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Journal Entry 09/15/14 [Haiti]

by Caroline Ritchey on 9/17/2014
Team Starfish

You're A Good Good Father

by Alissa Cunningham on 9/17/2014
Team Selah

Philippines living!

by Ariel Niles on 9/17/2014
Team Abdiel

Saying Yes in India

by Kat Kendall on 9/17/2014
Team River Dwellers

A Story of Hope

by Danielle Wieber on 9/17/2014
Team 2 7 one

I Can Now Say These Four Words

by Matthew Fitzgerald on 9/17/2014
Team BROdacious

It’s Not about You

by Rebecca Stephens on 9/16/2014


by Shelby Sawyers on 9/16/2014

Cambodia Work Update

by Ashley Albert on 9/16/2014
Team Burning Joy

Praying for Ty

by Mary Brinen on 9/16/2014
Team Golden Arrows

Our filtered understanding

by Jen Goeking on 9/16/2014
Team The Janes

Mobilization and Me

by gwen Debaun on 9/16/2014

Love is the word.

by Emily Werness on 9/16/2014
Team Burning Joy

To Love God and Love People

by Bailey Balenti on 9/16/2014

It's pronounced "key-chay"

by Brittany Eichorn on 9/16/2014
Team Relentless Hope

The Day I Fell In Love

by Jenna Orabutt on 9/16/2014
Team Anchored in Waves

Wrestling With God

by Jarred McKinney on 9/16/2014

Part 4 - Set Me Free

by Kay Em Evans on 9/16/2014
Team Mosaic

My Route: Where am I Going?

by Kelsie Lynch on 9/16/2014


by Kerry Kennedy on 9/16/2014
Team 3D


by Bryan Noll on 9/16/2014
Team Living Water

My Support Letter

by Stephanie Olson on 9/16/2014

There is Hope

by Matthew Coe on 9/16/2014
Team The Good Timers

11 months to 11 more weeks...

by Ana Kempner on 9/16/2014
Team So Entonces

He is like the wind

by Cody Wittick on 9/16/2014
Team Royal Covenant

Team changes

by Isaiah Alvarado on 9/16/2014
Team The Good Timers

Checking In.

by Kendra Harris on 9/16/2014
Team Reptar

Finding "ME"

by Nikki Friesen on 9/16/2014
Team Turn the Page

He Transcends Cultures

by Ashley Albert on 9/16/2014
Team Burning Joy

Thank you!!!!

by Patrick Booth on 9/16/2014

Like Father Like Daughter

by Briana Chase on 9/16/2014

A Woman Named Louisa

by Ronny Wilson on 9/16/2014
Team Free Indeed


by Kate Kelly on 9/16/2014
Team Aletheia

Thailand Conversations

by Joshua Beebe on 9/16/2014
Team Fearless Love


by Julia Goll on 9/16/2014
Team Beloved Warriors


by Kristen Phillips on 9/16/2014
Team Aurora Borealis

This blog is for you

by Kalie Forbes on 9/16/2014
Team River Dwellers


by Whitney Vines on 9/16/2014
Team Fearlessly Present

The Love I Had at First

by Alyssa Keene on 9/16/2014
Team Fearless Love

thoughts on Cambodia!

by Alysse Feldman on 9/16/2014
Team Anathallo

Hate my Family?

by Derek West on 9/16/2014
Team Summit

What does Love look like?

by Eryn Smith on 9/16/2014
Team Sista Fierce

The Day I Stole 5 Children

by Amy Whelchel on 9/16/2014
Team Valiant


by Martha Kennedy on 9/15/2014
Team Burning Joy

Always at Home

by Missy Geiszler on 9/15/2014

What Would You Do If You Weren't Scared?

by Jennie McMullin on 9/15/2014

Costa Rica

by Brittni Lovelace on 9/15/2014


by Tina Sakers on 9/15/2014
Team Beautifully Broken

unwanted: dead or alive

by Andrea Crichton on 9/15/2014
Team Fishers of Men

I Left My Jar

by Trish Draege on 9/15/2014
Team Warrior

I lost my undies in Haiti

by Amanda Hall on 9/15/2014
Team Forerunners

Count Your Blessings

by Adrienne Greto on 9/15/2014
Team Teleo

ˇBienvenidos a Guatemala!

by Sam Lacey on 9/15/2014
Team Living Water

Lord, Help Me. I Can't Find a Job

by Justin Marshall on 9/15/2014
Team The Force

Time Flies!

by Alyssa Trainor on 9/15/2014

Going to Church

by Kaitlin McElroy on 9/15/2014
Team Warrior

What's the worst that can happen?!

by Jake Schroeder on 9/15/2014
Team Tonka

Off of the streets

by Zach Ripley on 9/15/2014
Team Tonka

Moment of Truth

by Josh Hernandez on 9/15/2014
Team Warrior

Rain Drops

by Kylee Wilson on 9/15/2014

Oh How He Loves Us

by Tyler Goeglein on 9/15/2014

Small things add up

by Kassi Crissman on 9/15/2014
Team Renown

How can you help?

by Amanda Jen on 9/15/2014

Slowing Down

by Anthony Martin on 9/15/2014
Team i68

Agape Warriors

by Amber Jackson on 9/15/2014
Team Agape Warriors

72 Hours of Pain, Suffering, and Growth

by Jayden Korber on 9/15/2014
Team i68

Highlights Of Haiti: Photoblog

by Rachel Tart on 9/15/2014
Team Forerunners

World Race Confessions (Video Blog)

by Jacie Zook on 9/15/2014
Team 3D

Adventure is a Choice

by Samara Lazerson on 9/15/2014
Team Relentless Hope

Guatemala - Week 1

by Ryan Jinks on 9/15/2014
Team Magnetic Light

And Then it Hits You.

by Jackie Parker on 9/15/2014

why the world race?

by Hannah Bentley on 9/15/2014

Barnabas Team

by Brenna Lucero on 9/15/2014


by Rebekka Gebhart on 9/15/2014

Transnistria an unexpected month

by Nicole Bonilla on 9/15/2014
Team Unity 31

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