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Fitting in (to the kingdom).

by Michelle McClellan on 4/26/2015
Team goshen

Day 420

by Lydia Neumann on 4/26/2015
Team squadleaders

So, What's Next?

by Erika Michael on 4/26/2015
Team phili3.14

Standing Firm

by Lindsay Sherburn on 4/26/2015
Team chrysalis

Si Puedo, Si Tengo, y Soy Capaz

by Joshua Beebe on 4/26/2015
Team chrysalis


by Sarah Baker on 4/26/2015
Team re;collect

Raw and Bleeding

by Kevin Cattaneo on 4/26/2015
Team re;collect

Contagious Joy

by Jenna Orabutt on 4/26/2015
Team eshetchayil

In the Morning Light

by Ashley Ganahl on 4/26/2015
Team eshetchayil

Thoughts on Thoughts

by Sarah Jang on 4/26/2015
Team hulk

Heroes Do Need Saving

by Caroline Ritchey on 4/26/2015
Team gold

When Ministry gets Creative

by Deborah Bitzer on 4/26/2015
Team hulk

My Calling to the Missions Field

by Casey Balicki on 4/26/2015

All Powerful- Waves

by Kathryn Krause on 4/26/2015
Team rayos


by Sean McCloskey on 4/26/2015
Team s.h.i.e.l.d.

Gonna Get Through This

by Yedidah Ameyaw on 4/26/2015

A Lifetime of Journeys

by Amanda Goodroe on 4/25/2015
Team freshanointing

The Best Part

by Dani Baker on 4/25/2015
Team squadleaders

Stop Getting Comfortable

by Court Peterson on 4/25/2015
Team unitedpursuit

Where God is taking me post race.

by Katie Ruther on 4/25/2015
Team theguhlies


by Jess Herzanek on 4/25/2015
Team phili3.14

Life on the Delta

by Rocky Rossbach on 4/25/2015
Team recklesslight

Bringing Hope to People with HIV/AIDS

by Catherine Mounger on 4/25/2015
Team relentless

Sometimes dreams come true

by Kelsey Beggs on 4/25/2015
Team relentless

Moving Mountains

by Alison Scott on 4/25/2015
Team chrysalis

It's good to war

by Beth Mora on 4/25/2015
Team deeplyrooted

Pure Joy

by Megan Connors on 4/25/2015
Team eshetchayil

Spirit Houses

by Brad Henke on 4/25/2015
Team dropthemic

Life In The Unknown

by Brittany Gonzales on 4/25/2015
Team rootedinlove

Trust in the Depths

by Brooke Conn on 4/25/2015
Team thefellowship

Seeking Humility

by holly McCarley on 4/25/2015
Team ignite

Don't Be Afraid of the Mess

by Anna Friedges on 4/25/2015
Team hulk

Sitting across from a pimp.

by Megan O'Connor on 4/25/2015
Team endlesswonder

Albania in April

by Anna Kuepfer on 4/25/2015
Team lovewell

My friend Gadisa

by Brady MacIver on 4/25/2015
Team riskybiscuits

My friend Gadisa

by Marin MacIver on 4/25/2015
Team riskybiscuits

Update: The last few months

by Kaycee Cherry on 4/25/2015

Accepting Willingness

by Colton Nones on 4/25/2015

Ask the Lord - Tom

by Patrick Booth on 4/25/2015
Team darvida

Vulnerability on Guitar

by Allison Hencke on 4/25/2015
Team darvida

My Theme Song for this Month

by Brenna Lucero on 4/25/2015
Team darvida

Life in China

by Andrew Hancock on 4/25/2015
Team kingdombuilders

Why the Internet Silence?

by Rebecca Stephens on 4/25/2015
Team overcome

Still learning

by Kylene Wilson on 4/25/2015
Team kintsugi

Timing is Everything

by Allison Anderson on 4/25/2015

How Much is Too Much?

by Hannah Jones on 4/25/2015

The One Where Hallie Switches Routes

by Hallie Canada on 4/25/2015


by Caleb Owens on 4/25/2015

Wait, you’re doing what?

by Allison Hernandez on 4/25/2015

Your will be done.

by Hannah Lin on 4/25/2015

I am just a little ol ant in a big ol world...

by Megan Fridell on 4/25/2015

Jeremiah 29:11

by Shelby Havard on 4/24/2015
Team wildfire

Just an Update!

by Jamie Van Dyke on 4/24/2015
Team wildfire

As I Approach the Finish Line

by Emily Bishop on 4/24/2015
Team imago

The World Race Video Blog

by Brooke Chavez on 4/24/2015
Team josephscrown

On This Mountain

by Olivia Bourgeois on 4/24/2015
Team braveheart

The World Race Video Blog

by Pablo Chavez Rosalino on 4/24/2015
Team josephscrown

Password Protected: kirstrunstherace

by Kirsten Reilly on 4/24/2015
Team anchor


by Emily Arzani on 4/24/2015
Team ohana

Before China

by Leslie Oxford on 4/24/2015
Team theexodus

A Year of Discomfort

by Leslie Oxford on 4/24/2015
Team theexodus

swaziland (and why short term missions matter)

by Chrislyn Clermont on 4/24/2015
Team team

world race life

by Allison Huang on 4/24/2015
Team gener8

Give me the skirt

by Megan O'Connor on 4/24/2015
Team endlesswonder

finding the purpose in the pain

by Leslie Mifflin on 4/24/2015
Team submerge

Easter Sunday 2015

by Kristy Ramsey on 4/24/2015
Team kabod


by Jess Meltz on 4/24/2015
Team kintsugi

Divine Encounters

by Beth Borrett on 4/24/2015
Team kingdombuilders

Choosing Joy

by Anna Romero on 4/24/2015


by Alex Kirkikis on 4/24/2015


by Kristen Ozmon on 4/24/2015

The End of the Beginning: A Thank You Note

by Lupita Hernandez on 4/24/2015

Learning to Love

by JoCelyn Medina on 4/24/2015

World War II was such a long time ago.

by John Horton on 4/24/2015

Learning How to Blog.

by Shannon Monaghan on 4/24/2015

Bursting with a Grateful Heart

by Michelle Mason on 4/24/2015

The End of the 22%

by Kristen Hills on 4/24/2015

Frodo and the Ring

by Zachary Larson on 4/23/2015
Team halas

Nepal in her eyes

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 4/23/2015
Team anchor