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5 Tips for Surviving the Market 5/21/2015

Going shopping in another country can be stressful. Here are five tips to make it easier for everyone involved.

May Featured Racer: Grace Alguire 5/20/2015

Gap Year Racer Grace Alguire didn't realize she was made for more, that is, until she heard God's call in her life.

When the Ground Shakes Under Your Feet: Experiencing the Earthquake in Nepal 5/18/2015

How do you respond when a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shakes the ground under your feet? William Stupansky of 2015 P Squad shares a real and honest except from his journal describing what he saw, heard, and felt on May 12, 2015 in Nepal.

5 Recipes for Surviving the World Race 5/14/2015

No one knows better than World Race Alumni how hard it can be to have a good meal while traveling through eleven countries. We polled different staff around the office. Here are some of their favorite recipes from the Race.

"Dying to Self" Isn't Dying to Who God Made You to Be 5/11/2015

Savannah Rucker of 2015 O Squad thought being a missionary meant denying her dreams and dying to her heart's desires. But while riding through the Honduran mountains, she discovered God gave her those dreams and abilities for a reason.

My 5 Biggest Tips for Future Racers 5/7/2015

After returning from the Race, Katie Axelson of 2014 Y Squad shares her 5 biggest tips for future racers.

There is Always Room at the Table 5/4/2015

While eating a spaghetti dinner with her team in Honduras, Danielle Rogg of 2015 M Squad discovered one of the most beautiful invitations of the kingdom.

5 Tips for Traveling in a Foreign Country 4/30/2015

Traveling in a foreign country can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know the language. But these 5 tips will equip you to find your way with confidence.

11 Reasons to Serve Overseas 4/23/2015

Have you always wanted to travel, but you’ve always found an excuse? Not anymore! Here are 11 reasons why you should serve overseas.

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