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I'm Not Beautiful

by Faith Beattie on 12/20/2014
Team i68

This Is Why

by Alissa Cunningham on 12/20/2014
Team dreamteam


by Zachary Fires on 12/20/2014
Team lionheart

Swaziland 101

by Drew Stamey on 12/20/2014
Team dreamteam

Notes from Africa :)

by Taryl Crabtree on 12/20/2014
Team limitless

It's simple really

by Lexi Williams on 12/20/2014
Team eden

Fully Funded!!!

by Troy Smouse on 12/20/2014
Team limitless

It is for Freedom That I've Been Set Free

by Andrew Parkin on 12/20/2014
Team eden

Believe and Be Satisfied

by Kels Kirkpatrick on 12/20/2014
Team limitless

Be Someone's Miracle

by Kels Kirkpatrick on 12/20/2014
Team limitless

Guest Blog: Village Life

by Ashley Loucks on 12/20/2014
Team agape

The fear of rejection

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 12/20/2014
Team nahala

GoGo's, Babies and Pigs Oh MY!

by Courtney Rylee on 12/20/2014
Team argonauts

South Africa Update!

by Joshua Beebe on 12/20/2014
Team intrepidus

Carl With Sass

by Jacob Quijas on 12/20/2014
Team royalcovenant

Life is Basically Lord of the Rings

by Rhema Kennedy on 12/20/2014
Team sistafierce

Back in Quito

by Caroline Ritchey on 12/20/2014
Team starfish

The Blessings of Dependence

by Benjamin Pickett on 12/20/2014
Team freetobe


by Missy Geiszler on 12/20/2014
Team rayos


by Allison Hultquist on 12/20/2014
Team flourish

Let the Race Begin!

by Kate Coleman on 12/20/2014


by Stephanie Olson on 12/20/2014

Totally, Completely, and 100% Transparent.

by Alex Kirkikis on 12/20/2014

More Than A Coincidence

by Clark Moser on 12/19/2014
Team squadleader

I suck at being a missionary.

by Britt Dietzman on 12/19/2014
Team ahuvah

End the Year with No Regrets

by Kristina Smith on 12/19/2014
Team royalsymphony

living in a coffee shop?

by Brooke McIntosh on 12/19/2014
Team valiant

Full-Time Missionary

by Michelle McClellan on 12/19/2014
Team valiant

Generous Soul

by Danielle Wieber on 12/19/2014
Team 27one

Go. Do. Eat.

by Cori Ward on 12/19/2014
Team kaleo

An Unrestful Debrief

by Amy Hirabayashi on 12/19/2014
Team tourdestade(squadleaders)

What Happened in India???

by Jeannetta Janssen on 12/19/2014
Team lifesurrendered

Nepali Update!

by Amy Hirabayashi on 12/19/2014
Team tourdestade(squadleaders)

Nepal Part 2

by Kat Kendall on 12/19/2014
Team riverdwellers

Laos, My Faith Grows Weary

by Graham Garvin on 12/19/2014
Team mountainmovers

Judging Others Makes Us Blind

by Liana Kloss on 12/19/2014
Team deeppursuit

new friends, coffee, and Thailand

by Sara Hurst on 12/19/2014
Team ruach

I'm Fully Funded!!!!!!

by Kristin Schneider on 12/19/2014
Team warriorbride

Wandering at God's Whim!

by Missy Geiszler on 12/19/2014
Team rayos

"That's so sad..." Part II

by Savannah Rucker on 12/19/2014
Team intentionallove


by Crystal Avery on 12/19/2014
Team awakenedwarriors

There is Joy in Waiting

by Laura Spence on 12/19/2014
Team awaken

Staying True

by Stacie Wilson on 12/19/2014
Team awakenedwarriors

How a 'Fuser' prepares for WR

by Beth Borrett on 12/19/2014

I'm Confident. Are You?

by Peyton Rector on 12/19/2014

Love hurts

by Jen Eyears on 12/19/2014

Gods Perfect Timing!

by Taysha Walker on 12/19/2014

There is Reason

by Kelland Windham on 12/19/2014

Support Letter

by Kelland Windham on 12/19/2014

The World Race

by JoCelyn Medina on 12/19/2014

Help! I need Somebody

by Rachel Gagliardo on 12/19/2014

Marriage or Missions

by Courtney Blankenship on 12/19/2014

Made in Cambodia

by Dani Baker on 12/18/2014
Team squadleaders

My heart, where is my heart?

by andie Lance on 12/18/2014
Team koinonia

Next Adventure: Philippines 2015

by Wendy Murphy on 12/18/2014
Team hopearises

Dzoole Village

by Paul Barnello on 12/18/2014
Team agape

Pop lock and drop Christmas

by Ash Owens on 12/18/2014
Team aleph

Rest? Who has time for that?

by Esther Gordon on 12/18/2014
Team squadleaders

Can I go home?

by Courtney Tuttle on 12/18/2014
Team deep

Prayer walking - redefined

by Jonathan Sander on 12/18/2014
Team anomaly

4 Walls

by Nate DeLoof on 12/18/2014
Team argonauts

100 Days War

by K or Lani Houston on 12/18/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

First 3 months in 11 pictures

by Paola Antenucci on 12/18/2014
Team warriorbride

The Village of Roses

by Devon Kester on 12/18/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

A Night Out on the Town

by Taylor White on 12/18/2014
Team thesurrendered

Uganda hospital ministry

by Katy Knutson on 12/18/2014
Team anathallo

When Joy Just Isn't There

by Courtney Huffman on 12/18/2014
Team teleo

To be a Child

by Megan Moffitt on 12/18/2014
Team hungryyoungsters

A Terrible Blog

by carli Torti on 12/18/2014
Team hungryyoungsters

The Week I Got a Disease in Thailand

by Kathy Woods on 12/18/2014
Team teleo

The Desires of my Heart

by Alissa Tandy on 12/18/2014

Knitting My Way Around the World

by Makenzie Mullin on 12/18/2014

The Plague of Perfection

by Megan Gallear on 12/18/2014
Team thefellowship

The Least of These

by Katie Ringelspaugh on 12/18/2014
Team carpedeum

The Least of These

by Steve Ringelspaugh on 12/18/2014
Team carpedeum

I am Not Afraid

by gwen Debaun on 12/18/2014
Team onesontherock

"That's so sad..."

by Savannah Rucker on 12/18/2014
Team intentionallove

Da Visa!

by Chance Minges on 12/18/2014
Team aslan

First Things First

by Karissa Muilenburg on 12/18/2014
Team awaken


by Rebecca Schibler on 12/18/2014
Team coramdeo