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We Live In A Broken World

by Faith Beattie on 2/28/2015
Team Goshen

Fully Funded!

by Kaiulani on 2/28/2015
Team The Fellowship

Wake Up All You Sleepers

by Summer Kinser on 2/28/2015
Team Argonauts


by Bryan Noll on 2/28/2015
Team Goshen

Monthly Ministry Information

by Katie Kuehn on 2/28/2015
Team Eirene

Secret Things Belong to the Lord

by Amber Lynn Waller on 2/28/2015

Draganesti, Romania - Pache

by Corrinne Koschewa on 2/28/2015
Team Free Birds

Day 49

by Bryan Throgmorton on 2/28/2015
Team Intentional Love

Final Push...Urgent!

by Julia Goll on 2/28/2015
Team Squaderfalls

Bucket Lists for #11n11

by Beth Crenshaw on 2/28/2015
Team Overcome

World Race Truth or Dare

by Sarah Jang on 2/27/2015

Cambodia |VIDEO|

by Aly Badinger on 2/27/2015
Team Kintsugi

The Jaha Family | VIDEO |

by Aly Badinger on 2/27/2015
Team Kintsugi

Month 7 - Laos

by Britteny Kramer on 2/27/2015
Team Eshet Chayil

On the Flip Side

by Kyla Stearns on 2/27/2015
Team Boundless

A Different Route...

by Cassidy Smith on 2/27/2015

Called to be Brave

by Katy Wade on 2/27/2015

From Asia to Africa!

by Jake Schroeder on 2/27/2015
Team Team

Injustice on the Race

by Amber Gallaway on 2/27/2015
Team Arete

a night in the red light district

by Chrislyn Clermont on 2/27/2015
Team Team

Great is Your Faithfulness!

by Hallie Banish on 2/27/2015

Fruits of the Spirit

by Sam & Susan Hansen on 2/27/2015
Team Endzone

Daily Life

by Mollie Gleason on 2/27/2015
Team Relentless

Subscribe to my news letter

by Michael Hall on 2/27/2015
Team Radiant Change

Adopt a Block

by Hannah Henderson on 2/27/2015

Running In Circles

by Ryan Farmer on 2/27/2015

Introducing: Team HULK!

by Alice Sudlow on 2/27/2015

Beautiful Obedience

by Caroline Dubberly on 2/27/2015

Whispers of Spring

by Margaret Kloess on 2/27/2015
Team Kon Srey

This Beautiful Connection.

by Jake Brinkman on 2/27/2015
Team Ohana

Dear September Malory,

by Malory Sanvidge on 2/27/2015

Moments Like These

by Jennifer Barnhart on 2/27/2015
Team Flock Seven Deep

O Joshua Generation

by Kelsey Tosca on 2/27/2015
Team Ransom

Here in Haiti

by Rick and Sarah Thomas on 2/27/2015
Team Ones on the Rock

My moment of weakness

by Sarah German on 2/27/2015

Same Same But Different

by Jen Boeve on 2/27/2015
Team Overcome

11.8 Romania in Action!

by Mary Brinen on 2/27/2015
Team Free Birds

The next great adventure: post-race plans

by Colleen Salveggio on 2/27/2015
Team Nahala

Closed Country, Sealed Lips!

by Brittany Neal on 2/27/2015
Team Metanoia

Meet Stewart

by Kamie Brown on 2/27/2015
Team Nahala

The Story Of God's Gift

by Kamie Brown on 2/27/2015
Team Nahala

Go tell them My Love

by Samara Lazerson on 2/27/2015
Team Radical Pursuit

Open Hands

by Kelsey Kirkpatrick on 2/27/2015
Team Limitless

A Diamond in the Rough

by Jenni Murphy on 2/27/2015
Team bold 2831

Fake It Till You Make It

by Brittany Eichorn on 2/27/2015
Team United Pursuit

You make all things beautiful

by Beth Crenshaw on 2/27/2015
Team Overcome

Broken... For a Purpose

by Mark Jackson on 2/27/2015

We bought a mansion in Nepal!!!

by Jason & Sara Hurst on 2/27/2015
Team Cahootin Caboodle

Bla, Bla, Bla

by Neala Savela on 2/27/2015
Team Overflow

15 Yards to Freedom

by Dani Dakil on 2/27/2015
Team AbandoNment

All the Great Things

by Kerry Kennedy on 2/26/2015
Team Elohim

The Tides of Change

by Rhema Kennedy on 2/26/2015
Team Metanoia

"You do hear me."

by Stephanie Ransom on 2/26/2015
Team LionHeart

Yep...I'm Coming Home

by Ada Kessler on 2/26/2015
Team Metanoia


by andie lance on 2/26/2015
Team Koinonia

Changes to my blog!

by Bree Rossi on 2/26/2015
Team Beautiful Mess

Called to Greatness

by Morgan Reeves on 2/26/2015

Static Jedi

by Anna Ganter on 2/26/2015

Worms with Racers

by Megan Barretto on 2/26/2015

Where there is faith, fear cannot prosper.

by Michaela Dolley on 2/26/2015

I'm So Excited, and I Just Can't Hide It!

by Leah Kechriotis on 2/26/2015

Exciting things

by Hannah Jones on 2/26/2015

Wildflower Life

by Meraia McDaniel on 2/26/2015

Are You Willing to Take a Risk?

by Nikki Romani on 2/26/2015
Team Squad Leader

Before You Go On The World Race...

by Nathan Wacker on 2/26/2015
Team Edun

Debrief: Antigua

by Justin Hunt on 2/26/2015
Team Unidos Pa lante

Support Letter!!!

by Amanda Allen on 2/26/2015

Why The World Race?

by Kayla Griffiths on 2/26/2015

Called into missions.

by Brittany Horne on 2/26/2015

Play Beer!

by Rebecca Stephens on 2/26/2015
Team Overcome

How Dare You

by Brook Gelinas on 2/26/2015

Are you listening?

by Olivia Bourgeois on 2/26/2015
Team Mosaic

Exciting news & Cool Info

by Kenzie Merkord on 2/26/2015

Love Letter.

by Tabbi Brown on 2/26/2015
Team Redemption

Dear Mom:

by Alyssa Keene on 2/26/2015
Team US

Who is She?

by Chenea on 2/26/2015
Team Daughters Ablaze

The Garden

by Alysa Sharp on 2/26/2015

Jumping Baby Goats >>>

by Megan O'Connor on 2/26/2015
Team J B A E


by Katherine McClard on 2/26/2015
Team Elohim


by Morgan Morales on 2/26/2015
Team Restore Amor

Cambodia Collection

by Casey Baxter on 2/26/2015
Team Chasing Jubilee

Saying Yes

by Daysi Wilkinson on 2/26/2015

that one time in Nepal.

by Katy Steele on 2/26/2015
Team Spirit Dancers

Random Thoughts

by Kristin Brewster on 2/26/2015
Team Renovate

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