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Last Leg of the Race

by Heidi Streicher on 7/7/2015
Team A~CA

Weeping Foward

by Alexis Martin on 7/7/2015

Stop Focusing On The Glue

by Austin Shugart on 7/7/2015
Team S.H.I.E.L.D.

Healing... The Process!

by Gennesis Mariela Dheming on 7/7/2015

Where in the world?

by Catherine DeBerry on 7/7/2015

World Race Miracles: Part 2

by B.J. Hilbelink on 7/7/2015
Team En Fuego

World Race Miracles: Part 1

by B.J. Hilbelink on 7/7/2015
Team En Fuego

It's Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

by Samantha Limon on 7/7/2015

India, Here I come

by Nicole Brossard on 7/7/2015
Team Agape Ethnos

Hello from Albania!

by Alyssa Brewer on 7/7/2015
Team Ezer


by Kyle Hyche on 7/7/2015
Team Kingdom Journeys

When Nothing Changes

by Kathryn Krause on 7/7/2015
Team Team 1

Satan tried to steal my dog

by Sarah Bohlman on 7/7/2015
Team Dunamis

Slapped By A Resistance Band

by Justin Kent on 7/7/2015
Team Galene

God bless y\\'all!!!

by ChristinaJoy Coleman on 7/7/2015
Team Victory


by Danielle Stueve on 7/7/2015
Team Geronima


by Taylor White on 7/7/2015
Team The Adventurers

// month one: Macedonia //

by Corrie Walker on 7/7/2015
Team Geronima

Launching into India: Photo Blog

by Serena Snyder on 7/7/2015
Team Awoken

When Jesus Displays His love

by EMily Elizabeth Marie McAlister on 7/7/2015
Team En Garde

More than a birthday!

by Kristy Alexander on 7/7/2015
Team Koinonia

Jesus Never Had a Pity Party

by Destiny Trotter on 7/7/2015
Team Two Mile

God's Play List (India Style)

by Meraia McDaniel on 7/7/2015
Team Anchor

A Special Request!

by Jackie Parker on 7/7/2015
Team En Garde

Month 9 in Outer Mongolia

by Grace Manci on 7/7/2015
Team Street Food

The Gift of Solitude

by Bonnie Feek on 7/7/2015
Team The Tribe

simple questions

by Liz Landry on 7/7/2015
Team Shabba Shundai

God is Great & Testimonies are Great.

by Kayla Griffiths on 7/7/2015

World Race Wrap up!! {VIDEO}

by Esther Gordon on 7/7/2015
Team Squad Leaders

An Open Letter to My Donors

by Tabitha Bissonnette on 7/6/2015

Use Two Hands

by Natalie Neal on 7/6/2015
Team A~CA

Cultural Shock

by Courtney Goddard on 7/6/2015
Team Pursuit

Every day is One Step Closer.

by Ashlie Watson on 7/6/2015

This Whole Art Therapy Thing

by Melanie Heath on 7/6/2015
Team Peppa Rainjahs

Crumbling Pillar

by Kaili Taniguchi on 7/6/2015
Team Seventh Heaven

Preparations and Jars- Vlog

by Allyson Tenney (Ally) on 7/6/2015

God is working!

by Jen Goeking on 7/6/2015
Team The Janes

A Day in the Life

by Katie McNeil on 7/6/2015
Team Eat Pray Love

Change in Plans

by Caroline Dubberly on 7/6/2015

Life in Swaziland

by Sarah Buffaloe on 7/6/2015
Team Dive and Thrive

Let Freedom Ring

by Sara Tate on 7/6/2015
Team Arm The Masses

Are You Living a Good Story?

by Bekah Shearin on 7/6/2015
Team Seis Amigas

From Glory to Glory

by Kerry Kennedy on 7/6/2015
Team The Foundations

A Series of Fortunate Events

by Christina Eichler on 7/6/2015
Team Refined Elegance

Training Camp!

by Alleigh Welgoss on 7/6/2015

Headed to Training Camp

by Ashley Ancona on 7/6/2015

Perseverance and Lifestyle Change

by Sarah Snyder on 7/6/2015


by nancy chi on 7/6/2015
Team Team Time

Harvest & Laborers

by nancy chi on 7/6/2015
Team Team Time

I dont want to go on the World Race.

by Stephanie below on 7/6/2015

The Undoing

by Ryan Bright on 7/6/2015
Team Selah

Zambezi Easy

by Annie Burnham on 7/6/2015
Team Credence

Malawi Moments

by Annie Burnham on 7/6/2015
Team Credence

Incredible India

by Morgan Wingler on 7/6/2015
Team Pursuit

Calling all Prayer Warriors!

by Lexi Johnson on 7/6/2015
Team Selah

Show Me Yours I’ll Show You Mine.

by Olivia Maksymchuk on 7/6/2015
Team Nahar

Lucky number Seven

by Scott Spafford on 7/6/2015
Team The Tribe

My Friend, The John

by Jena Foster on 7/6/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Training Camp!!!

by Cameron Naylor on 7/6/2015

A Packing Blog by a Month 11 Racer

by Natalie Neal on 7/6/2015
Team A~CA

Seventy Times Seven

by Katelyn Ferrell on 7/6/2015
Team Technicolor

The Thai Way

by Kourtney Ellis on 7/6/2015
Team Unveiled

Nepal Video!!!

by Diana Boyer on 7/6/2015


by Jhacky Cana on 7/6/2015
Team Breakthrough


by Kayla Buckner on 7/6/2015

Here's your permission

by LeAnna Gragson on 7/6/2015
Team Radical

I'm Leaving for Training Camp Tonight!

by Abby Conley on 7/5/2015

I Said My First Goodbye Today

by Nicole Bryant on 7/5/2015

I'm All In, Albania

by Kirsti Dishman on 7/5/2015
Team Arm The Masses

Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho

by Rebecca Keys on 7/5/2015

Song of the Week 07/05/2015

by Tabitha Bissonnette on 7/5/2015

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

by Abel Ballew on 7/5/2015

Why the World Race?

by Abel Ballew on 7/5/2015

Serving My Sovereign With Excellence

by Will Powers on 7/5/2015

Me, myself and yours truly

by LeAnna Gragson on 7/5/2015
Team Radical

Christian Watch Yourself

by Joshua Alvey on 7/5/2015

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