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by Danielle Wieber on 10/8/2015
Team 27one

Month One.

by Molli Caite Hughes on 10/8/2015
Team teambreathoflife

Who I Am In Him

by Kayla Griffiths on 10/8/2015
Team teamchuphsah

8 October 2015

by Aimee Lewis on 10/8/2015
Team teamcbg

Welcome to Thailand!

by Katie Wolford on 10/8/2015
Team teamtetelestai

Love in Thailand

by Katie Wolford on 10/8/2015
Team teamtetelestai

Month One.

by Jillian Janzen on 10/8/2015
Team teambreathoflife

Thailand: Month One Video

by Claudia Fitzpatrick on 10/8/2015
Team teambreathoflife

A Different Life

by Emily Johnson on 10/8/2015
Team teampoiema

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

by Hannah Stewart on 10/8/2015
Team teama

Here Comes the McBride

by Collins McBride on 10/8/2015
Team teama


by Chelsea Winn on 10/8/2015
Team fire

Zambia Update

by Sarah Yount on 10/8/2015
Team ezer

I Love You

by Meraia McDaniel on 10/8/2015
Team soturi

Month one recap

by Heather Godwin on 10/8/2015
Team teamudiya

Month 1 recap: China

by Alex Kirkikis on 10/8/2015
Team teamudiya

Cultural Exchange

by Alex Kirkikis on 10/8/2015
Team teamudiya

I Am a Child

by Laura Berg on 10/8/2015
Team teamudiya

Is Christ Enough?

by Lizete Dos Santos on 10/8/2015
Team submerge427

Ministry of the Unnoticed

by Tiffany Johnston on 10/8/2015
Team bioluminescence

Month 1 Recap!

by Bethany Witte on 10/8/2015
Team nani

Where is God when I need Him?

by Tiffany Whisnant on 10/8/2015

Extraordinarily Ordinary

by Carolyn Gibson on 10/8/2015

Update By Request

by Dee Dee Peters on 10/8/2015

||Let's begin with the basics:

by Jason Love Albano on 10/8/2015

A Morning with the Most High

by Benita Townsend on 10/7/2015
Team squadleader

Part One: Hey Stranger!

by Amanda Hall on 10/7/2015
Team thefoundations

New Blog!

by Isabella Strafaci on 10/7/2015
Team chasingjubilee

There's no place I'd rather be

by Sabrina Doyle on 10/7/2015
Team teamcbg

What have y'all been up too?

by Rachael Robinson on 10/7/2015
Team riverjumpers

Malawi Video

by Shelby Sawyers on 10/7/2015
Team mosaic

Divine Simplicity

by David Hamilton on 10/7/2015
Team hungry

Peaceful Swaziland

by Jhacky Cana on 10/7/2015
Team hungry

A Typical Day in Swaziland

by Jhacky Cana on 10/7/2015
Team hungry

Trials of many kinds

by Josiah Clagett on 10/7/2015
Team squadleaders

To Shed A Light On It

by Josh Schmutzer on 10/7/2015
Team mightyoaks

Life in Malawi

by Erin Peters on 10/7/2015
Team ezer


by Natalie Gale on 10/7/2015
Team mightyoaks


by Alyssa Brewer on 10/7/2015
Team ezer


by Alyssa Brewer on 10/7/2015
Team ezer

Walking to Thailand

by Julia Robertson on 10/7/2015
Team steadfast

19 hour African Bus Ride

by Lyndi Stucky on 10/7/2015
Team raj

Let it Go

by Lisa Meyers on 10/7/2015
Team sourpatchkids

Walk by Faith

by Rachael Villafane on 10/7/2015
Team discoveranddisciple

11 things I learned in Costa Rica

by Brittany Panus on 10/7/2015
Team floodsisters

Tico Time

by Dottie FAIRCHILD on 10/7/2015
Team womenofthewell

The little things of Costa Rica

by Jamie Boespflug on 10/7/2015
Team womenofthewell


by Austin Draughn on 10/7/2015
Team kaleo

Child Voice International

by Taylor Brantley on 10/7/2015
Team devotedlove


by Jennifer Tillett on 10/7/2015
Team liora

God's People.

by Haley Sewell on 10/7/2015
Team devotedlove


by Jordan Bowzard on 10/7/2015


by Brittany Chaffee on 10/7/2015

Details, Details

by Carolyn Gibson on 10/7/2015

Is this real life?...

by Sarah Kate Caudle on 10/7/2015

How I'm choosing to forgive my rapists

by Ali Souther on 10/7/2015

Such a blessed Sinner…

by Kevin Odom on 10/7/2015

I give you my heart

by Taylor Robertson on 10/7/2015

"For such a time as this...."

by Vicky Kaniaru on 10/7/2015

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Pt. 1)

by Bliz Ballesteros on 10/7/2015

Building a Support Team

by Josh Hendricks on 10/7/2015

Learning to Rely on GOD

by Jennie Kate Clark on 10/7/2015

The Countries on my Race!

by Jennie Kate Clark on 10/7/2015

This One is for You Mom Mom

by Shelbie Richardson on 10/6/2015
Team gen7

Living with 19 other people

by Bri Sears on 10/6/2015
Team bintibeans

So yeah, I am bald now.

by Will Powers on 10/6/2015
Team thewatchmen

A Peace of the Puzzle {pun intended}

by Katherine Dunaway on 10/6/2015
Team teamdunamis

Looking Back

by Noah Harrison on 10/6/2015
Team teamdunamis

Uncle Paul's

by Maddux Martin on 10/6/2015
Team teamyesha

Choppy Blog

by Jack Sentz on 10/6/2015
Team teamyesha

unintentional fasting

by Julie McFarland on 10/6/2015
Team meek

*Wet Eyes*

by Taylor Bernard on 10/6/2015
Team sunflower

The Process of Processing

by Whitney Rogers on 10/6/2015
Team meek

The Holiest of 10Ks

by Mel Jo Barnett on 10/6/2015
Team fenix

Recap of My Adventures

by Ryan Boenigk on 10/6/2015
Team vengadores

I am a Teacher

by Annie Burnham on 10/6/2015
Team teama


by Emma Prica on 10/6/2015
Team mosaic

Jesus: My Ever-Present Teacher

by Savannah Rucker on 10/6/2015
Team kintsugi


by Taylor Duggan on 10/6/2015
Team arson

// month 2: Romania //

by Corrie Walker on 10/6/2015
Team geronima

Glowing in the Dark

by Megan Barretto on 10/6/2015
Team geronima

Chained to a Tree

by Stacey Pratt on 10/6/2015
Team mightyoaks


by Jill Childress on 10/6/2015
Team radiantvibes

A Lesson From The Ocean

by Courtney Goddard on 10/6/2015
Team genesis