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When You STILL Don't Trust God

by Sha'terika Perkins on 10/24/2014
Team ...dropsmic

My Parents Came On The Race

by Katie Cawthon on 10/24/2014
Team nodoubt

You Read My Journal?!

by Jess Herzanek on 10/24/2014
Team ironlife

Birthday Abroad

by Mandy Kearns on 10/24/2014
Team boundless

Seeing the Light

by Becky Houston on 10/24/2014
Team theconquerors

Ministry in Thailand

by Ashley Albert on 10/24/2014
Team burningjoy

I Have A Confession

by Bekah Shearin on 10/24/2014
Team boldlypresent

It's Time To Do Something!

by Jeff Gala on 10/24/2014
Team darvida

The power of being sharpened!

by Jen Goeking on 10/23/2014
Team thejanes

One is enough

by Bethany Bernard on 10/23/2014
Team ironmaidens


by Lindsey Farmer on 10/23/2014
Team shekinahglory


by Kirs Hughes on 10/23/2014
Team holygrail

A Change of Plan

by Beka Hardy on 10/23/2014
Team phoenix

Imagined Identity

by Aaron Braun on 10/23/2014
Team renown

I Saw God Today

by Sam Caruso on 10/23/2014
Team geronimo

Asking You To Pray

by Lexi Johannessen on 10/23/2014
Team nephesh

Take It!

by Justin Geisheimer on 10/23/2014
Team thegoodtimers

I Want To Be Like A Tree

by Benita Townsend on 10/23/2014
Team thepursuit

The Heart of Vietnam

by Danielle Wieber on 10/23/2014
Team 27one

Guatemala: Don't get served.

by Matt Carlson on 10/23/2014
Team forerunners


by Ryan Vogel on 10/23/2014
Team ironlife

Creation: God's First Missionary

by Samuel Hansen on 10/23/2014
Team tonka

Who You Lookin' At?

by Kelsie Biven on 10/23/2014
Team undefined

The month of Changes

by Stefani Brewster on 10/23/2014
Team agapewarriors

Chattin with Monks

by Megan Moffitt on 10/23/2014
Team hungryyoungsters


by Alysse Feldman on 10/23/2014
Team anathallo

Breaking and Entering

by Josh Johnson on 10/23/2014
Team thefellowship

Training Camp: A Series of Unfortunate Events

by Brent Laughlin-McDermott on 10/23/2014
Team overflow


by Lindsey Dixon on 10/23/2014
Team riverdwellers

Team Chosen

by Cathy Strini on 10/23/2014
Team chosen

Attitude of Graditude

by Nicky Keeno on 10/23/2014
Team chosen

Training Camp Craziness

by Neala Savela on 10/23/2014
Team overflow

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

by Amanda Nylin on 10/23/2014
Team daughtersablaze

Make it Work

by Debbie Bein on 10/23/2014
Team forerunners

I'll Trust You.

by Anna Carter on 10/23/2014

Let Go and Let God

by Haley Roddy on 10/23/2014

Orphans and Widows

by jsmooth Sims on 10/23/2014

An Army of Dry Bones

by Josh and Briana Rene on 10/22/2014
Team Pneuma

An Army of Dry Bones

by Briana Rene on 10/22/2014
Team Pneuma


by Ashley Mueller on 10/22/2014
Team squadleaders

Beauty for Ashes

by Karen Aiello on 10/22/2014
Team relentlesspursuit


by Kaylaynn McAdams on 10/22/2014
Team squadleaders

A Most Refreshing Drought

by Kristina Smith on 10/22/2014
Team royalsymphony

Working In Miracles

by Abbie Eaton on 10/22/2014
Team lavishedwarriors

No Loitering

by Ali Geisler on 10/22/2014
Team renown

I'm Not Charismatic

by Lesa Hatfield on 10/22/2014
Team thepursuit

I will Go- Kingdom Journeys

by Liv Hess on 10/22/2014
Team anchored

Month 8: THAILAND and Recap Video

by Kristy Ballengee on 10/22/2014
Team 27one

It wasn't for them

by Cortney Wooldridge on 10/22/2014
Team hakunamatata

Sharing the Crazy

by Colleen Tully on 10/22/2014
Team tapestree(squadleaders)


by Shelby McKinney on 10/22/2014
Team ateam

True Life: Stories

by Kimberly Bell on 10/22/2014
Team radical

Monsters under my bed.

by Stacie Fields on 10/22/2014
Team fit-b

We're coming home!!!

by Courtney Gillberg on 10/22/2014
Team omega

Will I forget?

by Miranda Parnell on 10/22/2014
Team fit-b

My Future Husband

by Wendy Murphy on 10/22/2014
Team hopearises

Life in Romania

by Joshua Duren on 10/22/2014
Team akalesh

UH: Village Dreams

by Amber Gallaway on 10/22/2014
Team apotolmao

Unsung Heroes: Belief In Motion

by Gabby Hobbs on 10/22/2014
Team apotolmao

Unsung Heroes | Romania

by Emily Arzani on 10/22/2014
Team apotolmao

The Good, The Tough, and The Wrestle

by Jake Schroeder on 10/22/2014
Team tonka

Comunidad en Colombia

by Adrienne Simon on 10/22/2014
Team lutroo

Babies and Old Ladies: A UH Highlight

by Amanda Patchin on 10/22/2014
Team gladiators