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It's Been A While

by Laura Baumback on 10/13/2015
Team Walk the Line

I give up

by Sarah Bohlman on 10/13/2015
Team Gideon

I Am More Than A Conqueror

by Drew Ferguson on 10/13/2015
Team Tiger Balm

Beauty in Weakness

by Tiffany Johnston on 10/13/2015
Team Bioluminescence

3 Things My Tattoos Taught Me

by Paris Winfrey on 10/13/2015

Grateful while Hopeful

by Dylan Borst on 10/12/2015

Experiencing Community

by Jourdan Miller on 10/12/2015


by Brenna Lucero on 10/12/2015
Team Tortuga Laud

Not Enough Peanut Butter

by Andre Cruz Holguin on 10/12/2015
Team Sunflower

Month 1 debrief in Mongolia [vlog]

by Alex Kirkikis on 10/12/2015
Team Team Udiya

Abandoning Perfection [PHOTOS]

by Jessica Parks on 10/12/2015
Team Bioluminescence

Why are you quitting your job?

by Paige Harris on 10/12/2015

Many Thanks

by Rebecca Keys on 10/12/2015
Team Alétheia

He Chose You and Me

by Cara Martin on 10/12/2015

“Yes,” to His Strength

by Charity Taylor on 10/12/2015

Love Deeply

by Dan Lidwin on 10/12/2015

Why Me?

by Shelby Laber on 10/12/2015


by Kelsey Kraus on 10/12/2015
Team 8:20 Drifters

Life in El Salvador

by Maggie Lindberg on 10/12/2015
Team Sunflower


by Anika Erickson on 10/12/2015
Team Phoenix

That's whats up!

by Lynzie Willett on 10/12/2015

A $5 Tip

by Jarren Templeton on 10/12/2015

Don't Call Me Lazy!

by Nanie Ashby on 10/12/2015
Team Radiant

Second Blog Ever!

by Amanda Trenerry on 10/12/2015


by Kelly Leonard on 10/12/2015
Team Radiant

Inside Out

by Christina Eichler on 10/12/2015
Team Refined Elegance

Exposing Myself at Debrief

by Faith Craver on 10/12/2015
Team Ichthys


by Lucie Vanderpyl on 10/12/2015

The Land With No Name

by Casey Roberts on 10/12/2015
Team Exuberant Peace

T-Minus 3 days till training camp!

by Abigail Sheckells on 10/12/2015

The Day A Demon Looked Into My Eyes

by McKenzie Riley on 10/12/2015
Team Intrepid

God is Faithful, even when we are Faithless

by Kimberly Parker on 10/12/2015

Praise The Lord! I Am FULLY FUNDED!!

by Lupita Hernandez on 10/12/2015
Team Parresia

Month 1 Costa Rica video

by Mason Smith on 10/12/2015
Team Bioluminescence


by Anna Carter on 10/12/2015
Team Intrepid

When God Allows Your Heart To Break

by Katelyn James on 10/12/2015
Team Galene

Doin\\' The Thang

by Jennifer Tillett on 10/12/2015
Team Liora

The World Race Doesn't Solve Problems

by Carrie Surbaugh on 10/12/2015
Team Eshet Chayil

Video Blogs!

by Morgan Woods on 10/12/2015
Team Parresia

Brick by Brick

by Kelsey Pelletier on 10/12/2015
Team Wildfire

Simply Living

by John Singson on 10/12/2015
Team Wildfire

All I Am is Yours

by Cassidy Cook on 10/12/2015
Team Nani

Thailand [VIDEO BLOG]

by Kelley Willcox on 10/12/2015
Team 100 FGB

Gaining Grandmas In Bulgaria

by Kenneth Martens on 10/12/2015
Team Serendipity

I'm Not Big Enough For The Pen

by Rebecca Schibler on 10/12/2015
Team Gideon

The Beauty in Leaving

by Anissa Lotti on 10/12/2015
Team Parresia

I don't like it, I LOVE it

by Courtney Naylor on 10/12/2015
Team Touchdown

Great Expectations

by Deb Gordon on 10/12/2015
Team Galene

Looking into the Eyes of Pure Joy.

by Shannon Connelly on 10/12/2015
Team Shekinah Glory

His Power is Greater

by Shannon Connelly on 10/12/2015
Team Shekinah Glory

Red Light Bucharest.

by Caleb Owens on 10/12/2015
Team Serendipity

I Left My Heart on the Streets

by Alexa Kapsalis on 10/12/2015
Team Parresia

The Real S&M

by Shannan Kelley on 10/12/2015
Team Sozo

Month 1 Recap Video!

by Christina Schloot on 10/12/2015
Team Devoted Love

Yet to Be Titled Post About Zambia

by Drew Steverson on 10/12/2015
Team Galene

He Knows Me

by McKenna Von Gunten on 10/12/2015
Team Team Poiema

Gigantic Lizards in Bangkok

by Julia Robertson on 10/12/2015
Team Steadfast

Finding Joy in the Struggle // #9n11

by Michelle Song on 10/12/2015
Team All In

To The God Who Lives

by Megan Collette on 10/12/2015
Team Abounding Roots

Why The World Race?

by Anna Street on 10/12/2015

Out Loud.

by Ashlie Watson on 10/11/2015

What am I getting myself into??

by Kelly Wisner on 10/11/2015


by Gracie Underwood on 10/11/2015

Whitewashed Walls

by Aubrey Webster on 10/11/2015

Whirlwind of Time

by Michelle Mason on 10/11/2015

Puedo ir al Baño

by Alissa Tandy on 10/11/2015
Team Binti Beans

Puedo ir al Baño

by Alissa Tandy on 10/11/2015
Team Binti Beans

Let the Adventures Begin

by Tiffany Tolliver on 10/11/2015

Ever changing by the Unchanging

by Lyndsey Mackown on 10/11/2015

Breaking Chains

by Kaja Augustine on 10/11/2015
Team Radiant

Bar Fights and Thanksgiving

by Heather Swan on 10/11/2015

"Life is Weird"

by Anna Norman on 10/11/2015
Team Intrepid

To Comet

by jack rymer on 10/11/2015
Team The Watchmen

I am Inadequate

by Jennie Kate Clark on 10/11/2015

Satan is a sore loser.

by Elle Kerkhoff on 10/11/2015
Team Kintsugi

Man of the House

by Keighty Patton on 10/11/2015
Team Wimbi

Dangerous Prayers

by Matt Herrington on 10/11/2015
Team Team Three Fourteen

Defining Love

by Racquel Elise Cooke on 10/11/2015
Team Wildfire

One Month In: Lessons I've Learned

by Bailey Hicks on 10/11/2015
Team Dauntless

Singing in the Rain

by Megan Brooks on 10/11/2015
Team Kintsugi


by Claire Patterson on 10/11/2015
Team Team CBG

Married On The World Race: Month 1

by James and Kris Fraser on 10/11/2015
Team Kingdom 217

A Day in the Life: Cambodia Edition

by Ashleigh Schneider on 10/11/2015
Team All In

You might be in Uganda if...

by Haley Sewell on 10/11/2015
Team Devoted Love

Top Ten Moments in Lukodi

by Lindsay Bienz on 10/11/2015
Team Devoted Love


by Kimberly Webb on 10/11/2015
Team Kaleo

The Last Balloon

by Michelle Song on 10/11/2015
Team All In

On Guard

by Annie Burnham on 10/11/2015
Team Team A

Uncharted Territory

by Kyla Stearns on 10/11/2015
Team Raisinettes

Titles Change Nothing

by Sarah Bohlman on 10/11/2015
Team Gideon

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