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Albania: The First Two Days

by Chelsea Greenwood on 7/1/2015
Team twelve


by Heather Snider on 7/1/2015
Team beautifulmess

Things I Never Knew I Could Do

by Samara Lazerson on 7/1/2015
Team riptide

The sent and the sender

by Jenna Wiles on 7/1/2015
Team mightyoaks


by Sarah German on 7/1/2015
Team anchor

Launch to the Nations: VLOG

by Julia Robertson on 7/1/2015
Team alethinos

Goodbye U.S.

by Kenzie Staich on 7/1/2015
Team pursuit


by Catherine Dooley on 7/1/2015

Let the Journey Begin...

by Tammy Moye on 7/1/2015

No Plan B

by Christine Sawyer on 7/1/2015

Bye, Bye False Humility

by Benita Townsend on 6/30/2015
Team thepursuit


by Julia Goll on 6/30/2015
Team deeplyrooted

#banner [Video]

by Leah Vogel on 6/30/2015
Team woven

A Reason to Hope

by Eryn Smith on 6/30/2015
Team beautifulmess

1400 Eyes

by Jenna Orabutt on 6/30/2015
Team eshetchayil

Unsung Heroes: Vision of a Valley

by Molly Fae Dukes on 6/30/2015
Team team7

Go Make Your Bed…

by Ethan Wadsworth on 6/30/2015
Team riptide

Let's be friends!!!

by Jason Hurst on 6/30/2015
Team thepetersons

Let's be friends!!!

by Sara Hurst on 6/30/2015
Team thepetersons

[BIG NEWS!] MY month 11

by Justin Kennedy on 6/30/2015
Team letsbehonest

Thank You

by gwen Debaun on 6/30/2015
Team uniteddifference

Happys and Crappys

by Amy Maggard on 6/30/2015
Team nahar


by Kristy Ramsey on 6/30/2015
Team braveheart

Sowing Seeds and Reaping Harvests

by Cassady Schulte on 6/30/2015
Team nahar

A Prayer for a Miracle

by Amanda Nylin on 6/30/2015
Team engarde

Music on the Race: You Make Me Brave

by Corinne Hurlbert on 6/30/2015
Team intrepid

First Update of Many

by McKenzie Riley on 6/30/2015
Team intrepid

Chapters: Who’s Your Author?

by Josh Schmutzer on 6/30/2015
Team mightyoaks

Trees and Roots

by Kortney Gulley on 6/30/2015
Team geronima

Launch Time

by Meraia McDaniel on 6/30/2015
Team anchor

I Am Peter

by Shaylee Tell on 6/30/2015
Team lol

I'm joining the Army!

by Lexi Johnson on 6/30/2015
Team selah


by Marcus Wiersma on 6/30/2015

It’s time for... A S I A

by Sarah-Kate Lowe on 6/30/2015


by Marsh Hubbard on 6/30/2015

A Change of Plans

by Rachel Workman on 6/30/2015

He's a good good Father

by Catherine Brinley on 6/30/2015

A Love That's Real

by Caitlin Erbeck on 6/30/2015

Keeping My Eyes Open

by Lindsay Bienz on 6/30/2015

Do Not Worry..About Shoes or Anything Else

by Debbie Jacobs on 6/30/2015

I Need Your Support: Video

by Ally Tenney on 6/30/2015

This thing you're doing...what is it?

by Lyndie Burnett on 6/30/2015

Learning How to Design.

by Shannon Monaghan on 6/30/2015

11 for 11

by Allie Van Bebber on 6/30/2015

He is God, and He is Good

by Paige Moeck on 6/30/2015

One in Heaven

by Maggie LaVigne on 6/29/2015
Team soundofstrength

Im Squad Leading

by Cabe Stanford on 6/29/2015
Team stillrelentless

The end of month 12...

by Dresdyn Johnson on 6/29/2015
Team tereo

Everyday Jesus

by Seth O'Neill on 6/29/2015
Team seventhheaven

God, where are you?

by Rachel Sperry on 6/29/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Unsung Heros: Hidden Gem in Albania

by Stefani Brewster on 6/29/2015
Team touchdown

Let's Dream BIG!!

by Becky Houston on 6/29/2015
Team letsbehonest

When in Nicaragua...

by Andrea Mast on 6/29/2015
Team swerve

Questions Please!

by Marin MacIver on 6/29/2015
Team letsbehonest

Questions Please!

by Brady MacIver on 6/29/2015
Team letsbehonest


by Jillian Janzen on 6/29/2015

The Decision that Changed Everything

by Betsy Swann on 6/29/2015
Team team4

Month 4: "Back in Nam"

by Christina Shaw on 6/29/2015
Team a.c.r.o.n.y.m.

Im Not that Racer....

by Emily McAlister on 6/29/2015
Team engarde

The Fundamental Problem

by Emily McAlister on 6/29/2015
Team engarde

God has More for You!

by Stephanie Jansen on 6/29/2015
Team squadleaders


by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 6/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

Spiritual Health!

by Beth Borrett on 6/29/2015
Team sweetaroma

Ministry Details!

by Sarah Yount on 6/29/2015
Team ezer

who is jesus

by Justin Harsdorf on 6/29/2015
Team agapeethnos

"See Ya Later"

by Shonda Foublasse on 6/29/2015
Team agapeethnos

One Sent

by Kristen Wise on 6/29/2015
Team lol

Peace Out, USA

by Amy Williams on 6/29/2015
Team ardency

What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me

by Alex Kirkikis on 6/29/2015

Share the Love

by Michelle Bergeron on 6/29/2015

Support Letter

by Michelle Bergeron on 6/29/2015

Honesty Time

by Malory Sanvidge on 6/29/2015

The Glorious Unfolding

by Kelly Thompson on 6/29/2015

Called to these people

by Andrew Redman on 6/29/2015
Team sojourner

Why? Let Us Explain . . .

by Kris Fraser on 6/29/2015

Why? Let Us Explain . . .

by James Fraser on 6/29/2015

How to Lose Your Job in 10 Days

by Heather Whitford on 6/29/2015

A Sheep Among Wolves

by Josie Klosterman on 6/29/2015

I dropped the bag of corn...

by Ashley Francis on 6/28/2015
Team squadleader

India in a nutshell

by Serena Snyder on 6/28/2015
Team awoken

Well, I'm Home. I Made It.

by Ashley Loucks on 6/28/2015
Team nittygritty

The Next Season

by Myles Willman on 6/28/2015
Team tereo

I Open At The Close

by Sydney Roberts on 6/28/2015
Team dropthemic

Recognize the Enemy

by Craig Bass Jr. on 6/28/2015
Team rootedinlove

A letter to Ya

by Jesse Thomas on 6/28/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Contentment in discontentment

by Hannah Midgett on 6/28/2015
Team lighthouse

finding Jesus in the bad days

by Alice Sudlow on 6/28/2015
Team lighthouse