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by Kelly Penner on 2/1/2015
Team Kingdom Come

How-To's with God

by Grace Alguire on 2/1/2015
Team Geronimo

Let's take a snap.

by Elizabeth Snyder on 2/1/2015
Team Daughters Ablaze

I have a new name!

by Jackie Parker on 2/1/2015
Team Daughters Ablaze

A Month Immersed in Buddha's World

by Racquel Rossbach on 2/1/2015
Team Kairos

My hands/ God's hands

by Jenn Cashman on 1/31/2015
Team Fierce

The Part of My Past I Don't Want to Share

by JoCelyn Medina on 1/31/2015

Destroyed Yet Beautiful

by Mary Elizabeth Bailey on 1/31/2015
Team Ransom

My Cozy Little Box

by Kristen Ozmon on 1/31/2015

11 Ecuadorian Favorites

by Emily Bjerstedt on 1/31/2015
Team Unveiled

That moment when

by Carlie Smith on 1/31/2015
Team Relentless

According to His Love

by Neala Savela on 1/31/2015
Team Overflow

Why I Didn't Go Home

by Vashti Wills on 1/31/2015

Teach me how to love

by Anne Arndt on 1/31/2015
Team Fierce

Our First Ministry!

by Laura Spence on 1/31/2015
Team Awaken

To My Anonymous Donors

by Melissa Bjorklund on 1/31/2015
Team Awakened Warriors

A Day in the Life...Ecuador - Month One

by Karissa Muilenburg on 1/31/2015
Team Awaken

Forget my Other Blog

by Shannon Marshall on 1/31/2015

Taste and See

by Lauren Purser on 1/31/2015
Team Fierce

The Story of the Traveling Bracelet

by Mollie Gleason on 1/31/2015
Team Relentless

11 Countries in 11 Months!!!

by Taylor Upchurch on 1/31/2015

Freedom in a Coffee Shop

by Karissa Muilenburg on 1/31/2015
Team Awaken

God's faithfulness is BANANAS.

by Kacy Clark on 1/31/2015

Things I Don't Do

by Abby Weightman on 1/31/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Pushing the Envelope

by Taylor Duggan on 1/31/2015
Team Reckless Warriors

My Night In The Hosptial

by Laura Rogers on 1/31/2015
Team Restore Amor

Then Sings My Soul

by Bonnie Feek on 1/31/2015
Team Water Fetchers

Taking God Out of the Box

by Bonnie Feek on 1/31/2015
Team Water Fetchers

The two questions

by Chantel Arnold on 1/31/2015
Team Flock Seven Deep

New Perspective on What is Beautiful

by ashley abelsen on 1/31/2015
Team Overflow

Photo from Aug 25, 2014

by Bethany Dilts on 1/31/2015
Team Restored

Wait... WHAT!

by Kathryn Root on 1/31/2015
Team Reckless Warriors

Highlights of Malawi: Photoblog

by Rachel Tart on 1/31/2015
Team Limitless

Thailand Ministry - Lighthouse in Action

by Rebecca Stephens on 1/31/2015
Team Overcome

Cambodian Ministry

by Nic Mizeur on 1/31/2015
Team Spirit Dancers

I’m Giving Up!!!

by John Michael McCaffrey on 1/31/2015
Team Cahootin Caboodle

Malawi round two!

by Amanda Hall on 1/31/2015
Team Eden

Teaching in Thailand

by Shelby Weier on 1/31/2015
Team Righteous Oaks

How do you know Jesus is real?

by Madison Thompson on 1/31/2015
Team Wanderers

You Are Beautiful

by Kelsey Tosca on 1/31/2015
Team Ransom

In the mud together

by Debbie Bein on 1/31/2015
Team Overcome

Bucket Lists for #11n11

by Beth Crenshaw on 1/31/2015
Team Overcome

Malaysia Video Blog!

by Thomas Cole on 1/30/2015
Team Drop the Mic

What the Wifi!

by Josiah Clagett on 1/30/2015
Team Coram Deo

I Was Trapped, But Now I'm Free!

by LeAnna Truesdale on 1/30/2015
Team Jesus Jewels

My Lifeguard Walks On Water

by LeAnna Truesdale on 1/30/2015
Team Jesus Jewels

What country are we in?

by Thomas Cole on 1/30/2015
Team Drop the Mic

Ministry in Thailand

by Andrew Hancock on 1/30/2015
Team Jayu Warriors

Going in His footsteps

by Lindsey Miller on 1/30/2015

Let It Rain--Running in A Rainstorm

by Kaili Taniguchi on 1/30/2015
Team Gener8

What Would You Do?

by Kiersten Gamby on 1/30/2015
Team Submerge

Who is this God Guy Anyways?

by Hilary Hannigan on 1/30/2015
Team Awakened Warriors

Here I am, send me.

by Anna Carter on 1/30/2015

The Race that Leads to The Race

by Anna Romero on 1/30/2015

Thankful for all these gifts

by jack rymer on 1/30/2015

t-shirt fundraiser!

by Hannah Bentley on 1/30/2015

He Calls Me To Be A Person of Peace

by Leondra Smith on 1/30/2015
Team Chosen

I lost the fire

by Courtney Thompson on 1/30/2015
Team Gener8

Que Lo Que

by Cathy Strini on 1/30/2015
Team Chosen

Staying is Just as Brave as Leaving

by Niki Suber on 1/30/2015

You have Worth

by Nicole Brossard on 1/30/2015


by Jess Mao on 1/30/2015


by Maria Hall on 1/30/2015

Stop Praying

by Jen Eyears on 1/30/2015

This Boy Has A Piece Of My Heart <3

by Ashley Thaggard on 1/30/2015
Team Relentless


by Emily Lancon on 1/30/2015
Team Carpe Deum

The Life I'm Living [Video]

by Leah Vogel on 1/30/2015
Team Woven

Help my parents

by Dani Piva de Albuquerque on 1/30/2015
Team Nahala

Trying to Steal my Joy

by Benjamin Pickett on 1/30/2015
Team The Fellowship

Fear Factor

by Kat Kendall on 1/30/2015
Team Woven

Jesus on Our Skin.

by Victoria Pierce on 1/30/2015
Team Overcome

The Call of Cuba

by Brian Ledtke on 1/30/2015
Team Still Relentless

India Is My Blessing

by Morgan Morales on 1/30/2015
Team Restore Amor

VLOG: Uganda!

by Asia Smith on 1/30/2015
Team TLC

Goodbyes Suck :(

by Morgan Morales on 1/30/2015
Team Restore Amor

The Reality of Week Three

by Katie Kurschner on 1/30/2015
Team Restore Amor

Month 1: India Updates!

by Paige Spiegelberg on 1/30/2015
Team Restore Amor

A Great Harvest

by Hannah Stewart on 1/30/2015
Team Ransom

On the Outside

by Jason Roetter on 1/30/2015
Team Coram Deo

Africa Update!

by Madison Muniz on 1/30/2015
Team Beautiful Exchange

Meet Our Rwandan Fam!

by Martha Kennedy on 1/30/2015
Team TLC


by Emily Sherwood on 1/30/2015

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