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Hammock Chats with God

by Tori Baker on 8/31/2015
Team horizon

There is no going back

by Justin Harsdorf on 8/31/2015
Team agapeethne

Who Sees You?

by Haley Miller on 8/31/2015
Team teamharmonicremnant

Why GO?

by Evan Bobbitt on 8/31/2015

Dear Florida,

by Heather Roush on 8/30/2015
Team squadleader

Moving Blog Page

by Dillon Seeley on 8/30/2015
Team team

A New Season, A New Continent

by Jarin Harvey on 8/30/2015
Team beautifulmess


by Bri Sears on 8/30/2015
Team bintibeans

Pursuit in the Sickness

by Beth Crenshaw on 8/30/2015
Team rohiweebles

Every Month is an UH Month.

by Victoria Pierce on 8/30/2015
Team rohiweebles

Persistent Sorrow, Indomitable Joy

by Corinne Hurlbert on 8/30/2015
Team intrepid

A New Continent: Africa

by Drew Steverson on 8/30/2015
Team galene

Month 3: MALAWI!

by Danielle Stueve on 8/30/2015
Team geronima

T-Squad Prom B.C.

by Julia Robertson on 8/30/2015
Team alethinos

Final Remarks.

by Stephanie Below on 8/30/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

This Is Hard...

by Rachel Workman on 8/30/2015
Team unsilenced

Listen Up, Pre-Race RaeLynn

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 8/30/2015
Team selahvie

The Metaphorical Bird

by Lyndie Burnett on 8/30/2015

How Jesus Gutted the Greek Gods

by Sean Falconer on 8/30/2015

I see you everywhere!

by Megan Williamson on 8/30/2015

God in a turtle

by Rae Huffman on 8/30/2015

No Longer A Performance

by Michelle Mason on 8/30/2015

Not an adventure, its a mission

by lauren Campbell Bray on 8/30/2015

Support Letter

by Lacie Partney on 8/30/2015

What does it look like?

by Brandy Barton on 8/30/2015

One day: much less overwhelming than 334

by Hilary Wilson on 8/30/2015

Lies We Believe (Pt. 1)

by Tabitha Bissonnette on 8/30/2015

Hot Stuff

by Tiffany Blount on 8/29/2015
Team free


by Liz Caddell on 8/29/2015
Team ubuntu

Oh Me of Little Faith

by Deborah Bitzer on 8/29/2015
Team uncommon

Preparing for Launch!

by Mia Corbelli on 8/29/2015
Team aboundingroots

Smokey Mountain

by Brent Laughlin-McDermott on 8/29/2015
Team arson

Ministry in Thailand

by Brent Laughlin-McDermott on 8/29/2015
Team arson

Operation: Get Brandon Home!!

by Brandon Williams on 8/29/2015
Team arson

The limiting capacity.

by Heather Tobey on 8/29/2015
Team zazu

Mike, Martha and Africans

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 8/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

I am NOT ok.

by Katy Wade on 8/29/2015
Team unsilenced

Goodbyes are weird

by Jack Baker on 8/29/2015
Team kaleo

We Can't Do This Alone

by Kristen Turvin on 8/29/2015
Team joyfulnoise

We Can't Do This Alone

by Matthew Turvin on 8/29/2015
Team joyfulnoise

What's your favorite kind of quiet?

by Molly Cox on 8/29/2015

just another UPDATE...

by Jenn Taylor on 8/29/2015

Where my feet hit the ground

by Andrea Diedrich on 8/29/2015

It shall be well..

by Jenessa Arps on 8/29/2015

Adventure Awaits...

by Lyndsey Mackown on 8/29/2015

Quick Update

by Christina Eichler on 8/28/2015
Team refinedelegance

Passport Thailand Team

by Ash Owens on 8/28/2015
Team recklesslight

$29 on the 29th

by Patrick Booth on 8/28/2015
Team vengadores

The Furnace Of Affliction

by Kelsey Mygatt on 8/28/2015
Team j.o.s.h.

The Furnace Of Affliction

by Josh Mygatt on 8/28/2015
Team j.o.s.h.

Put That On A T-Shirt!

by Lydia Burns on 8/28/2015
Team raisinettes

Glimpses of Malaysia

by Olivia Osley on 8/28/2015
Team zazu

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

by Andrea Chvatal on 8/28/2015
Team fortyirah

Through different eyes

by Debbie Bein on 8/28/2015
Team sweetaroma

Impacting Inmates

by Beth Borrett on 8/28/2015
Team sweetaroma

My Advocate.

by Victoria Pierce on 8/28/2015
Team rohiweebles

Who are you?

by JAY PARK on 8/28/2015
Team horizon

Liz's Nepali Birthday

by Julia Robertson on 8/28/2015
Team alethinos

The Yoga Challenge

by Julia Robertson on 8/28/2015
Team alethinos

Snapshots of Nepal

by Clare Howe on 8/28/2015
Team anchor

Dream on Cinderella.

by Hannah Hand on 8/28/2015
Team chosenservants

Temporay Home

by Keighty Patton on 8/28/2015
Team wimbi

being needy is hard.

by Brittany Panus on 8/28/2015
Team floodsisters

The Mission Field

by Casie Frink on 8/28/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

Down to The Wire

by Shirletha Jordan on 8/28/2015
Team kairos

When it comes to goodbyes

by Cassidy Cook on 8/28/2015
Team nani

Who Are We Worshipping?

by Alexa Kapsalis on 8/28/2015
Team parresia

This isn't me

by Alyssa Quini on 8/28/2015

T-Shirt Fundraiser!

by Janee Banks on 8/28/2015

I am a Born Loser

by Mike Ward on 8/28/2015


by Kelsey Brown on 8/28/2015


by Bliz Ballesteros on 8/28/2015

Another Adventure with Jesus

by Kelsey Kraus on 8/27/2015
Team 8:20drifters

What's Next?!

by Allison Ashforth on 8/27/2015
Team woven

Children of Asia {Video}

by Steff Polivka on 8/27/2015
Team a~ca

Throne Room Glory

by Julie Sliwinski on 8/27/2015
Team roguewave

Thank You for Fighting

by Anna Murphy on 8/27/2015
Team metanoia

Launch Approaches

by Lucas McCrary on 8/27/2015
Team teamagon

Dear World Race Gap Year

by Megan Collette on 8/27/2015
Team aboundingroots

A place no one should live

by Tanja Schödler on 8/27/2015
Team radioactive

Holy Spirit Nicaragua!

by Stephanie Jansen on 8/27/2015
Team squadleaders


by Kylene Wilson on 8/27/2015
Team sweetaroma

A Letter to Pre-Race Me

by Shelby Bradford on 8/27/2015
Team teamthreefourteen

A Letter to Pre-Race Me!!!

by Jessica Stubblefield on 8/27/2015
Team submerge427