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Flipping The Switch On Expectations

by Nic Mizeur on 11/23/2014

mom time, praise Jesus.

by Erica Wood on 11/23/2014
Team Relentless Hope

Pastry Blog (Part 2... and Counting)

by Nic Mizeur on 11/23/2014

picking up pennies

by Alyssa Raymer on 11/23/2014

Poverty Tourist

by Grace Veker on 11/23/2014
Team Magnetic Light

Coffee with God

by Amelia Dernier on 11/23/2014

Wild at Heart

by Hannah Berndt on 11/23/2014
Team Reptar

Comfort Outside Of My Comfort Zone

by Emily Klauka on 11/23/2014

an unreal peace about an unknown future

by Heather Brown on 11/23/2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Thankfulnes

by Molly Reel on 11/23/2014
Team Squad Leaders

Baby, Please Get In The Water

by Hannah Adkison on 11/23/2014
Team Warrior Bride

Joyous Light {meet my team}

by Kate Stinson on 11/23/2014
Team Joyous Light

Beloved - Spoken Word

by Kaila DeMoss on 11/23/2014
Team Halas

Life is Hard!

by Claire Miller on 11/23/2014
Team Relentless

"Am I not enough for you?"

by Sarah Michel on 11/23/2014

The Comfort Zone

by Colin Harvey on 11/23/2014

Actually it's a honeymoon

by Jasmine Evans on 11/23/2014
Team Imago Dei

I Used To Be A Beggar

by Ash Parker on 11/23/2014

Here's what is going on

by Michelle Kong on 11/23/2014

Heart beats, fasting, and metaphors.

by Allison Hultquist on 11/23/2014
Team Flourish

Lessons From Jonah

by Amy Davis on 11/23/2014
Team Key Bearers


by Courtney Goddard on 11/23/2014

Going Through the Motions

by Caitlin Strecker on 11/23/2014
Team Burning Joy


by Katherine Chen on 11/23/2014
Team Summit

Month 9 - Cambodia

by Kim Grady on 11/23/2014
Team 2 7 one

Your Blood Built a Bridge

by Marielle Moguel on 11/23/2014
Team Squad Leaders

The Gospel is our Mockingjay

by Megan Moffitt on 11/23/2014
Team Hungry Youngsters

The Gospel is our Mockingjay

by Megan Moffitt on 11/23/2014
Team Hungry Youngsters

Month 8 - Thailand

by Kim Grady on 11/23/2014
Team 2 7 one

Decisions and Detours

by Seth O'Neill on 11/23/2014
Team Hope Awakening

Hope in a Hopeless Place

by Alison Scott on 11/23/2014
Team Intrepidus

Bible Reading Challenge

by Nic Mizeur on 11/23/2014

The month I became a mom! (SCH India)

by Nicole Bonilla on 11/23/2014
Team Luna

Finish Strong!

by Allie Mitchell on 11/23/2014
Team R & R

Just a Normal Person

by Bekah Shearin on 11/23/2014
Team Boldly Present

Crap, this is hard.

by Sabrina Weneck on 11/23/2014
Team Anchored

Control Freak

by Megan Barretto on 11/23/2014

What is this Race?

by Dottie Paynter on 11/22/2014

Hard Work, Dedication

by Rebecca Stephens on 11/22/2014

Jesus Cares, Why Wouldn't We?

by Hannah Jones on 11/22/2014

Not Mine

by Laura Goodale on 11/22/2014

A Box of Fun!

by Brittany Neal on 11/22/2014
Team Free Indeed

Black dress challenge!

by Casey Roberts on 11/22/2014

Overwhelmed, but Okay

by Grace Alguire on 11/22/2014
Team Geronimo


by Cody Wittick on 11/22/2014
Team Royal Covenant

Poison or Fruit: Your Choice

by Kyla Stearns on 11/22/2014
Team Boundless

Little Pearls

by Lara Crawford on 11/22/2014
Team Luna

Crossfit = Family

by Ada Kessler on 11/22/2014
Team Sista Fierce

Sermon Notes:

by Darron Chamlee on 11/22/2014
Team Agape

Princesses in a Castle

by Lisa Tobiczyk on 11/22/2014
Team Starfish

Coming Home!

by Kim Thomas on 11/22/2014
Team Edun

A Door No Man Can Shut

by Kay Em Evans on 11/22/2014
Team Mosaic

I'm on house arrest..

by Katie Ruther on 11/22/2014
Team African Love You

The Heart Revolution

by Lydia Neumann on 11/22/2014
Team Squad Leaders

On Shoveling Human Poop.

by Thomas Cole on 11/22/2014
Team Warrior

Soo, that squad leader thing...

by Esther Gordon on 11/22/2014
Team Squad Leaders


by Matt Carlson on 11/22/2014
Team African Love You

Picture Blog!

by Heidi Streicher on 11/22/2014
Team Mountain Movers

Silence and Solitude

by Chrissy Robertson on 11/22/2014
Team Squad Leader

This is for the Birds

by Alexa Kwiatkowski on 11/22/2014
Team African Love You

Thailand Recap: Videos!

by Caitlin Strecker on 11/22/2014
Team Burning Joy


by Nate DeLoof on 11/22/2014
Team Argonauts

The Price Tag for a Night

by Kristin Schneider on 11/22/2014
Team Warrior Bride

A Changing of Seasons

by Jordan Chepke on 11/22/2014
Team Kairos

The End.

by Raquel Stewart on 11/22/2014
Team Golden Girls

Dear PSSI family

by Allison Hencke on 11/21/2014
Team Dar Vida

Fearless(ly) Facing Change

by Meagan Jasitt on 11/21/2014
Team Kairos

The Treasure that is Tacloban

by Zach Fires on 11/21/2014
Team Riverbound

Snapshots: October and November

by Christina Shaw on 11/21/2014
Team Eklektos

Final Trek: Healing

by Eric Cash on 11/21/2014
Team Summit


by Mackenzie Yeager on 11/21/2014
Team Geronimo

Albert's the Name

by Katie Allen on 11/21/2014
Team Hungry Youngsters

Welcome to My Blog!!!

by Shonda Foublasse on 11/21/2014

Content to be Content...

by Caroline Ritchey on 11/21/2014
Team Starfish

A promise, and two years.

by Hannah Lin on 11/21/2014

What in the World am I Getting Myself Into?

by Shonda Foublasse on 11/21/2014

You're Going Where?! For How Long?! That's Crazy!

by Shonda Foublasse on 11/21/2014

Friends, I have exciting news!

by Hannah Menzies on 11/21/2014

He's a good, good Father.

by Megan Brooks on 11/21/2014
Team Submerge

Partnership with Threads of Hope

by Crystal Arnold on 11/21/2014

How to be joyful

by Jarin Harvey on 11/21/2014
Team Imago Dei

What it really means: Imago Dei

by Jasmine Evans on 11/21/2014
Team Imago Dei

[Introducing]: Team 'Us'!

by Alyssa Keene on 11/21/2014
Team US

The Secret Life of a World Racer

by Sarah Baker on 11/21/2014
Team US

From Z to Z

by Katherine Chen on 11/21/2014
Team Summit

Seeing Prophetic Fulfillment

by Julie Sliwinski on 11/21/2014
Team Mountain Movers

Saying YES to adventure

by Raquel Stewart on 11/21/2014
Team Golden Girls

In Memory of You

by Stephanie Mabry on 11/21/2014

Singing my Song

by Kaila DeMoss on 11/21/2014
Team Halas

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