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Regular Fried Noodle Customer

by Kelsey Kraus on 11/1/2014
Team 8:20drifters

Holding Out For Hope

by Kelsey Kraus on 11/1/2014
Team 8:20drifters

What Am I Doing After the Race?

by Daniel Williams on 11/1/2014
Team uncharted

Introducing Team Nahala

by Erika Michael on 11/1/2014
Team ironlife

Hope Chuch

by Emily Knudson on 11/1/2014
Team bellator

It’s About the Journey

by Aviana Alvarado on 11/1/2014
Team undefined


by Katie Kroeger on 11/1/2014
Team beautifullybroken

moon child.

by Janet Castaneda on 11/1/2014
Team mosaic

Time to Unwrap the Gift

by Katy Knutson on 11/1/2014
Team anathallo

Help me with my unbelief

by Tabitha Waco on 11/1/2014
Team wanderers

Part 1: Is this God's story, or my story?

by Alayna Schlafley on 11/1/2014
Team flourish

Real Life: South Africa

by Kaila Demoss on 10/31/2014
Team halas

It's Time for the Reaping

by Amanda Finneseth on 10/31/2014
Team halas

11 Things I Love About Moldova

by Anthea Kruik on 10/31/2014
Team safehaven

Choose Wisely

by Kristin Funderburg on 10/31/2014
Team nodoubt

Yun, a Healing by God

by Jayce VANDERLINDEN on 10/31/2014
Team 8:20drifters

En Serio

by Shara Perry on 10/31/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

One Child Is Worth It All

by Erika Michael on 10/31/2014
Team ironlife

My European Experience

by Leslie Oxford on 10/31/2014
Team ru-ah

Gangsta Paradise

by Alicia Doran on 10/31/2014
Team tonka

Colombia Video

by Dillon Seeley on 10/31/2014
Team sozo

Video video video trailer :)

by Roxi Bucur on 10/31/2014
Team mosaic

I Need You More

by Kat Kendall on 10/31/2014
Team riverdwellers

World Race Day, November 11

by Heather Snider on 10/31/2014
Team imagodei

Simple pathways in Bolivia

by holly McCarley on 10/31/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Bolivia: The Struggle is Real.

by Rachel Sperry on 10/31/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

But by the grace of God I am what I am

by Anna Friedges on 10/31/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Loving Christ in my Head and my Heart

by Benjamin Pickett on 10/31/2014
Team freetobe

What do YOU see? Part 2….

by Lauren Madawick on 10/31/2014
Team thesurrendered

Month Two Video: NICARAGUA!!

by Hannah Adkison on 10/31/2014
Team warriorbride

My Nicaraguan Family

by Grace Veker on 10/31/2014
Team magneticlight

My Daddy's Embrace

by Bekah Shearin on 10/31/2014
Team boldlypresent

From Thailand to Vietnam

by Andrea Mast on 10/31/2014
Team hungryyoungsters


by Adrienne Greto on 10/31/2014
Team teleo

Next Up: Vietnam!

by Molly Pogones on 10/31/2014
Team teleo


by Ashley Slaughter on 10/31/2014
Team chosen

Buckle Up

by Callie Elmore on 10/31/2014

Above, Below, and In the Clouds

by Anna Prichard on 10/30/2014
Team geronimo

Faith Sucks

by Maggie Hobbs on 10/30/2014
Team aletheia

Open-Heart Surgery

by Angela Brown on 10/30/2014
Team aletheia

Random Conclusions and Health Update

by Jenna Ellison on 10/30/2014
Team thrivin

Not Okay

by Sarah Wilson on 10/30/2014
Team refinedelegance


by Kristy Alexander on 10/30/2014
Team koinonia

Bringing it full circle

by Hillary Unis on 10/30/2014
Team change

The elephant in the

by Alyson Bender on 10/30/2014
Team you

The New Normal

by Laura Medders on 10/30/2014
Team you

Who I Really Am (Nice to meet you)

by Andrew Parkin on 10/30/2014
Team 3d

Team Limitless

by Andy White on 10/30/2014
Team trustwithoutborders

I Still Believe

by Kapri Hernandez on 10/30/2014
Team alvah

Be loved

by Paul Barnello on 10/30/2014
Team forerunners

The Beauty of Romania

by Dani Tripp on 10/30/2014
Team bellator

Baptism in Draganesti-Olt

by Dani Tripp on 10/30/2014
Team bellator

Team Ru-ah Superlatives: month 4

by Leslie Oxford on 10/30/2014
Team ru-ah

A Quiet Roar - Romania: Part 3

by Jeannetta Janssen on 10/30/2014
Team bellator

Carrying An Angel Up the Mountain.

by Joshua Glover on 10/30/2014
Team rakchazak


by Jordan Vernon on 10/30/2014
Team tonka

Shots Fired...

by Susan Hansen on 10/30/2014
Team tonka

Shots Fired...

by Samuel Hansen on 10/30/2014
Team tonka

Cartagena in a Nutshell

by Bethany Dilts on 10/30/2014
Team openarms

Have you ever seen a miracle?

by Jake Schroeder on 10/30/2014
Team tonka

The Cost of Loving.

by Alyssa Keene on 10/30/2014
Team fearlesslove

Month 2 Update: Costa Rica

by Jarin Harvey on 10/30/2014
Team imagodei

A sudden change of plans

by Jarin Harvey on 10/30/2014
Team imagodei

I am Worthy

by Christina Bautista on 10/30/2014
Team kenosis

100 Gifts from Haiti

by Shannon Marshall on 10/30/2014
Team starfish

God uses the little things

by Shannon Marshall on 10/30/2014
Team starfish

The Rocks that Make Me

by Courtney Thompson on 10/30/2014
Team freetobe

Dear Mommy & Daddy

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 10/30/2014
Team starfish

Contagious Apostolic Fervour

by Amber Jackson on 10/30/2014
Team agapewarriors


by Courtney Naylor on 10/30/2014
Team thesurrendered

Shuck the Corn!

by Bekah Shearin on 10/30/2014
Team boldlypresent

What Does Love Look Like?

by Misha Shonkwiler on 10/30/2014
Team relentless

I Don't Deserve This.

by Sean McCloskey on 10/30/2014
Team boundless


by Nancy Chi on 10/30/2014
Team joyouslight

Training Caaaaaamp!

by Morgan Morales on 10/30/2014
Team restoreamor

Creative God Just Like Me

by Katie Kurschner on 10/30/2014
Team restoreamor


by Drew Ferguson on 10/30/2014
Team coramdeo