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Make Me Boulder

by Stephanie Ransom on 10/20/2014
Team lionheart

Let's Back Track

by Dani Baker on 10/20/2014
Team recklesspursuit

When The Hurt and The Healer Collide

by Jessica Tuttle on 10/20/2014
Team livingwater

Catching up!

by Russell Keen on 10/20/2014
Team livingwater


by Kelly Penner on 10/20/2014
Team selah

A Call To Arms--A New Season

by Isa Caszatt on 10/20/2014
Team mosaic

Prayer of a Month 10 World Racer

by Sabrina Lengacher on 10/20/2014
Team mosaic

CAMBODIA via photos (July 2014)

by Edwin Yau on 10/20/2014
Team change


by Raquel Stewart-Mendoza on 10/20/2014
Team goldengirls

Get your knives ready.

by Lyndsay Felps on 10/20/2014
Team captivated


by Sarah Motes on 10/20/2014
Team ateam

Be Still My Vision

by Meghan Grant on 10/20/2014
Team alvah

Romanian Update

by Lara Crawford on 10/20/2014
Team bellator

Brokenness in Bogot

by Christina Smith on 10/20/2014
Team fearlesslaughter

Who Am I?

by Sarah Dooley on 10/20/2014
Team rakchazak

A Cambodian Dream...

by Courtney Rylee on 10/20/2014
Team aperture

Dear Mom

by Leah Vogel on 10/20/2014
Team belovedwarriors

Whale Watching

by Brittany Gonzales on 10/20/2014
Team royalcovenant

A Light that Shines

by Eryn Smith on 10/20/2014
Team sistafierce


by Britteny Kramer on 10/20/2014
Team anchoredinwaves

Witnessing His Majesty

by Britteny Kramer on 10/20/2014
Team anchoredinwaves

Miracles Happen

by Keri Reyes on 10/20/2014
Team royalcovenant

A Reason To Hope

by Tara Mulkey on 10/20/2014
Team sistafierce

Eyewitnesses of God's Majesty

by Megan Connors on 10/20/2014
Team anchoredinwaves

An old retired lion with no teeth

by Jasmine Evans on 10/20/2014
Team imagodei

Bikes over blogs

by Paola Antenucci on 10/20/2014
Team warriorbride

Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

by Kayla Park on 10/20/2014
Team magneticlight

One Way Love

by Ashley Albert on 10/20/2014
Team burningjoy


by Alysse Feldman on 10/20/2014
Team anathallo

Even When It Hurts... Part 2 (Training Camp)

by Misha Shonkwiler on 10/20/2014

Boot camp.

by Charis Duenas on 10/20/2014

the curse of comfort and convenience

by Kathryn Krause on 10/20/2014

Christ Over Comfort (Training Camp Part 1)

by Austin Shugart on 10/20/2014

The In-Between

by Kyla Stearns on 10/20/2014

Love first.

by Cindy Chau on 10/20/2014

A Letter From My Father

by Trish Bansky on 10/20/2014

Dance Parties Are Now An Expectation

by Leondra Smith on 10/20/2014

Training Camp

by Nicky Keeno on 10/20/2014

Training Camp Reflections

by Brittni Lovelace on 10/20/2014

Training Camp

by Emily Lancon on 10/20/2014

You Know What They Say About Assuming

by Bradon Williams on 10/20/2014

and we dance

by Kelly Smith on 10/20/2014

Training Camp Reflections

by Chelsea Winn on 10/20/2014

Training Camp: I did NOT sign up for this

by Ariana Spunt on 10/20/2014

We take it for granted.

by Crystal Avery on 10/20/2014

Cat Puke Lessons {Pre-Training Camp}

by Kate Stinson on 10/20/2014

11 Take-Aways from Training Camp

by Heather Tobey on 10/20/2014

Ashes of Imperfection

by Kate Moore on 10/20/2014

Send Me (Support Me)

by Rounine Bernard on 10/20/2014

My First Love, and What you can Learn from Him

by Keighty Patton on 10/20/2014

Labor of Love

by Amy Williams on 10/20/2014

Introducing... P-Squad!

by Dusty Dills on 10/19/2014

WR Round 2: Squad Leading!

by Greg Patton on 10/19/2014
Team anchoredbyfreedom

Out of the Darkness

by Abbie Eaton on 10/19/2014
Team lavishedwarriors

Life in Tacloban

by Will Petersen on 10/19/2014
Team riverbound

Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean...

by Maddy Andrzejewski on 10/19/2014
Team mizizi


by Kay Barton on 10/19/2014
Team mosaic

Big News!

by Megan Cherry on 10/19/2014
Team squadleaders

Why Ebola Doesn't Scare Me

by Breanna Mason on 10/19/2014
Team uncharted

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

by Shannon Passaro on 10/19/2014
Team omega

SIEM REAPing the Harvest

by Daniel Williams on 10/19/2014
Team uncharted

When Words Give Life

by Annie Duplechain on 10/19/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

Moldova update...with video!!

by Lyndie Bateman on 10/19/2014
Team akalesh

Moldova update...with video!!

by Darren Bateman on 10/19/2014
Team akalesh

Come With Me Now To See My World

by Justin Athanaseas on 10/19/2014
Team sozo

"Stuck" in Colombia

by Dillon Seeley on 10/19/2014
Team sozo

#prismliving {Cambodia}

by Dresdyn Johnson on 10/19/2014
Team pac

Feed My Lambs

by Rebekah Baumann on 10/19/2014
Team pac

Hope vs Wish

by Margaret Kloess on 10/19/2014
Team undefined

When on the race...

by Beth Mora on 10/19/2014
Team beautifullybroken

More Than A Feeling

by Anna Murphy on 10/19/2014
Team warrior

It all started with Kanye West.

by Thomas Cole on 10/19/2014
Team warrior

Thanks Pamplin

by Megan O'Connor on 10/19/2014
Team warriorbride

I Went to Jail

by Devon Kester on 10/19/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

meet monica & jaime.

by Katy Steele on 10/19/2014
Team ruach

Breaking Free

by Molly Pogones on 10/19/2014
Team teleo