video

by Jenny Leonard on 8/1/2015
Team sonflowers

Criss Cross Applesauce

by Gretchen Mandel on 8/1/2015
Team kindred

Confessions of a square peg

by Sarah Michel on 8/1/2015
Team kindred


by Alex Kirkikis on 8/1/2015
Team team4

Gear Needed!

by Emily Day on 8/1/2015
Team floodsisters

Beyond the Shore

by Abi Thompson on 8/1/2015
Team sculptorsisters

When Does the Journey Begin...

by Lindsey Moore on 8/1/2015

I'm Collecting Pots

by Luke Garmon on 8/1/2015

Ministry and Theatre

by Sarah Snyder on 8/1/2015

New Personal Blog!!!

by Jess Gill on 7/31/2015
Team summit

Your Questions, My Answers

by Joshua Beebe on 7/31/2015
Team chrysalis

Central America Video

by Saraya Lyons on 7/31/2015
Team marrow

Magnalia Dei Part 2

by Jenna Orabutt on 7/31/2015
Team eshetchayil

Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Jenna Orabutt on 7/31/2015
Team eshetchayil


by Britteny Kramer on 7/31/2015
Team eshetchayil

Thank You

by Cody Wittick on 7/31/2015
Team rootedinlove

What worship looks like in month 7

by Mel Jo Barnett on 7/31/2015
Team fenix

Fully Funded!!

by Amy Maggard on 7/31/2015
Team nahar

Life in Estonia

by Ashleigh Schneider on 7/31/2015
Team iris


by Anna Carter on 7/31/2015
Team intrepid

Country Spotlight: Romania

by Natalie Gale on 7/31/2015
Team mightyoaks

Goodbye Albania, HI Romania...

by Ralph Terlouw on 7/31/2015
Team galene

Love Does Conquer It All

by Jen Eyears on 7/31/2015
Team anchor

The One India

by Meraia McDaniel on 7/31/2015
Team anchor

Unforeseen Blessing

by Shaylee Tell on 7/31/2015
Team lol

A Pre-Prayered Heart

by Shaylee Tell on 7/31/2015
Team lol

The Kitchen Floor

by Gretchen Mandel on 7/31/2015
Team kindred

How I ended up with three brothers

by Sarah Michel on 7/31/2015
Team kindred


by Allison Anderson on 7/31/2015
Team lol

$500 Raffle!!!

by Luke Sherron on 7/31/2015
Team unsilenced

Preparing for Launch

by Shannon Connelly on 7/31/2015
Team shekinahglory

The In-Between

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 7/31/2015
Team selahvie

Upcoming Month 1 Uganda Ministry

by Christina Schloot on 7/31/2015
Team devotedlove

8 hours later, I had a packing list

by Molly Cox on 7/31/2015

I believe; Father, help my unbelief.

by Megan Williamson on 7/31/2015

I want to have a bird's brain.

by Melissa Flores on 7/31/2015

Support Letter!

by Kayla Buckner on 7/31/2015

First Post!!

by Bliz Ballesteros on 7/31/2015

Just a few moments.

by Ash Owens on 7/30/2015
Team recklesslight

The World We Live in Today

by Kaysea Campbell on 7/30/2015
Team chasingjubilee

That Time I Tried to Leave Early

by Katie Kroeger on 7/30/2015
Team roguewave

I Am A Child Of God

by Britteny Kramer on 7/30/2015
Team eshetchayil

my squad left me in Taipei

by Allison Huang on 7/30/2015
Team seventhheaven

I Have Returned

by Nic Mizeur on 7/30/2015
Team dlpetersons

Meanderings from My Journal

by Brenna Lucero on 7/30/2015
Team tortugalaud

Hang Me Up to Dry

by Hannah Stewart on 7/30/2015
Team unbridled

Yesu ai ni

by Jenn Cashman on 7/30/2015
Team braveheart

I lost my life

by Rachel Zerby on 7/30/2015
Team engarde

Perfect Love

by Emma Gronseth on 7/30/2015
Team intrepid

India You Make Me Smile

by Kirbie Head on 7/30/2015
Team chosenservants

Learning a New Language

by Julia Robertson on 7/30/2015
Team alethinos

Refreshing Encouraging and Amazing

by Karlena Davis on 7/30/2015
Team raj

Building Foundations (part 1)

by Keighty Patton on 7/30/2015
Team wimbi

Financial Update

by Emily Day on 7/30/2015
Team floodsisters

Step Out, Be Bold, & Ask

by Kelly Thompson on 7/30/2015
Team floodsisters

Fundraiser T-shirts!!

by Kayla Houser on 7/30/2015

The One

by Jen Silverman on 7/30/2015

The Status of ?

by Brian Barrett on 7/29/2015
Team Gozo

This is HARD

by Kels Tosca on 7/29/2015
Team unbridled

I Didn't Leave My Mark

by Kels Tosca on 7/29/2015
Team unbridled

Unexpected Friendships

by David Hamilton on 7/29/2015
Team breakthrough