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Being the one left

by Zachary Fires on 8/27/2014
Team riverbound

Weekly Church

by Matthew Coe on 8/27/2014
Team entregado

Thailand Photo Blog...

by Danielle Wieber on 8/27/2014
Team relentless

You, too, are World Racers (Video)

by Kim Harris on 8/27/2014
Team rad


by Shelby McKinney on 8/27/2014
Team ateam

The World Race ain't a big deal.

by Stacie Fields on 8/27/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

Guard HIS heart, too!

by Michelle Lockett on 8/27/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

I Need Jeus

by Deborah Jones on 8/27/2014
Team calmwaters


by Ashley Zablocki on 8/27/2014
Team 3d

Ministry Update: Leaving Albania

by Pablo Chavez Rosalino on 8/27/2014
Team nogreaterlove

Peru Recap Video

by Dillon Seeley on 8/27/2014
Team sozo

The Depth of God's Love

by Dillon Seeley on 8/27/2014
Team sozo

Redefining Inconvenient

by Lindsay Westerfield on 8/27/2014
Team gladiators

Food in India

by Kelsey Beggs on 8/27/2014
Team aperture

Hanging Out of an Auto.

by Alyssa Keene on 8/27/2014
Team fearlesslove

Seeing with God's Eyes

by LeAnn Wright on 8/27/2014
Team gladiators

A Sweet Tea Interruption.

by Allison Ashforth on 8/27/2014
Team auroraborealis

The Little Boy Who Sang to Me

by Megan Connors on 8/27/2014
Team anchoredinwaves

How Do I?

by Kaitlin McElroy on 8/27/2014
Team warrior

9 Days and Counting

by Ashley Albert on 8/27/2014
Team burningjoy

He Multiplies by 7

by leah Nestor on 8/27/2014

Just a glimpse.

by Charis Duenas on 8/27/2014

Wandering. Wondering.

by Katelyn Ferrell on 8/27/2014

Moldova Info

by Tori Thompson on 8/27/2014

Along Came Betty

by Ashley Slaughter on 8/27/2014

11 after 11n11 pt. 2

by Kara Bryant on 8/26/2014
Team stillrelentless

11 after 11n11 pt. 1

by Kara Bryant on 8/26/2014
Team stillrelentless

I've Fallen In Love

by Alana Van Middlesworth on 8/26/2014
Team abide

Road to Training Camp Vlog!

by Evan Collazo on 8/26/2014
Team abdiel

Trained & Vaccinated

by Abigail Carr on 8/26/2014
Team selah

Mid-Month Update - Part III

by Kay Barton on 8/26/2014
Team abundantjoy

Dejando Huellas

by Raquel Stewart-Mendoza on 8/26/2014
Team goldengirls

You'd better watch what you say in Coleraine

by Larisa Aleksandrov on 8/26/2014
Team leonard*

Pluck Off.

by Kirsten Reilly on 8/26/2014
Team akalesh


by Adri Montero Arguello on 8/26/2014
Team tonka

Oh, how He loves us

by Bethany Dilts on 8/26/2014
Team openarms

The Blessing of Languages

by Sarah Dooley on 8/26/2014
Team rakchazak

Do you want to buy a Volvo?

by Alicia Doran on 8/26/2014
Team tonka

for i am not ashamed

by Chrislyn Clermont on 8/26/2014
Team rakchazak

for i am not ashamed

by Chris Clermont on 8/26/2014
Team rakchazak

Timing is Everything

by Kelsey Beggs on 8/26/2014
Team aperture

Pictures of Ongole

by Corrinne Koschewa on 8/26/2014
Team boundless

Right NOW!

by Danica Cotov on 8/26/2014
Team boundless

Spoken Word: Contagious Joy

by Naomi Demmon on 8/26/2014
Team gladiators

I Am What I Am

by Christopher Moore on 8/26/2014
Team mosaic

Support Update

by Tera White on 8/26/2014
Team fearlesslypresent

Make Me a Pirate.

by Thomas Cole on 8/26/2014
Team warrior

I Had Given Up

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 8/26/2014
Team starfish

where do I look?

by Sara Hurst on 8/26/2014
Team ruach

where do I look?

by Jason Hurst on 8/26/2014
Team ruach

7 days of Servants

by Molly Fae Dukes on 8/26/2014
Team relentlesshope

Struggle Well

by Josef Kainrad on 8/26/2014
Team ruach

Hear the Gentle Whispers

by Anna Dubnow on 8/26/2014
Team reptar

Stages of Packing Procrastination

by Margot Moore on 8/26/2014
Team reptar

Bon Voyage!

by Bekah Shearin on 8/26/2014
Team boldlypresent

Big News

by Justin Kennedy on 8/26/2014
Team anathallo

He knows.

by Emily Werness on 8/26/2014
Team burningjoy

What's $10 Worth To You?

by Misha Shonkwiler on 8/26/2014

Check out my About Section!!!!

by Tia Johnson on 8/26/2014

Silver Lining

by Austin Shugart on 8/26/2014

Preview Video!

by Dani Dakil on 8/26/2014

What is your purpose? What are you being called to?

by Mandie Grundmeyer on 8/26/2014

The Art of the Full Circle

by Marisa Leal on 8/26/2014


by Sarah Thomas on 8/26/2014


by Rick Thomas on 8/26/2014

Dominican Republic

by Brittni Lovelace on 8/26/2014

4 months to go!

by Cathy Strini on 8/26/2014


by Kalah Shockley on 8/26/2014

Why Is The Race So Important?

by Ashton Robertson on 8/26/2014

Painting Fundraiser!

by Hilary Rogers on 8/26/2014

Good morning

by Sarah Isola on 8/26/2014
Team burningjoy

Anticipations of Fall

by Heather Tobey on 8/26/2014

What is The World Race?

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 8/26/2014

The Race is Not To The Swift...

by Yedidah Ameyaw on 8/26/2014

What Michaels has to do with the World Race

by Yedidah Ameyaw on 8/26/2014

Goodbye Boise

by Rebecca Stephens on 8/26/2014

Hopeless Wanderer

by Sarah Michel on 8/26/2014

Leading = Loving

by Laine Armour on 8/25/2014
Team beloved

Partner With Me!

by Laine Armour on 8/25/2014
Team beloved

VBS Fun in Peru (Photos)

by Wesley Vickers on 8/25/2014
Team relentlesspursuit

Team Girasoles

by Sandra Santiago on 8/25/2014
Team girasoles

We hit the floor running

by Sandra Santiago on 8/25/2014
Team girasoles

I'm Sorry...

by Sandra Santiago on 8/25/2014
Team girasoles

Hand in Hand with Jesus

by Kathryn Garcia on 8/25/2014
Team onedirection