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11 Reasons to Serve Overseas 4/23/2015

Have you always wanted to travel, but you’ve always found an excuse? Not anymore! Here are 11 reasons why you should serve overseas.

How a Month in Rwanda Taught me to Love Well 4/20/2015

In her time in Rwanda, Kegan Nall of 2014 L Squad learned a hard reality of life on the World Race: you only get one month to love people well.

11 Things You Need to Know About Packing for the World Race 4/16/2015

Luke Geldmacher of 2013 W Squad learned a lot about traveling when he went on the World Race. Now he wants to share some of those tips with you.

The Day I Fell in Love on the World Race 4/13/2015

Kat Kendall of 2014 H Squad was nervous about spending the morning at a special needs' orphanage. Then she met a little girl who changed her life.

Why Short Term Missions Matter 4/6/2015

It's easy to think short term mission trips don't make a lasting impact. But the truth is, our God is not bound by time. And it is through the life-giving power of his name and the Gospel that real, permanent heart change happens.

God can use anyone, in any place, whether for one day or a lifetime. 

Just ask Jesse.

Just Like Riding a Bike in Thailand 3/30/2015

Andrew Parkin of 2014 D Squad learned to ride a bike while on the Race in Thailand, but for him it was about so much more than mere transportation.

Beauty on the World Race 3/24/2015

When Kelly Franke of 2014 D Squad asked God to show her what true beauty is and how she could feel beautiful while on the Race, she found her answer in a village of mud huts and loving hearts.

What I Learned from a Pastor in Prison 3/16/2015

John Harbold of 2014 G Squad encountered a man who lost everything during a rebel invasion in his African village, yet continues to preach hope to those around him.

You Cannot Change the World 3/9/2015

Samantha Lacey of World Race Gap Year is learning that being a missionary doesn’t make her more important, fix her personal struggles, and, most importantly, that it is not her job to change the world.  

11 Ways to Make the Most of Your World Race 3/2/2015

Race Alum and Squad Leader Wesley Vickers gives 11 tips to making the most of every moment on the field. But the truth is, these same tips are relevant for everyday life. 

A Documentary of the World Race: Why Not? 2/23/2015

Adventures Founder and CEO, Seth Barnes, wants to tell the story of how God is at work in the nations through a documentary of a World Race squad, following them as they live out their faith in 11 countries in 11 months.


Evan Dias Didn't Fit the Definition of "Missionary" 2/16/2015

When a friend told him she was going on an 11 month mission trip around the world, Evan Dias went to the website and saw a video eerily close to his own life: a guy at a party who desperately wants something more. In that moment, he heard God say:

“You can come back to me. You can change your life. You need to go. And you need to go do this. This is what I have for you.”


Announcing the January 2016 Race Routes 2/11/2015

The six new January 2016 World Race routes are live on the website, so you can apply now!

The World Race is Not the Trip of a Lifetime 2/2/2015

Heather Snider of 2014 I Squad found the World Race to be more than just the ultimate trip to 11 countries in 11 months. Instead, it has become the training ground for how she will live the rest of her life.

Announcing the 2014 Storytellers Contest Winners! 1/27/2015

A few weeks ago we announced the 2014 Best of Adventures Storyteller's Contest. We asked you to view our favorite pictures, watch our favorite videos, and read our favorite blogs.

When God Made the Blind See in Nepal 1/19/2015

Brooke Chavez of 2014's E Squad asked God to allow her to see a miracle. He did - and he let her be a part of it.

Inflatable Reindeer vs Carolling in Thailand 1/12/2015

Margot Moore of 2014 K Squad shares her struggle of being far away from the comforts of home and the familiarity of an American Christmas last month - and how being away from all of those things made the true meaning of the day all the more special.

Announcing the Finalists for the 2014 Best of Adventures Storytellers Contest: Voting Begins Today! 1/6/2015

We're hosting the Best of Adventures Storytellers Contest. We've narrowed down our 18 finalists for the best stories from the last year—six blogs, six videos, and six photos. And now you get to choose the winners!

What I Learned from a 5-Year-Old in Swaziland 12/29/2014

John Harbold of 2014 G Squad learned a valuable lesson about thankfulness one evening after dinner, when he went outside and met a 5-year-old boy who hadn't eaten all day.

The World Race Won't Change Your Life 12/22/2014

Race Alumni Erin Hogan of January 2013's M Squad reflects on the role of the Race in her life as she prepares to launch back out in January - this time as a Squad Leader.

When the Lame Walks in India 12/15/2014

Amy Hirabayashi of July 2014's E Squad witnessed a miracle in India when the lame walked. 

Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Peru 12/8/2014

Sometimes ministry on the field doesn't look like jungle VBS or Red Light District Rescues. Deborah Bitzer of September 2014's J Squad found one of the most impactful ministries she had in Peru came from an afternoon washing dishes. 

The Secret Life of a World Racer 12/1/2014

Life on the Race isn't all Instagram photos and adventure. Sarah Baker of third generation G Squad gives an inside glimpse of the reality of what it's like to be on the field for 11 months.

11 Marriage Lessons from the World Race 11/24/2014

Jonathan Francis of January 2014's Y Squad shares this week about how the World Race has inadvertently prepared him for marriage - even with the no dating policy!

God Doesn't Need the World Race 11/17/2014

While looking for new contacts in Cambodia, Natalie Weyand of third generation L Squad discovered the humbling beauty of God's desire for her to serve him - simply because he loves her. 


"My Father Put an Altar in the House Last Night." 11/10/2014

Sreyneang's father was broken, hopeless, and desperate. Paralyzed for over a year, sick and stressed out, one night he brought an altar in the house. The next day, Sreyneang asked Kathy Woods and her team from September 2014 L Squad to pray for her family. 

*Photo by Kristen Torres-Toro.

World Race Day is Almost Here! 11/7/2014

On 11/11, join us in celebrating the World Race by sharing your favorite moments from the field.

One Night With a Prostitute 11/3/2014

When future World Racer Kyle Harper went to Waffle House with his friends one Friday night, he just expected a meal. When his friend Rebecca met a prostitute name Lacy, his world flipped upside down.

No Place to Hide: Training Camp 10/27/2014

Training Camp for 3rd Generation MNOPQ Squads just ended and Austin Shugart of January 2015 N Squad was one of the 240 racers preparing for his launch in January. In the cold, wet, uncomfortable week that followed, he found a family in the 60+ racers on his squad.

*Photo by Terin James

The World Race in my Mom's Words 10/20/2014

Ask any parent of a Racer, the World Race is a journey racers take alongside their families, communities, and churches. When Paul and Ginny Greenwood, parents of Racer Chelsea Greenwood, (January 2014 C Squad), travelled both to Launch and then to Thailand on a Parent Vision Trip, they found this journey was as much for them as for their daughter. 

Gap Year: Drew Opened the Door to Possibility 10/15/2014

As children crowded around the empty bins of food with plates, bowls, and cups still waiting to be filled, Gap Year participant Drew Stamey cried out for a miracle and heard God speak directly to his heart.

Announcing the September 2015 Race Routes 10/7/2014

The five new September 2015 World Race routes are live on the website, so you can apply now!

No Leftovers in the Kingdom of God 9/29/2014

Caroline Ritchey of September 2014 J Squad woke one morning in Haiti to the sound of the electricity going out. As the heat of the day began to build, so did her distress over a thought she couldn't shake - that she only deserved leftovers in the Kingdom of God.

Is There a Place for God on Network TV? 9/24/2014

Maureen Gray sees God's vision to share honest, raw stories to show the truth of who God is and how he works in the world today. No manufactured drama. No trumped up competitions. No voting someone off the team…just welcoming new brothers and sisters to the family of Christ.


Dear Parents of World Racers 9/22/2014

There's no doubt the World Race is a life-changing experience for Racers, but it's often a huge learning experience for parents, too. It's an exercise in trust, as they fully place their children in the hands of God for their 11-month journey. Kasy Fackler, mother of Amanda Kay, a 2nd Generation D Squad Racer and a 3rd Generation D Squad Leader, shares a bit about the Race from a parents' perspective.

5 Myths You Probably Believe About the World Race 9/15/2014

The Race is an incredible experience and one that's completely unique for every participant. When newsfeeds are filled with Instagram photos of hanging out with tigers, riding on elephants, and jumping off giant cliffs and blog posts about healing and prophesy and incredible life transformation, it's easy to begin believing the Race is some greenhouse for adventure and spiritual growth. But the Race is really what you make it. Nathan Hauser, of our third generation B squad, fleshes out five myths you probably believe about the World Race.

A Seven Squad Launch: September Routes Are On Their Way 9/10/2014

On September 9, we launched seven incredible World Race and World Race: Gap Year squads, sending them out to the nations for the next 9-11 months.

Experiencing a Tsunami: God's Faithfulness in Fundraising 9/2/2014

For a lot of people who feel called to the World Race, their first hesitation is money. Nick Shear, of our third generation I squad, is one of many Racers preparing to launch next week. Short of funds on his deadline, he prayed and God showed his faithfulness, once again.

Why Is God Really Calling You to the Mission Field? 8/25/2014

You can feel it, that call from the Lord to go out on the mission field. But why is the Lord really calling you there?

Why I Chose the Spanish Route — And I'd Do It Again 8/18/2014

At the age of 14, Kayla Schmidt visited her first Spanish-speaking country — and immediately wanted to go back. Little did she know, the Lord had already developed the perfect World Race route for her.

Announcing the July 2015 Routes 8/11/2014

The five new July 2015 World Race routes are live on the website, so you can apply now!

Welcome Home UVWX Squads! 8/4/2014

It's been 11 months since we launched four more squads into the nations, and now it's time for second generation U, V, W, and X squads to come home.

Not Your Typical Man 7/28/2014

For many Racers, their time on the field is one of figuring out who they are, in more ways than one. Clay Holst, of our July 2013 S Squad, learned a lot about being a man of God — how it is and isn't what he thought.

Miracle of Love 7/21/2014

Our missionaries experience miracles of all sorts all around the world. Some miracles are huge. Healing. Salvation. Some miracles are more subtle. Peace in the midst of tragedy. Unanswered prayers and revelation of God’s bigger plans.

Today, World Racer Joey Willis, of January 2013 N Squad, shares what he’s learned about the ultimate miracle: the miracle of God’s sacrificial love.

How to Survive Training Camp 7/7/2014

Next week, we begin the first of two consecutive training camp weeks for our September World Race and World Race Gap Year squads. Training camp can be a little intimidating, especially since Racers don't quite know what to expect. We want to reassure everyone that it will be a great week, so we thought we'd offer a few tips about how Racers can make the most out of the week. And who better to do that than a brand new Racer who just went through the experience herself? Sarah Baker, of a freshly launched third generation G squad, shares her thoughts on how to survive a week at training camp.

DEFG Launch: Off They Go! 6/30/2014

This week, four World Race squads descend upon the city to prepare for launch and on July 3, we send them out to the nations. Over the next 11 months, our amazing D, E, F, and G squads will go to 30 different countries spreading the gospel in word and deed. We couldn’t be more proud of or excited for them.

How Hope Came to a Homeless Boy on the Streets of Bolivia 6/23/2014

When Bill and Katie first met Daniel, they thought he was dead. He was lying, passed out on the dirty cement in front of a small vegetable shop. When they gently tapped his shoulder, his 70-pound body slowly staggered to his feet.

Daniel was absolutely vile. He had only one pair of clothes and it showed. His blue shirt was torn and blackened with filth. Held up by a rough-looking black rope, his green pants were extremely short and eight sizes too large. Even his yellow flip-flops were well worn and too small for his bloated feet.

Honestly, Daniel looked like the walking dead.

Why Would You Ever Want To Do Something Like This? 6/16/2014

Michelle Euperio, of the January 2010 L Squad, shares a story of the responses she received when preparing for her eleven-month journey around the world. With launches and training camps quickly approaching, we thought this story would be a great way to celebrate Racers!

September Routes Closing Soon! 6/4/2014

On June 15, our September 2014 routes officially close. That means you have less than two weeks to say "YES" to the adventure of a lifetime, less than two weeks to say, "Here am I, send me."

Welcome Home QRST Squads! 6/2/2014

Last July, we sent out nearly 200 Racers on second generation Q, R, S, and T squads, and now we welcome them home.

DEFG Training Camp [a photo blog] 5/28/2014

This past week in North Georgia, our new July 2014 DEFG Squads trained for their 11-month adventure around the world. We thought the best way to tell you about their training camp was to show it to you through their eyes.

We Cast Out Demons Today 5/19/2014

Helena Jordao, of the January 2012 E Squad, and her teammates served in Kenya at Challenge Farm. One of Helena's roles was to counsel some of the young girls who had experienced immense pain in their lives. She heard many sad stories and prayed for many children, but this day was different. This day Helena learned what the reality of a spiritual battle is like and whose authority she walks in...

The Healing That Matters Is Not Always What We Pray For 5/12/2014

Sometimes we focus our prayers for miracles here and now, and lose focus on the eternal. We will all die. And when that day comes, Jesus is the only miracle that matters. Adventures' social media manager, Stephanie Bernotas, knows this firsthand. And we thank her for sharing her story with us.

Stabbed in the Heart: Healed 5/5/2014

Tonight, I was prepared to watch a woman die.

Instead, I watched God HEAL a woman.

That's correct. H-E-A-L-E-D.

Community: What Do You Do When You Hate Your Teammate? 4/28/2014

There was a girl on my team who became my team leader, and I started hating her in Month Four of the Race. She made a decision (in hindsight, the right decision), but I didn't agree with it. We kept it secret though - the girls on my team knew what was going on, but the guys had no clue. And it slowly ate away at our team for the next two months. 

Out of a Coma and Into Her Calling 4/21/2014

World Racers Justin Marshall and Zach Cobos of January 2012 E Squad collaborated to tell a beautiful story of revival that they got to be part of in India.

I Know A Miracle When I See One 4/14/2014

World Racer Steven Reed finds unexpected healing after 10 months traveling the world with a torn ACL.

Derek Spahr: Nothing Left to Hide 4/7/2014

Derek Spahr of the July 2013 S Squad discovered the importance of vulnerability on the World Race. 

A Letter From The Director Of Field Leadership On The Journey To Manhood 3/31/2014

This month we're honoring our men. We've asked some mature men in the office to share their wisdom with other men in missions. Director of Field Leadership, Bill Swan, writes a letter to share his journey with God through failure and into manhood.

Want to Try the World Race for a Month? Now You Can! 3/26/2014

Are you 18-22 years old and wishing you could try the World Race for a month? Now you can! Current World Racer Christina Callegari shares her story of going on a World Race Exposure trip to Rwanda and how God used it to lead her to the World Race.


Showcasing Our Creative Men [a Video Blog] 3/24/2014

We have some amazing, creative men on the field, and we're showcasing some of the videos they've made as they journey around the world.

God, the Life-Ruiner 3/21/2014

Chris Squalls shares a story of beautiful contradictions, the purpose found in inconvenience, the life found in death. He challenges us to let God ruin our plans, to forfeit what's good for what's best.

A Letter to Young Men from a World Race Coach 3/19/2014

We've asked a few mature men around the office to write letters to young men. This letter from Deon Vanstaden, World Race Coach, is written to men encouraging them to love God, rather than just serve him. 

Ruby Lopez: Using Her Voice 3/18/2014

Ruby Lopez, of the July 2013 T Squad, has found her voice on the World Race. This is her story.

What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say 3/17/2014

Kevin Striegle, a member of the July 2013 R Squad, stood in front of an Indian church, hundreds of people waiting for him to preach. At a loss for words, he had no option but to let God speak through him. The effects of his words changed an eternity.

Dancing with Ethiopian Prisoners 3/14/2014

This month we're honoring men in missions, men like Joe De Leon of X Squad. In this post, Joe shares a story of freedom, fun, and forgiveness, complete with bike shows and hundreds of dancing Ethiopian prisoners.

A Letter From the World Race Director to Men Who Want More 3/12/2014

We're honoring our men and sharing their words. We've asked a few mature men around the office to write letters to young men. This letter from Steve Basden, director of the World Race and Passport, is written to men who want more, who want to look like Jesus. 


I Became a Parent on the World Race 3/10/2014

Danny Weiss spends Christmas in Cambodia where he falls in love with the children he is teaching. After watching their Christmas program, he knows what it feels like to be a father proud of his children, and he learns that God must feel the same way about him.

The Village that Prayer Built 3/7/2014

Sometimes, when we want to act, God calls us to wait. Grayson Fleetwood, alumni squad leader for the September 2013 V Squad, learned this lesson on his Race when he encountered a village overtaken by poverty. A year later, he was allowed the opportunity to revisit the village as a squad leader. What he witnessed was nothing short of a miracle.

The World Race Is Going Global - Announcing an Exciting New Opportunity! 3/6/2014

We are so excited to announce that starting this September, we are pioneering a new World Race Korea route that will send a multicultural squad of Korean and American* Racers together on an 11-month World Race journey around the world. 

A Letter to Young Men in Missions, Sincerely Bruce Dawson 3/5/2014

Bruce Dawson, Director of Church to Church, writes a letter to young men out there. Bruce goes back to the position he was in during his twenties, and encourages us to live those years to the fullest. 

Honoring a Generation of Men Who Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up 3/3/2014

This month we’re honoring our missions-minded men! We're sharing stories of men who make a difference, men who change the world, men who look like Jesus. 


Our Favorite Adventures In Love 2/28/2014

Our experiences with women worldwide have taught us what womanhood really means. Women are wired for intimate relationships and deep, abiding love. We've shared stories of hope, stories of beauty, stories of pain, and stories of our women. But we aren't the only ones. You shared some pretty incredible #AdventuresInLove stories this month. Here are some of our favorites!

Not OK: The Tuk-Tuk Ride From Hell 2/26/2014

Kent Cranford, of January 2013's M Squad, imagines the life of a tuk-tuk driver who brings prostitutes to their clients. His story highlights the horrors of human trafficking and the disastrous results it has on every life it touches.

She's Too Pretty to Be My Friend 2/24/2014

We're closing out our series with a beautiful story from Kacie Lester of the September 2011 A Squad. Kacie learned some lessons about jealousy and comparison that extend beyond the Race - they're truths we all need to hear.

What A Japanese Bath House Taught Me About Beauty 2/21/2014

While in Japan, Rebekah Burney of the September 2013 U Squad found herself in a Japanese bath house, surrounded by dozens of naked women. In the midst of a potentially uncomfortable situation, Rebekah learned an incredible lesson about beauty and comparison.

Not OK: 20,000 Prostitutes and I Can't Save One 2/19/2014

While working in the Red Light District, Kaleigh learned it's not her job to save the women in prostitution. She has to leave that up to God.

Ara de Torres: Deeper Into Dependence 2/17/2014

Ara de Torres, of July 2013 S Squad, spent the first months of her Race struggling to depend on God. A word from her teammate changed the course of her Race for good.

Not OK: Waiting for the Customer Who Comes Only In the Night 2/14/2014

My heart twisted in grief for her. But not just for her, also for the man on the motorcycle who found love by purchasing it on the streets. For Uncle who was trapped in a world of anger and hatred. For the woman's husband sitting on a cold jail floor condemned as a criminal. Each of them living in a cycle of misery, being abused and abusing others. 

Not OK: When You Sell Your Daughter for 26 Dollars 2/12/2014

Kent takes a look at the harsh decisions parents in Thailand must make in the midst of poverty. Human trafficking is an issue faced daily by these parents as they are offered the choice to sell their children to sex slavery.

Celebrating The People And Places We've Fallen In Love With 2/10/2014

Leading up to Valentine's Day, instead of highlighting romantic love, we want to celebrate the people and places we fall in love with on the mission field.

Tina Fey's Advice for World Racers and Life in General 2/7/2014

One day Tina Fey wrote an autobiography called Bossypants. It was hilarious. Then a World Racer read it and gleaned some important advice for improv acting, the World Race, and life in general. 

Not OK: A Look at What's Behind Human Trafficking and How to Stop It 2/5/2014

Annie and her team got a glimpse of the girls' lives before trafficking. They got to see some of what causes human trafficking, and they saw the need for education in the hill tribes to prevent future trafficking. Ending human trafficking is not a short assignment or a quick solution. It requires prevention, intervention, and restoration, and you can help.

Announcing January 2015 Routes! 2/4/2014

The five new January 2015 World Race routes are live on the website, so you can apply now!

What a Woman at Angkor Wat Taught Me About Beauty 2/3/2014

While visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Kyla Hatcher, of September 2013 U Squad, met a woman who lives near the temples. The encounter left Kyla even more sure of God's love for her and for this woman.

El Shaddai: God Almighty Is Changing Swaziland 1/31/2014

Racers share stories from one of their favorite ministry sites: El Shaddai Children's Home in Swaziland.

How the Desire to Learn Spanish Changed My Life 1/29/2014

Noe Rivera has played just about every role the World Race has to offer: Racer, Squad Leader, Squad Mentor, and now, World Race contact. Here, Noe talks about how a desire to get back to his Hispanic roots and learn Spanish led him on the greatest adventure of his lifetime: to Guatemala.

Announcing the 2014 Storyteller's Contest Winners! 1/27/2014

A few weeks ago we announced the 2014 Best of Adventures Storyteller's Contest. We asked you to view our favorite pictures, watch our favorite videos, and read our favorite blogs.

Here are the winners!

Patrick Doty: How 6 Months on the Race Can Change Lives 1/24/2014

From having amazing adventures to impacting people's lives, Patrick Doty has learned a lot in the first half of his Race. We caught up with him to find out what he's loved the most, what's been the hardest, and what God is teaching him.

Because It's Not About Us 1/22/2014

This weekend Stephanie Bernotas, one of our staff writers and World Race alumna, served at Passion 2014 here in Atlanta, Georgia. As someone familiar with ministry, she thought she was ready. But this is her story of how God rocked her with truth she had forgotten.

I Promised Not to Date But Fell in Love Anyway 1/20/2014

Austin Ulsh, of January 2012 C Squad, was in his final months of the Race when he went to India. He spent the month with Sarah's Covenant Home, a ministry that gives a home to over 100 special needs children. One of them, Winnie, stole his heart. 

Why Short-Term Missions Matters for Social Justice 1/17/2014

Some of our Adventures in Missions staff members attended the Passion 2013 conference in Atlanta. They worshipped alongside 60,000 college students from around the world and learned about practical ways to fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking. 

Passion 2014 starts this weekend, so we want to share one of our favorite stories from last year with you.

The Best Advice We've Ever Seen from a World Race Contact to Future Racers 1/15/2014

This month we're celebrating some of our World Race contacts – the real heroes who do the hard work of bringing the kingdom day in and day out. Together, we are the World Race.
This week's post is from Leah Malone, a World Race alumnus who has moved to the Philippines and become a World Race contact. She offers some invaluable advice to current and future Racers about how to interact with your contacts. As someone who's been in your place, she knows what she's talking about.

The Last Place You Would Want to Go and the Woman Who Spends Her Life There 1/13/2014

We're starting off the new year by pausing to remember that the World Race is not just about the Racers. It's also about our ministry contacts, the servants who give their time, heart, and resources to advance the kingdom of God.

Announcing the Finalists for the 2014 Best of Adventures Storytellers Contest: Voting Begins Today! 1/10/2014

We're hosting the Best of Adventures Storytellers Contest. We've narrowed down our 15 finalists for the best stories from the last year—five blogs, five videos, and five photos. And now you get to choose the winners!

The Day I Learned that Aggressive Child Street Vendors Can Live a Great Story Too 1/8/2014

Megan Kennedy, of July 2013's Q Squad, finds herself face-to-face with children selling bracelets and realizes that not every child has a childhood, but all have a story.

To Those About To Race: On Your Mark, Get Set 1/3/2014

When someone begins a race, whether it be on foot, bike, or through the water, they must begin on a certain mark. They must set their positions before they begin. World Race alumnus Erica Denton, of 2nd generation G Squad, is here to help our Racers begin their journey on the right mark. She helps them get set. And then Erica, friends, family, and staff collectively shout an encouraging "GO!"

What Will You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life? 1/1/2014

Heather Reed issues a New Year's challenge: to stop existing and to start living the abundant life.

If You've Ever Supported a Racer, This Is For You 12/30/2013

Hope Mendola thanks everyone who has ever supported a World Racer and reminds us that none of us could do this alone.

Invaluable Advice for Friends and Family of Future Racers 12/27/2013

This month we're celebrating parents, friends, family, and supporters of World Racers. Because we realize that the World Race — and life in general — isn't a solo act. We need each other to get through it, and we need you in order to do the Race. So here is some sweet advice from a Racer's best friend to all friends and family of Racers.

How Instagram Saved Christmas for 100 Swazi Orphans 12/25/2013

Today, as you're opening presents under the tree, one hundred orphans at El Shaddai Children's Home in Swaziland are joining in the celebration. All because of one little Instagram picture.

11 Tips from a World Race Photographer on the Field 12/23/2013

One of our best field photographers, Jonathan Garner, offers 11 tips for future World Race photographers to master the art of taking missions pictures on the field.

How New Life Can Come from Tragedy 12/20/2013

Racer Christina Garcia lost her father to liver cancer when she was young. While on the Race she got to lead an alcoholic man to Christ and see life come from the pain she'd experienced.

Top Three Survival Tips for World Race Parents 12/18/2013

Today's post is for parents of future World Racers. We're sharing a guest post from a parent of a World Race alumnus — advice, encouragement, and wisdom from one who's gone before you.

11 Photographic Gems from Around the World 12/16/2013

One of our best field photographers, Jonathan Garner, shares his favorite photo from each of the 11 countries he visited on the World Race.

What I Learned From Spending A Week Of The Race With My Parents 12/13/2013

Annie Heathorn was nervous to have her parents join her Race for a week. However, in one week, God showed her something that changed the way she looked at her parents forever.

11 Reasons To Apply For July 12/11/2013

We seek to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and watch God show up. We've seen miracles both in our ministry as well as our own hearts.

Those are the real reasons to go.

But there are also some fun, practical reasons that make the July routes a particularly good option. That's why we created this list.

To Those Returning from the Race: A Letter from a Recent World Race Alumnus 12/9/2013

Most of our staff members are World Race Alumni, and we understand what it's like to adjust to life back home after the Race. We love welcoming squads home, and we've got a little advice for MNOP Squads as they come off the field.

Nelson Mandela: How a Flawed Man Can Change the World 12/6/2013

The World Race honors Nelson Mandela – a man who made mistakes, ushered in justice, fought for peace, and loved his enemies. A man who showed us that flawed people can change the world.

Pamela Galvin: Ready for Month 12 12/4/2013

Catch up with Featured Racer Pamela Galvin as she finishes the World Race, and hear about the transformation and healing God has done in her life.

God Is Not Finished Building His Kingdom 12/3/2013

God’s kingdom is advanced through worldwide community — Racers, prayer partners, and donors all working together toward a common goal. And God is leading us to invest deeper in this worldwide community. To equip people to take that next step in their faith, whether it’s a step across the street or a step around the world. Are you ready to join us?

Kingdom Journeys: Now Available for Women! 12/2/2013

World Racer Meghan Tschanz talks about her upcoming adventure with the Kingdom Journeys women's team, where they fight human trafficking among the nations. 

Dear Friends and Family of MNOP Squads 11/29/2013

Anika Erickson, of the World Race M Squad, is one of over 200 Racers coming home next week after 11 months on the field. She wrote this letter on behalf of those Racers to the friends and family who will welcome them home soon.

Thanksgiving On the World Race [Video] 11/27/2013

Even halfway around the world, Racers find a way to celebrate holidays and remember their friends and families at home. Check out this video from last year's Thanksgiving on the field, and know we're thankful for you.

NEW Countries Added to the July 2014 Routes! 11/25/2013

We've added new countries to the July 2014 World Race routes, and we're pretty excited for you to see them!

What the World Race Is Not: A Guide to Ditching Your Expectations 11/22/2013

An experience like the World Race is something so big that you can't completely prepare for every situation you might encounter on the field. And it's supposed to be that way. We encourage our Racers to check their expectations at the door and be open to anything and everything God wants to teach them through their 11 months.

Julian Williams: Q&A With a Squad Leader At the End of His Race 11/20/2013

We caught up with Julian Williams in Romania to ask him some final questions about his World Race journey.

Tentitat for Humanity: How REI Changed the World 11/18/2013

Jacob Smith, of the September 2013 V Squad, visited the homeless in Malaysia and was astounded by what he stumbled upon. Something that didn’t quite fit. Something really cool.

11 Reasons You Should Do the Race Next July 11/15/2013

We could tell you why it's an awesome idea for you to do the World Race next July. Or we could just show you.

Philippines Typhoon Disaster Relief 11/12/2013

Adventures in Missions is sending teams to the Philippines to help in the disaster relief effort. You can help!

World Race Day: Today We're All Racers 11/11/2013

Today everyone is a World Racer. Because the World Race is made up of all of us.

It takes the parents, family, friends, grandparents, supporters, ministry contacts, fans, and cheerleaders to fund, pray for, encourage, and send our Racers to the nations.

World Race Takes On Tibet 11/7/2013

Last month, we sent Racers to the Chinese province of Tibet for the first time. As we spread
our influence and explore ministry in new places, we're excited to see just how God shows up.

Check out these beautiful photos of this new location from our Racers on O Squad!

Coming Soon: World Race Day! 11/6/2013

Next Monday is November 11th – 11/11. This year we want to invite everyone to be part of World Race Day. On this November 11th, everyone is a World Racer!

It's Show Time: Zi's Film Is Here! 11/4/2013

Two years ago, we watched as World Racer Jenn Watson met a little Chinese boy with Down Syndrome named Zi. Jenn took a leap of faith when she asked her family to adopt him, and God opened every door to make it possible.

After months of brainstorming, strategizing, traveling, filming, editing, and polishing, Zi's film is ready.


Photo Blog: Southeast Asia 11/1/2013

Recently, there's been a lot of buzz about Asia in the World Race community. Our recent announcement of an all Asia route launching in September 2014 has stirred up conversations among staff and alumni about how much they love and miss Asia. We've put together a collection of Marina Razumovsky's photos to show you why.

How the World Race Changed One Family Forever: Zi's Story 10/30/2013

Can you really change someone's life in a month?  

No, but God can. And he uses short-term trips like the World Race to make huge, lasting changes in families around the world when individuals surrender their plans to him. We've been following a story God has been writing over the last two years of one such family, and it's time to share it with you. The pieces have come together from all over the world to weave something truly beautiful.

YZABC Training Camp: In Your Own Words 10/28/2013

The upcoming January 2014 Y, Z, A, B, and C Squads gathered to prepare for their 11 month journey, and God showed up in big ways. Here's what they had to say about it.

I Bought Three Kids in Rwanda 10/25/2013

What started as a joke turned into Aimee Luallin of M-Squad buying three goats for their team's translator in Rwanda.

Coming Soon: An Amazing Adoption Story You'll Want to Share 10/23/2013

Next week we'll tell you an amazing story that's close to our hearts, but for now, here is a little glimpse of what's to come on November 4th. We can't wait to show you the rest!

Why Would I Want to Spend 11 Months in Asia, Anyway? 10/21/2013

Adventures in Missions is launching an All Asia World Race route! 

The New Normal 10/18/2013

If life is a journey, then the World Race is an epic!

What's It Like to Give Up the World Race? 10/16/2013

Most of the stories we tell are about how God uses people to do amazing things when they choose to go on mission trips – but this one is different. This is a story about what it's like to quit a mission trip because God asks you to.

Too Young For the World Race? Not Anymore! 10/14/2013

If you've ever wanted to go on the World Race but were too young to do it, the World Race: Gap Year is for you.

Training Camp: A Guide 10/11/2013

Tomorrow five squads of Racers will arrive at a campground on the Georgia/Tennessee border, decked out in their squad colors and ready to begin this crazy journey called the World Race. Whether you're just stumbling across our website, planning to go on the Race yourself, are one of our awesome World Race parents, or going to be joining us tomorrow, we wanted to put together some resources on just what you can expect from this week.

A Year of Prayer Results in a Miracle: Kevin Is Healed 10/9/2013

A World Racer met a special little boy his first time in Swaziland, and over the next year and a half he got to see how extravagantly God cares for orphans and answers our prayers.

Announcing the September 2014 Routes 10/7/2013

The five new September 2014 World Race routes are live on the website, so you can apply now!

Epoch Awards are this Month! 10/4/2013

Here at Adventures, we love to celebrate the unseen.

You are cordially invited to Epoch 2013, a night celebrating unsung heroes around the world. On Monday, October 28th we will gather at the Fox Theater for this black tie event and a night of celebration.

Ten Days to Find a New Home: Dara's Story 10/2/2013

To kick off our series on orphans and adoption, Megan Kennedy, of the July 2013 Q Squad, shares how her team got to change one little boy's future in just ten days.

New Routes Coming October 7th! 9/30/2013

We'll be announcing our September 2014 Routes on October 7th. Here's a little bit of what you can expect (we've got some surprises up our sleeve).

My Parents Became World Racers 9/27/2013

Parents joined the World Race for a week to serve along side of their children in Kenya.

Unsung Heroes: Introducing Epoch Awards 9/25/2013

Adventures in Missions announces its black tie, red carpet awards event-- Epoch Awards.

How to Change A Village's Heart 9/23/2013

When World Racer Megan Kennedy changed her prayer for a paralyzed woman in Cambodia, God showed up and changed the hearts of the entire village.

A Lesson About Worship from a Thai Boy 9/20/2013

Jolene Campbell of January 2013 N Squad became the student when God used a Thai boy to teach her about him.

Unsung Heroes: With Love From Fiji 9/18/2013

Katie Stoddard, a World Racer, tells the story of meeting Susu, an Unsung Hero in Cambodia.

Introducing Venture Magazine 9/16/2013

Adventures in Missions launches Venture Magazine, a place for stories that celebrate life.

32,000 Stunning Words About Kenya 9/13/2013

Jonathan Garner shares 32 of his favorite photos from a month in Kenya.

Encouraging Update from the Red Light District in Thailand 9/9/2013

Many people choose to go on the World Race because they want to encounter human trafficking face to face and make a difference in the lives of girls who are being sold for sex. Some Racers get to see God do amazing things while they're in Thailand, but most have to trust that he will be faithful to water the seeds they planted. Sometimes years later, they hear how their prayers are being answered.

How I Learned that Love Is a Lifestyle 9/6/2013

Even though Ali Bruce is in month one of the World Race, she is finding love radically changing her life.

How We Find Awesome Missionaries Doing Cool Stuff 9/4/2013

We believe the World Race changes lives all over the world. It’s an 11-month journey where young people find Jesus working in all corners of the earth and join what he’s doing.  In seven years of World Racing, we’ve met amazing people in the countries we visit who are knee-deep in the work of fulfilling the Great Commission. These people aren’t always recognized, but they are doing incredible things in their communities.

Introducing: The Center for Global Action 9/2/2013

Getting home from the World Race, Pat Stiller knew there was more to his Adventure but didn't know where to turn. Through a new program called the Center for Global Action (CGA), passionate Racers transition from the field into an environment that dreams are encouraged, community is continued and passions are solidified.

Announcing 2013 Epoch Awards Finalists 8/30/2013

Epoch 2013 honors unsung heroes around the globe by awarding $50,000. Here, we announce the finalists.

Behind the Scenes of the World Race: Squad Leaders 8/28/2013

This week we're closing out our Behind the Scenes series with a look at the World Race leaders you're probably most familiar with - Squad Leaders. They're the amazing World Race alumni who come back for round two.

Why I Miss the World Race Something Fierce 8/26/2013

The World Race was a seriously hard, scary, exhausting, and overwhelming undertaking. But so much more than that, it was a year of living life in a raw, authentic, purposeful, outpouring of ourselves, one day, one moment, at a time.

Featured Racers: Josh and Jen Mendenhall 8/23/2013

Featured Racers Josh and Jen Mendenhall found community on the Race in a way they never dreamed—a community that drew together to keep them on the Race. Now, back in America, they are beginning to see where community and love will take their marriage next.

Behind the Scenes of the World Race: Squad Mentors 8/21/2013

Greg Houghton, a Squad Mentor, talks about his role in the Adventures in Missions office.

Help Us Make Anthony's Dream Come True 8/19/2013

In honor of the boy who awakened passion and dreams in so many people, we are proud to introduce the Anthony Lives Fund. Anthony Lives is a fund created to financially support the college education of Nicaraguan youth - Anthony's friends and classmates. We want to see them get the education Anthony dreamed of.

How a 13-Year-Old Street Girl Taught Me to Love Like Jesus 8/16/2013

Megan Kennedy, of the July 2013 Q Squad, spent her first month in Thailand, working at Zion Cafe. While there, her team encountered a street girl trying to get home. Ministering to her with food, clothing and bus money, her team met tangible, physical needs as well as the girl's spiritual ones. 


Behind the Scenes of the World Race: Mobilization 8/14/2013

So you've been accepted to the World Race...what happens next? Go behind the scenes with World Race mobilizers - the people who take you from acceptance to launch.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 8/11/2013

It's 8/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Racer Michael Sanders of the October 2009 L Squad.

Photo Blog: The Faces of Honduras 8/9/2013

Today, we want to give a shout out to a couple Racers who tell amazing stories through their lenses. Jonathan Garner, of the January 2013 O Squad, and MK Hill, of the January 2013 M Squad, both visited Honduras and these are their stories.

Behind the Scenes of the World Race: Admissions 8/7/2013

Go behind the scenes of starting the World Race. Meet our Admissions Department and get to know the people who make the World Race happen.

July 2014 Routes Available Now 8/5/2013

The July 2014 Routes are making World Race history with a new country, a themed route, and more. Check them out!

The World Race Is What You Make It 8/2/2013

Joey Willis spent this month in Mozambique and nothing seemed to go according to plan. In the middle of a disappointing month, he learned that there was a catalyst for change: his attitude.

Welcome Home IJKL Squads 7/31/2013

From the Caribbean to Africa, Ireland to Thailand, and Central America to Eastern Europe,
you've changed the world. And we couldn't be happier to be the first to welcome you as alumni. The images you captured, the stories you told, the lives you lived - they brought about world change. They brought God's kingdom to earth. And we're proud of you.

How a Custom Designed Wardrobe Shows God's Love 7/29/2013

Annie Heathorn, of the September 2012 J Squad, is finishing up her Race in Ireland this month. This is the story of how God showed up while working in a clothing warehouse for the needy. How can you recognize God's love in the ordinary?

How to Thrive on the World Race and In Life 7/26/2013

Meghan Tschanz, of the July 2012 H Squad, recently finished the Race. She decided to write a commencement speech - to those about to embark on the Race, and perhaps even to those who are returning home. People like Meghan who are beginning the adventure that is the rest of their lives.

Training Camp in Your Own Words 7/24/2013

This past week in North Georgia, our new September 2013 UVWX Squads trained for their 11-month adventure around the world. We thought the best way to tell you about their training camp was to do it in their own words and photos.

Surviving Training Camp: A Love Letter to Future Racers 7/22/2013

Sarah Sanders wrote this letter about surviving training camp to the next generation of Racers who will come after her.

Fighting Spiritual Warfare in Mozambique 7/19/2013

Kristin Phillips and Katie Wright of N Squad have joined in the story of how the Lord is working as they encounter spiritual warfare in very real ways in Mozambique.

Macario: Small but Mighty 7/17/2013

In Guatemala, Racer Leslie Wakeland of S-squad leaned a lesson about finding joy from a malnourished orphan in a nutrition center.

7 Tips for Making an Awesome World Race Video 7/15/2013

Our newest Featured Racer KJ Blair is a World Race video rock star. No, but really. We've compiled a few tips, inspired by KJ's videos, of things every Racer can do to tell amazing stories through their lenses.

11 Things You'll Learn At Training Camp 7/12/2013

This weekend we have 200 Racers from UVWX Squads heading down to Georgia for their Training Camp. They'll be living simulated Race scenarios, eating ethnic food, worshipping the Lord, and bonding as squads and teams. We ask them to come without expectations, but we tell them to expect that God will show up. Below are eleven quotes pulled from participants blogs from our last Training Camp, about how we've seen Jesus work - and how we're expecting him to work this week. UVWX Squads, we're ready for you.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 7/11/2013

It's 7/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Racer Tamica Sloan of August 2009 Squad 1.

Confessions of a World Race Skeptic 7/10/2013

World Race teams were sent out to different areas around our hotel to - as the Race culture calls it - "ATL" or "Ask the Lord." It’s simply what it sounds like. Just ask the Lord where he wants us to go, who he wants us to serve, and take a risk on what he places on our hearts.

I Forgot Why I Came On the World Race 7/8/2013

Chelsea Miller of the September 2012 J Squad, found herself near the end of her World Race completely numb to the reasons she came on this journey in the first place. Why did she leave her home and go to the world?

QRST Launch: And They're Off 7/3/2013

If you happen to be in Atlanta this week, keep your eye out for crowds of young adults with giant backpacks, head lamps, and Passports in tow. Our fantastic Q, R, S, and T Squads are getting ready to go to the nations. They might look a little something like this:

Everything You Need to Know About Support Raising in Two Minutes 7/1/2013


Sometimes, when you apply for the Race, that number flashes before your eyes, and it's all you see. You're blinded to all the joy and challenges waiting down the road because the $15,500 hurdle seems too big for you to jump.

What Do Six Months of Radical Love Look Like? 6/28/2013

One of the best things about the World Race, and mission trips in general, is the face to face connection you get to have with people around the world. Whether you're the first Christian someone has ever met or you're visiting a thriving church in another country, being a missionary means loving individuals.


You Know You're a World Racer When... 6/26/2013

Life on the Race is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Jeff Tyner, of the January 2013 M Squad, wrote this list of ways to know your weird life is that of a World Racer. 

How to Be a World Racer for a Day 6/24/2013

Ever wonder what it's like to be a World Racer? Well, now you can see what it's like for a day. Emily Chant, of the September 2012 L Squad, compiled this list of steps to trying out World Race life anywhere you are.


How to Be an EmbRacer 6/21/2013

Just because you do the World Race, doesn't mean you'll thrive. Andi Moore, of the January 2013 O Squad, tells how to not just be a Racer - how to be an embRacer.

From The Archives: God Doesn't Care About Fundraising...Or Does He? 6/19/2013

God does not only care about your support raising process, it's not at all daunting to him. He's Jehovah Jireh - our provider. And lately we've had front row seats to how he wants to provide for his kids as they set out to change the world.

Click here to read our latest story.

Jenifer Jones: How God's Love Transforms Tragedy 6/17/2013

Featured Racer Jenifer Jones of F squad has lived a life full of challenge and heartache. She felt as though these tragedies robbed her of a childhood and her dream of being a missionary was out of reach. But God uses difficult circumstances to show his power and mercy.

Going on the World Race: It's That Easy 6/14/2013

Apply online.
Get accepted.
"What! I am leaving the country?!"
Emotional meltdown.

Today is your LAST day to say "YES" to September! 6/14/2013

In less than 24 hours, our September routes close. That means you have less than one day to say, "I'll go." Sound like a difficult decision? Take it from us who have gone before you, it's eleven months that will change the rest of your life — go. 

Three Days Left to Decide - How Can You Be A Part of Saving the World? 6/12/2013

It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of school, or the middle of life, God can and will use your Race to help you become who you're supposed to be. Need proof, check out what some of our Racers are saying about their experiences...


11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 6/11/2013

It's 6/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Noe Rivera of the January 2010 M Squad.

You've Got 5 Days Left to Change the World 6/10/2013

You've realized there is more to life than empty traditions and the 9-5 routine. You're attracted to the idea of adventuring around the world in a backpack, sharing about Jesus near ancient temples, and loving on street kids. And it's all a little scary to you. But it's really gonna be okay. The time is now, just go.

The Most Horrifying Thing I've Seen on the Race 6/7/2013

Her name is Hope.

She was kidnapped when she was 18 months old. Her hands and feet were tied behind her back for almost two years. Part of her tongue was cut out. Her blood was drained repeatedly throughout the years, and her organs were most likely tampered with.

The Night My Life Changed Forever 6/5/2013

Children who can't hear. Children who don't know if you play the right chords or not. Children who don't care if you hit the right key or not.  

Who's to say they needed healing of their deafness, because they were hearing God more clearly than I have my whole life.

How a Month on the Race Can Save a Life 6/3/2013

When I met Ayesha, she was laying on her death bed. Every movement brought her pain and tears.

By the end of my stay in The Philippines, she was laughing and smiling, clearly alive. 

God Is Real. Friends Are Radical. Training Camp Was Suprisingly Outrageous. 5/31/2013

This year's May Training Camp for QRST Squads was phenomenal. The staff entered into the week praying and seeking the Lord about what he had in store for us. We expected (and saw) deliverance, freedom, joy, fun, and an unprecedented dose of God the Father's love for his kids. Let's just say staff and Racers alike were rocked this week. We could tell you about how WE think camp went, or we could show you what Racers have been saying. This blog is a mash-up of photos, quotes, and videos from last week. QRST Squads - we love you!

The World Race Ruined My Life -- And Gave Me New Faith 5/27/2013

Chase Glantz thought that a top notch job and some money in his pocket was all he needed to get the girl and win the approval he'd always been seeking. But after the 700th rejection letter he'd almost given up on his chances of life in ministry. Then he got accepted to go on the World Race. He was all set to go out and change the world, and maybe get a girl to look his way because of it. Little did he know that the World Race would wreck the charmer's life he'd be living and cause him to find a faith he had never dared search for before. 

Photo Blog: May Training Camp 5/24/2013

Ever wondered what training camp looks like? Check out our latest photo blog for Q,R,S, and T Squad's Training Camp experience.

Community: Our Favorite Videos of Life Together 5/22/2013

We've compiled some of our favorite videos of World Race community over the years to share with you. So sit back, watch, and welcome to our world.

You Can Help Oklahoma Heal and Rebuild 5/21/2013

Adventures in Missions is sending relief trips in response to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  

As we determine the most strategic use of our teams in the affected areas, we want to hear from you. Tell us where, when, and how you can be a part of our team by filling out the posted form. We will contact you as soon as trips are posted.

Today, I Became Her Mother 5/20/2013

Most Racers dream big dreams. We dream of making huge marks on the world. And we make those dreams real.  But sometimes we also make marks that seem small but touch deep. Mikala Wiegand, H Squad, shares one of those moments. 

13 Reasons to go on the World Race in 2013 5/17/2013

If you're planning on going on the World Race in 2013, you've got 29 days to apply. Need more convincing? We've put together a little more incentive just for you... 

Community: The Worst Day of the World Race 5/15/2013

Daniel experienced something familiar to every Racer - team changes. It may not have been his favorite day of the Race, but it's one he'll always remember for the ways God has changed him because of it.

A Summary Of The World Race 5/13/2013

What does it look like looking back on the World Race? Ruth Wilson describes her time on the field. "It has been psychotic and brilliant. It has been the best and hardest year of my life. I have been to 15 countries. I have 36 siblings.  I have been to five of the seven continents."

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 5/11/2013

It's 5/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Dan Snyder of the August 2009 K Squad.


The Skinny on Training Camp 5/10/2013

Angelique Sturm, of our July 2012 F Squad, spills the beans on the World Race training camp!
She lets you in on what you need to know, what you don't, and how to prepare your heart for what's waiting just around the corner! Training Camp for our July 2013 Squads begins one week from tomorrow!

Community: Love Each Other or Go Home 5/8/2013

When Hailey's team decided they couldn't imagine spending one more day together, their leaders gave them a tough choice that has changed the way they love people.

Is Trusting God Worth the Risk? 5/6/2013

Facing death at a hospital in Haiti, Rebecca Coleman, J Squad Second Generation, was in bad shape. Realizing the doctors and nurses in Carrefour, Haiti could do nothing for her, she had to trust Jesus and wait for him to show up. And show up he did.

Cinco De Mayo 5/3/2013

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we’re tipping our sombreros to our first-ever Spanish route launching this January, and we’ve gotta say: Es tiempo por una adventura.

Jesus Is Still In The Healing Business 4/29/2013

Christina Dombrowski of July 2012 G squad has had a veil taken off her eyes in recent months. Working in Cambodia, she believed in the power of prayer but more as a ritual and not a sense of power. She believed that miracles only happened back in Bible times. Much to her surprise, she came head on with a miracle... she will never be the same. Check it out.

Photo Blog: Life in India and Nepal 4/26/2013

India and Nepal and saturated with color and life, and steeped in rich history. Take a look at what our Racers experience in a week on the field, and share in their adventure! 

Sveiks: It means "Welcome" in Latvian 4/24/2013

After spending 8 months in summer climates around the world, F Squad entered Latvia in a frigid snowstorm, wearing only tank tops, shorts, and sandals. Through what we like to call a Latvian miracle, Christians they had met only the night before cooked them a hot meal and collected winter clothing for the Racers. F Squad came to bring the Kingdom of God to Latvia, but instead Latvia brought it to them.

How to Make the Most of Travel Days 4/22/2013

Whether you're traveling on a bus, plane, train, boat, or donkey, making friends and choosing to have fun can make all the difference in your experience. Andi Moore gives us some tips on how to be outgoing and make new friends while traveling around the world! 

11 Ways To Stay Safe On The Mission Field 4/19/2013

The World Race is all about leaving the typical American lifestyle behind. We live on the edge and do what most people don't. As you travel around the world, there are numerous opportunities for exciting and risky adventures. The unknown begins as soon as you step foot on that airplane - so get ready! 

5 Lessons Learned From Living in Community 4/17/2013

Amanda Kerr, F Squad 2nd Generation, has learned a lot about people after traveling through Southeast Asia, East Africa and Eastern Europe with 45+ squadmates. Today, she shares some lessons about succeeding in community by setting yourself aside.

Christina Young: Is It Okay To Not Be Okay? 4/15/2013

Featured Racer, Christina Young, is on her tenth month of the Race. She's been to Central America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and is now in Rwanda, East Africa. Last month we shared her story of how finding authentic community changed the way she interacted with the church and the way she saw God. Since being on the Race, God has brought her through deeper levels of freedom and vulnerability in community and shown her what it looks like to surrender to him daily. 

To Future World Racers: Just Go 4/12/2013

Jess Eischens, September 2012 J squad, loved life and was content with her job, but she knew the Lord called her to more. She trusted him and chose complete abandonment of her own plans for her life.

With 8 months of race under her belt and a rich perspective, she gives advice on what future racers should expect.


11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 4/11/2013

It's 4/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Hollis Johnson from the August 2009 K Squad and the January 2011 T Squad. 


How I Learned To Walk From An Orphan Who Couldn't 4/10/2013

With a disabled orphan in her arms, Cheyanne Hardy, from September 2012 L Squad, realized her own need to be held and the truth of who supports her...

How A Red 'X' Can Free A Slave (Or 27 Million) 4/8/2013

Slavery is wrong. You know it, we know it. But here's something you may not know - slavery still exists. There are 27 million people trapped in modern day slavery today. Indifference is not an option.

This month, we've joined up with the END IT movement to put a stop to this nonsense and make our entire country aware of what's going on.

So on April 9th, we are asking you to shine a light on slavery by using a red X. We want the entire country to start asking questions, become informed, and then join in the fight to end human trafficking.

How Your Dreams Can Become Reality 4/5/2013

Beginning April 1st, a group of World Race Alumni will have an opportunity to see their dreams become reality. 
We’re creating a place for these passionate dreamers to be mentored and taught by the wisdom and experience of the generation ahead of them, cultivating a process for these ideas to be curated and tended to, going from an idea to a reality.
At the end of six months, we’ll invite this group of dreamers to Atlanta to pitch their best ideas, with the chance to win a $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 grant.

The World Race Announces Newest Ministry 4/1/2013

On the World Race, we're all about empowering our participants to serve the Lord in unique ways.

We're excited to announce our newest ministry...

Loving the Untouchables 3/29/2013

Jesus pursued the “least of these” with fervor and grace. He touched those who were never touched – the diseased, the destitute, the dirty. 

After seven months on the Race, Emily Chant realized she still falls short of the love of Christ. Her human ability to love the hurting, the dirty, and the criminal is still not enough. She came to the end of herself , and that's when she found the faith she needed to love the untouchables. 

From Satanism to Jesus 3/25/2013

Joseph Johnson of the September 2012 I Squad was humbled and inspired when he met Errol, a Satanist-turned-Jesus-lover in South Africa. Born in Swaziland, Errol had a fierce determination that had allowed him to live comfortably and accomplish anything he set his mind to. But one day when he was 28, Errol heard the voice of the Lord. And what happened next wrecked Errol’s comfortable life.

What if Parents Went on the World Race? 3/22/2013

We wanted them to see what we've been seeing these past 8 months and experience the truth of Jesus' love for them. We wanted them to see the work we were doing for the kingdom. They haven't just seen it, they've joined in. They've experienced it, felt it, and have been broken over it. They have been a part of the change in the nation of Kenya alongside their Racers.

Not OK: The Truth Isn't Sexy (7 Lies About Human Trafficking) 3/20/2013

Slavery is not OK, and our Racers around the world have had raw, firsthand experiences fighting it. This week we hear from Laura Meyers of the October 2008 G Squad. After the World Race, Laura did an apprenticeship to learn about human trafficking and educate others on how to fight it. She shares a list of lies and truths about trafficking from the Salvation Army.

56 Reasons that Prove God Cares About Support Raising 3/18/2013

Josh and Jen Mendenhall started their World Race journey almost two years ago. They were originally part of the January 2012 C Squad. Then because their support raising wasn't going well, they deferred to the July 2012 F Squad and eventually the September 2012 L Squad. God provided just enough money for them to launch and just enough to keep them on the field as each deadline came.

But by the end of their sixth month on the field, the money had run out. They had tickets to go home, and then a miracle happened.

How Irish Luck Becomes God's Will When an Atheist Accepts Christ 3/15/2013

A group of Racers from H Squad (July '12) are among the many that are revolutionizing Ireland by responding to God's will and accepting their responsibility to love people.

Not OK: My Friend Makes $0.29 an Hour. What Can I Do to Help? 3/13/2013

Modern day slavery isn't just about sex trafficking. Millions of people around the world spend their lives working in sub-human conditions to produce the goods we are accustomed to owning. We may not be elected officials or powerful lawyers, but we have a loud voice - it's called our consumer choices. What we buy determines the kind of lives many people live. So how do we shop responsibly?

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 3/11/2013

It's 3/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Ashley Harris, of the January 2009 H Squad. 


What if they're waiting for you? 3/8/2013

Don had been faithfully praying for a year and a half for Christians to come to his village.

Little did these Racers know, he was waiting for them.
What if there is a village full of people waiting for you? Will you go?

Not OK: A Girl Sold for $20 Before My Eyes 3/6/2013

That was the day trafficking grew a face.
That was the day I looked trafficking in the eyes
Trafficking is not a victimless crime.
That was someone's daughter.

Annie Heathorn: Freed to Bring Freedom 3/4/2013

Our current Featured Racer, Annie Heathorn, is finishing up her sixth month of the Race. She's been to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and is now in Malawi, East Africa. Last month we shared her story. A story of finding freedom and stepping back into innocence as a beloved daughter of God.

This girl walks in freedom. She trusts her heavenly father. She plays with the children and rides bicycles through the country. She dreams big dreams and tells great stories. Recently, she posted the following blog. God is using her new freedom to bring his freedom to children in Tanzania. Check it out.

Why Human Trafficking is Not OK and How You Can Help End It 3/1/2013

We're in it to End It. Every Wednesday until April 9th, we'll be featuring blog posts about why human trafficking is not OK and how you can help end it.

Today We Disappear for Freedom 2/27/2013

Today we are DISAPPEARING from all social media and blogging in honor of the 27 million people who have disappeared into slavery around the world. Join us & END IT by downloading the action tool kits:

Storytelling: There's an App for That 2/25/2013

Storytelling is an art. But it's also one of the most basic, natural things we as human beings were created to do. And now, there's an app for doing just that. Check out how you can use Instagram as a ministry here.

Live the Race in 1:11 2/22/2013

How do you sum up 11 months crazy months in one video? Most people can barely edit it under 10 minutes. But Johnfrank Dieguez has a unique gift - he's told the story of his Race in 1:11.

What is the Spanish Route? 2/20/2013 World Race is offering our first ever all Spanish route - 11 months in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America starting in January 2014. Check out what it's all about here.

January 2014: Routes Announced! 2/18/2013

The January 2014 Routes are making World Race history with two new countries, a themed route, and more. Check them out...

The Best of #AdventuresInLove 2/14/2013

Last week we asked you to share stories about how you fell in love on your missions trip. We asked you to post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we could showcase all that God is doing all over the world. You told us stories of little ones who captured your heart. Stories of the elderly that spoke wisdom into your life. Stories of countries that became home.

Ashley Mueller: Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro 2/13/2013

An update on Featured Racer Ashley Mueller as she recounts her climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 2/11/2013

It's 2/11, and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumni Chris and Holli Scott, of the January 2009 H Squad. 


Dear World Race, Thanks for the Dad. 2/8/2013

Adam Smith didn't grow up with his dad in his life, and when he left on the World Race he never expected to find one in his squad coach. But God provided exactly what Adam needed.

Zi Ping Has a Forever Family [Video and Photos] 2/6/2013

Zi Ping is home. He arrived to his forever home last Thursday, and we were there to document his arrival. Check out our video of the beautiful moment when a family began.

11 Reasons You Should Blog Often on the Race 2/4/2013

Brandi Wilcox is in her seventh month of the World Race. She blogs often and blogs well, and we love reading her stories! As Brandi's been reflecting on seven months of blogging, she's come up with 11 reasons why all World Racers should blog as much as they can.

Five Ways You Can Help Northern Georgia Recover From The Storms 2/1/2013

Many of our Northern Georgia neighbors recently lost their homes, and our community was torn apart by a string of severe thunderstorms and tornados. We are working now with local authorities and churches to determine where we can serve. Find out how you can partner with us to bring hope to our devastated neighbors.

Angelique Sturm: Top Secret Sacrifice 1/30/2013

Angelique risked her own legal status to follow God to a place where believers surrender their security everyday for a relationship with the God they love. Like the Malaysian Christians, Angelique understands that nothing - even home and family - is worth more than Christ.

"I know God sent me here specifically for this ministry. I know what it's like to be a foreigner in the place you call home. And I know what it's like to leave that home behind to follow God despite the risks. The believers here have courage that runs deeper than anything I've experienced, and it was an honor to spend even a month serving with them."

Bringing Zi Ping Home: How You Can Join the Journey 1/28/2013

When we recently told the story of Zi Ping and how a World Racer helped him find his forever family, thousands of you responded. You shared it, liked it, and sent encouraging words for the Edwards family to read. We were blown away by your response, and we want to include you as his story unfolds.

Starting this Tuesday morning, join Zi Ping's journey home by checking our Facebook page and following along on Twitter and Instagram (#11n11 and #bringzihome).

A Breathtaking New Year 1/25/2013

A picture blog celebrating the lives our Racer's live in the field and the fun they have.

Announcing Storytellers Contest Winners 1/23/2013

Here at The World Race we believe in the power of a great story and want to recognize those who are not only living it, but telling it.

The first ever Storytellers Contest was launched to do just that.

11 Reasons to Do the World Race As a Married Couple 1/21/2013

On most World Race squads, there are a few married couples. They're just like other Racers, except they bring along their spouse for the 11-month adventure. Doing the Race married comes with its own set of challenges, but as Jen Mendenhall will tell you, it's worth it.

Jen and her husband, Josh, are in their fifth month of the World Race in Thailand with the September 2012 L Squad. Here are their top 11 reasons why doing the Race as a married couple is a great idea. 

If Your Life Were a Hashtag, Would It Be #11n11? 1/18/2013

Remember our challenge from last November? We asked you to show us how you live 11n11. And you did.

Now it's time to celebrate our favorite photos from the Instagram challenge. While you look through some of the best ways we've been living 11n11, you may be asking yourself, "Am I living a good story?" 

The Unexpected Reason You Should Join Us In Sri Lanka 1/14/2013

When we our Racers why they chose July 2013 Route 4, they didn't mention anything about the wonder and adventure of Sri Lanka - they mentioned the people. The struggles. The need. And the hope.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 1/11/2013

It's 1/11 and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Brittany Priess of the June 2010 O Squad.

Lessons from Passion 2013: God's Path Illuminated 1/8/2013

This past week some of our Adventures in Missions staff members attended the Passion 2013 conference in Atlanta. They worshipped alongside 60,000 college students from around the world and learned about practical ways to fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking. This week on this blog and our Adventures updates blog we're sharing posts from each of them with their perspectives on Passion 2013 and how you can get involved to end slavery.

One Easy Way To Celebrate Great Stories 1/4/2013

A great story requires you to step away from the things that bring you comfort and allow yourself to rely on something great. As we finish up 2012, we are celebrating the best stories told at Adventures in Missions this year. We have collected the best photos, videos, and blogs from five different categories, celebrating grand stories and those who tell them. 

Join us by voting for your favorites. 

[From the Archives]: A Year That Wrecked Me 1/2/2013

Philip Cron is a World Race alumnus from the January 2011 T Squad. He spent 2011 traveling the world and loving everyone he met along the way. Right before his Race ended, Philip summed up his 11 months. Read his journey, and ask yourself if you're living a great story.

The Hardest and Best Thing I've Ever Done 12/31/2012

The World Race is a big adventure, but 13 Racers on the July 2012 H Squad decided to find an even bigger one. At the end of their month in Tanzania they set out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and it turned out to be even crazier than they were expecting. Meghan Tschanz shares the story here.

Why This Was the Best Christmas Ever for 10 Cambodian Street Kids 12/28/2012

Jessica Francis and the September 2012 K Squad spent this Christmas in Cambodia. Jessica's team decided to make Christmas as extravagant and special as they could - but not in the way you might think. Thanks to generous donations they got to overwhelm a group of street children with gifts and blessings and to show them what it truly means to give.

How I'm Living a Christmas Carol: O Holy Night in Malawi 12/26/2012

Meghan Tschanz and the July 2012 H Squad are spending this Christmas in Mozambique and Malawi. There are no decorations to admire, no gifts to open, and no family traditions to celebrate. But the thrill of hope that makes Christmas special is just as present there as it is back home.

10 Lessons World Racers Learn 12/24/2012

All month we've been sharing guest posts from parents of World Race alumni to parents of current and future Racers - advice, wisdom, and encouragement from those who've gone before you. Today we're wrapping up the series with a post from Rozy McCormick, a World Race coach. 

What Does It Look Like to Be Someone's Miracle? 12/21/2012

Lauren Clement and the rest of the 2012 H Squad spent the fourth month of their World Race in Kenya. Lauren's time in East Africa was filled with lesson after lesson about God's power and the fact that miracles still happen everyday. She shared seven miracles she's seen God do. Her story starts here.

Three Ways to Make the World Race Great for the Whole Family 12/17/2012

Every Monday this month we're sharing guest posts from parents of World Race alumni - advice, encouragement, and wisdom from those who've gone before you. 

Today we hear from Cindy Ricketts, mother of Nicole Ricketts of the October 2009 L Squad. Cindy shares the three ways she and her family made the World Race a great experience for all of them - not just Nicole.

Adventures Storytellers Contest - Vote Now! 12/14/2012

Stories are the tools that change the world. In honor of these fantastic stories, we are proud to announce our first ever Adventures Storytellers Contest. We have gathered the best blogs, photos, and videos from 2012 in five categories, celebrating the best storytelling of the year. 

Now it's your turn to pick your favorite.

Fight a Fire. Set a Fire. 12/12/2012

When I Squad Racer Isaac Berg and his team were in South Africa, they found themselves fighting a raging forest fire. Isaac had been learning what it means to pray dangerous prayers, and he got to see what it feels like to be protected and stretched by God.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 12/11/2012

It's 12/11 and that means we've got another video for you. On this 11th day, we hear from World Race Alumnus Paul Iwanaga of the August 2009 K Squad.

How the World Race Changed Me Without Ever Leaving Home 12/10/2012

In the second installment of our special series for parents of future World Racers, Bill Chestnutt shares how the World Race changed him without ever leaving home. He watched his daughter change, read lots of World Race blogs, and went on his own journey of growth throughout the 11 months.

The Invisible Girl 12/7/2012

Can one child make a difference?

When one 12-year-old Indian girl followed three missionaries to a house in her village, she had no idea how her life was about to change.

September 2013: Two New Routes Released 12/5/2012

We have some exciting news...

You now have two more chances to go on the World Race in 2013!
We have opened up two final routes for the year, and they're good ones.

Special Gift to Parents of Future World Racers 11/30/2012

Christmas this year doesn't just look different for our upcoming Racers. It's an interesting time for their parents too. So, future World Race parents, this year we're giving you a little something special. Each Monday in December a parent of a World Race alumnus will share advice for future parents and stories of how their children's experiences on the Race changed them too. 

Aisha Davis: This Girl's Got Power 11/28/2012

Royalty. Daughter. Power. Authority. Creativity.

Our newest Featured Racer Aisha Davis embodies these words. This girl knows who she is -- a daughter of God -- and it's awesome.

If you missed our recent feature article about Aisha, you can read some of her story here.

I'll Never Look at Rice the Same Again 11/26/2012

One of the cool things about the World Race is that Racers get to live life alongside people around the world. They often get the chance to live with families, see what their daily lives are like, and help with their work. And sometimes God teaches them big lessons about culture and perspective along the way.

Kate Nixon of the September 2012 J Squad is in Thailand with her team. They spent this month learning to never take a grain of rice for granted again -- and to praise God for the way he relentlessly pursues us. 

Our 100,000th Blog Post: Why We Tell Stories 11/23/2012

This week, the 100,000th Adventures in Missions blog was posted!

The World Race began in 2006 when a group of twenty-somethings circled the globe simply asking the Lord for direction. As we enter 2013, we look forward to launching almost 700 Racers onto the field. All of these Racers have told their stories publicly -- for the world to read

Thanksgiving from the Field 11/21/2012

As our Racers prepare to spend this Thanksgiving with their teams around the world, we want to pass along their thanks to all the faithful prayer warriors and financial supporters who make this experience possible. Annie Heathorn of the September 2012 J Squad wrote a blog post that speaks for all Racers when we say, "Thank you."

They Like to Move It, Move It - The Body of Christ in Action 11/19/2012

Bodies are meant to move. Feet are meant to walk. Hands are meant to hold. Mouths are meant to speak.

The body of Christ is also meant for movement. It's meant for action. On the World Race, prayer guides the squad leaders in the formation of teams, with the hope that each will exhibit different aspects of Christ. Team Aletheia of the September 2012 L Squad is just one display of this community in action.

Justin Marshall: Robbery and Restoration 11/12/2012

Featured Racer Justin Marshall's journey has been anything but dull. We've already shared with you how God brought him out of drug addiction and into redemption in Christ.
His Race has also been challenging at times, but God is using every bump along the way for his glory and Justin's growth.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 11/11/2012

 Living the American Dream was not all it seemed, and Josh knew there was more...

The World Race releases another video from one of our alumni on the 11th day of the month. These are stories of transformation, redemption, restoration, healing, and more. We're telling the stories God has been creatively writing in Racers' lives for years and continues to write today.
Check back on 12/11 for the next story!

If I could have a World Race do-over... 11/9/2012

Leah Malone of the January 2012 C Squad is about to finish up her World Race. Before she heads home she contemplates what a World Race do-over would look like and what she would do differently if given a second chance.

[From the Archives]: Don't Miss An Opportunity to Know Jesus 11/7/2012

A missionary walks into a bar with a couple of strangers in Romania...
Daniel Stinson was just handing out flyers for a Hungarian Hillsong cover band one beautiful afternoon when he joined God in befriending two guys who were the least likely to attend a Christian concert...

Where Do World Racers Come From? 11/5/2012

Brian Cooke accepted Christ shortly after meeting July 2010 P Squad at their debrief in Malawi. His life radically changed and he went on to do the Race launching with October 2011 B Squad. Brian's story influenced Jackie Gu to do the Race. We can't wait to see who God uses her to touch and the continuing ripple effect of what God is doing across the earth. 

Operating in the Context of God's Love: A Barnes Family Tradition 11/2/2012

When the truth of God's love resides deep within your heart, it's much easier to trust and say,
"Yes Lord! I will follow wherever you lead."

God's love is the context in which the Barnes family operates. It is why they feel safety in risk. It is why they spend their lives living missionally. They know that they serve a God who has always loved and taken care of them, and he will always will.

[From the Archives]: Advice from an Alumnus to Future World Racers 10/31/2012

Hope Mendola did the World Race in August 2009 with the original J Squad, went back on the field to lead the January 2012 2nd Generation D Squad, and now she's on staff with Adventures in Missions. It's safe to say Hope is a World Race veteran. At the end of her Race, she shared some pieces of wisdom to help future World Racers make the most of their 11 months. We're passing on a few of her gems here.

Giving the Coat off Your Back. Literally. 10/29/2012

Brittany Cantrell and the rest of the September 2012 L Squad are in their second month of the World Race in Honduras. This week Brittany met a woman and her family who really understand what it means to be poor and in need. And Brittany learned what it really means to sacrifice and love her neighbor as herself. Here's her story.

Show Us How You Live11n11 10/26/2012

Love Instagram as much as we do? Enjoy taking pictures or sharing your trip with friends? Then our Instagram challenge is for you!

Training Camp Highlights: January 2013 Squads 10/24/2012

This past week, 240 World Racers gathered together in the woods of White, Ga for our largest Training Camp to date. These Racers from M, N, O, & P Squads (launching in January 2013) united to seek the Lord, listen to the Spirit, walk into freedom, have crazy dance parties, and learn how to effectively bring the hope of Christ to the nations. Here are some of the highlights from the week.

Can I Buy You? 10/19/2012

Kate and Lindsay had to trust that the Lord will be the one to love and care for Mine. The one to redeem her. Fortunately, they serve a God that promises just that. He calls her "Mine." She is his.

A Week in the Life: Kenya 10/17/2012

KJ Blair and the July 2012 H Squad are in Kenya for Month Four of their World Race. If you've ever wondered what a typical week on the Race looks like, check out KJ's summary of how he spends his time in Kenya.

This Is Not Why I Came on the World Race 10/15/2012

Allyson Quinn and the rest of the September 2012 L Squad spent their first month of the World Race in Guatemala. While there, Allyson learned that sometimes the expectations we have as missionaries are different from the reasons God sent us. Sometimes we come to serve, and he wants to teach us to humble ourselves and let others serve us. Like so many Racers before her, Allyson learned that even though we go to be a blessing, it's often the missionaries who are blessed the most.

11 Videos in 11 Months: Racers Share Their Stories 10/11/2012

Everyone has a story to tell. Today, Hope is sharing hers with you.

Starting this month, the World Race will release a video from one of our alumni on the 11th day of each month for the next 11 months. These are stories of transformation, redemption, restoration, healing, and more. We're telling the stories God has been creatively writing in Racers' lives for years and continues to write today.

Check back on 11/11 for the next story!

Day in the Life (and a Huge Shout Out): Logistics 10/10/2012

Do you ever wonder how World Race Squads make it around the world and back in one piece? How does everyone get to the bus stop on time? Who makes sure they all have a place to sleep at night?

The answer: squad logistics leaders. Each Squad has two or three people who are selected to serve for 11 months doing all the behind the scenes work that's required to transport a large group around the world. They're some of the hardest working people on the Race, and they don't get as much recognition as they deserve. 

So today, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the unsung heroes of the World Race and to offer you an inside look on the glamorous realities of their job.

Pre-Training Camp Advice from a WR Veteran 10/8/2012

Renee Durham has done the World Race. In fact, she's about to do it again. Renee is an alumnus from the recently returned October 2011 B Squad, and she's going out again to lead the new January 2013 P Squad with two other alumni. As we gear up for Training Camp for M, N, O, and P Squads next week, Renee offers her new Squad and other future Racers a few pieces of Training Camp advice. So newbies, take heart--this veteran believes in you (and so do the rest of us)!

Are You One of Our 11,000 Fans? Join in on the Fun. 10/5/2012

Our Facebook page has been abuzz this week as we reached a milestone for the World Race: 11,000 Likes. That means 11,000 of you follow our updates and claim yourselves as World Race fans. And we'd like to say, "Thanks."
In the spirit of 11,000, we're asking some questions...and we want to hear from you! Check em out!

September 2013 Routes Now Live 10/3/2012

We know you've been waiting, and here they are! The September 2013 Routes have been released!

Dear World Race Parent 10/1/2012

Anna Primrose and the rest of the September 2012 I Squad are only in their first month of the World Race. But they have already felt the profound impact that each parent of a World Racer has had on the world. Anna wrote a beautiful letter to the parents of every World Racer expressing the gratitude we all feel for the sacrifice they made to make our journeys possible.

South Sudan: A Month of Impact 9/28/2012

A little over a year ago, South Sudan declared her independence from her war-torn mother country. Recently, the men of January 2012 D and E Squads joined forces and paved the way for hope.

 This is their story.

[From the Archives]: Redemption in a Torture Chamber 9/26/2012

Over the span of four years, more than ten thousand innocent people came through the doors of this concrete hell. Only seven people walked away from the torture chambers that should have been an inevitable death. 

Chum Mey is one of those people. This is his story.

Kingdom Journeys Book Free This Week 9/26/2012

It may sound crazy, but after years of pouring into this book we're giving it away, but that's the idea. It's not about making money, it's about starting a movement.

Adventures in Missions' founder, Seth Barnes, wrote a book about kingdom journeys, both physical and spiritual, and we want to share it with you. For free.

See how you can get your free copy today.

I Got to Name a Baby Today 9/24/2012

Bethany Waddell, of the January 2012 E Squad, spent this past month of the World Race in Tanzania. She befriended a young, ostracized, unwed mother. When it came time to name her baby, God used Bethany to teach everyone a big lesson about grace. This is her story.

The Blank Page 9/21/2012

Johnfrank Dieguez and the January 2012 C Squad spent their seventh month of the World Race in South Africa. Johnfrank had the honor of investing in the lives of some of the young men of the town of Cookhouse, and he learned some amazing lessons about the power of grace. When we extend grace toward someone who is struggling, we invite them into the warm embrace of the father's love. This is Johnfrank's beautifully told story.

11 Months of Eye Candy 9/19/2012

Dan Matundan, of the recently returned October 2011 B Squad, took a lot of pictures on the World Race. 37,000 to be exact. He went through them all, picked a few of his favorites, and put together this beautiful journey of eleven months through his lens. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

[From the Archives]: Giving Blood, Giving Life 9/14/2012

Philip Cron, a World Race alumnus from the January 2011 T Squad, recently reposted this story on his blog, and we want to share it with you. While Philip and his team were in Mozambique, he met a little girl who was suffering from a blood disorder. Without a transfusion, she would soon die. So, like Jesus, Philip literally opened his veins to save a stranger.

[From the Archives]: What Does it Take to be a World Racer? 9/12/2012

Frequently we are asked, "What qualities are you looking for in World Race participants?"

Because the World Race, in the simplest terms, is a Christian mission trip, we're looking for people who follow Jesus. In addition, we're looking for candidates who are ready to...

A Drop in the Bucket 9/10/2012

Rose Huber, of the January 2012 D Squad, found out in Kenya just how much of a difference a short encounter with someone can make. God uses our efforts, even when they're short, to touch the lives of people in need and show them a greater purpose in life. This is Rose's beautifully-told story.

Rebekah Clark: Dreams and Advice 9/5/2012

A lot of people leave on the World Race hoping to sample 11 different ministries around the world and be called back to one of them permanently. Sometimes this happens, but sometimes God calls you around the world to bring you back where you started. He takes you on a journey of working with 11 ministries, and asks you to do what you were doing before you left.

For our Featured Racer, Rebekah Clark, of the January 2012 C Squad, the latter is true. 

A Photo Journey: Final Day of Ministry 8/31/2012

Dave Gardner and the rest of the October 2011 B Squad finished their World Race and touched down in the States this week. As they rest and reenter American life, journey with them through the last day in the life of a B Squadder.

Racers Help Fulfill A Missionary's Last Wish 8/29/2012

Britney Gengel, a 19-year-old student at Lynn University, came to Haiti in January 2010 to love and serve the nation's orphans. She and her group spent their first day visiting an orphanage, and she sent her parents this text message:  

"They love us so much and everyone is so happy. I want to move here and start an orphanage myself."
A few hours later, tragedy struck the small country of Haiti. The earthquake of January 12, 2010 devastated Port-au-Prince, and Britney lost her life in the rubble of Hotel Montana. Her body was recovered 33 days after the earthquake.

Kristen Pfund: When Fashionista Meets Missionary 8/24/2012

We've heard how fashionista Kristen Pfund went from studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to working for Perry Ellis to...the World Race?

Yes, that's what we've come to know and love about Kristen, she's not your normal Racer. Actually, she's not your normal anything. Read more about her journey to eleven countries in eleven months. 

[From the Archives]: Coffee and Raising the Dead 8/22/2012

I ran down the stairs and felt her wrist. Nothing. "We need to lay her down," I said. I checked her neck. Nothing. I looked at her eyes; constricted pupils rolling in the back of her head. I called to her loudly. Nothing. I checked to see if she is breathing. Nothing! 

Just as I begin to move over her to start CPR Carrye said, "This is spiritual!" So we began to pray.

13 Going on 30: Child Brides in India 8/20/2012

At nine years old she was getting into a lacy wedding dress and being handed over to a boy from a family of idol worshippers...I was getting into my soccer uniform and lacing up my cleats. 

At 10 years old she was rocking her newborn baby to sleep...I was still sleeping with my American Girl doll. 

At 12 she learned about baby number two on the way...I was learning my multiplication tables. 

A Photo an Hour from Travel Day 8/17/2012

As the January 2012 B Squad prepares to come home at the end of the month, Asher Garcia tells what it's like to travel a day in their shoes. Come along for a typical World Race travel day in pictures.

[From the Archives]: A Night in Thailand's Red Light District 8/15/2012

Music filled the hot, sticky air as the neon lights widened my eyes to see all that surrounded me. We turned the same familiar corner, bringing us to our usual spot in the red light district in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Previously our team had spent time in prayer crying out for God to move. We were all so tired, and not really wanting to go out for the night. But as we sought him in prayer, we knew that he was ready with an incredible plan and purpose for the night. He is big. He is love. And he transforms lives. We were ready for a big God to do big things, so we strolled down the string of bars with hearts rooted in him, eyes ready to see through his, and minds of Christ prepared to fight in his name.

God Saves an Orphan from Human Sacrifice 8/13/2012

Helena Jordao, of the January 2012 E Squad, spent a month ministering at Challenge Farm in Kenya. While there she met Geoffrey, an orphan boy with an incredible story of God's power to overcome even the most horrific circumstances. Geoffrey wrote his story for Helena and asked her to share it with as many people as possible. Prepare to be blessed by a 7th grader.

July 2013 Race: Routes Posted 8/9/2012

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The four July 2013 World Race routes have been posted!

The World Race Enters The World's Newest Country 8/7/2012

"The new Republic of South Sudan is full of hope, full of incredible, divine potential. Yes, the scars from their war-torn history are still fresh, but the Lord has given me his eyes to see this nation as he sees it. Beyond what's plastered across our TV screens--war, death, poverty, disease, bombs, etc.--there is hope." 

Now, for the first time, the World Race is joining the efforts to bring that kind of hope and promise to the world's newest nation. The men of the January 2012 D and E Squads are spending the month of August in Yei, South Sudan, helping with construction projects at an orphanage, preaching in local churches, and ministering in hospitals and prisons. As the first World Race teams to enter South Sudan, these men have the opportunity to build--physically and spiritually--into the rich future of this nation.

Top Elevens of Eleven Magical Months 8/6/2012

Kaitlyn Allen, of the September 2011 A Squad, reflects on the best parts of her 11 month journey. Best food, greatest pictures, most treasured memories, favorite pictures? She's covered it all! And most importantly, she gives us 11 awesome reasons to consider going on the World Race!

Miraculous Healing at Training Camp 8/3/2012

When I first met Bekah, I found out that she was a professional dancer from L.A. who was injured while dancing just before training camp. She had broken her ankle and also torn two ligaments that weren't healing properly, so after camp she and her doctor were going to discuss surgical options to repair the damage. 

Then, on the third night, our topic for the evening was healing. We talked about the Holy Spirit, learned about healing prayer, and then were asked to practice it. Now, you have to understand how new this was to me. I suspected this would be one of the issues addressed during the week but I was very skeptical and was doing my best to have as open a heart as possible. After the lesson, the speaker asked if there was anyone who needed healing and would be brave enough to come to the front. Bekah's hand shot up. 

July 2013 Routes Coming Soon: Guess the New Countries 8/1/2012

It's almost that time of year again. We've launched three new squads in July 2012, and our four new September 2012 squads are trained and ready to go. That means it's almost time to release our new July 2013 World Race Routes! 

But first, in the spirit of the Olympics, we thought we would hold a little geography competition to get you excited. There are four new routes for July 2013, and within them are two new countries the World Race has never been to. Your challenge: guess the two new countries!

Training Camp in Your Words 7/30/2012

Our most recent World Race training camp in Toccoa, GA was truly something special. The upcoming September 2012 I, J, K, and L Squads gathered to prepare for their 11 month journey, and God did amazing things in their lives. We highlighted some of the best moments in a previous post, but now we would love to share training camp in the Racers' words. Here's what they had to say.

[From the Archives]: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 7/25/2012

I have walked the alleys of Happy Land twice since arriving in the Philippines...

And words do not justify how this cruel reality happens.
A dump...a shelter? 
Generations of rubbish...a home? 
A pile of garbage...a crib for a suffering infant?
An aluminum kitchen island...a bed for a family of three?
I am puzzled.

This is their reality.


Love Is A Verb 7/23/2012

Heather Hartz, of the October 2011 B Squad, and her team are currently in Morogoro, Tanzania. She met a woman named Halima who is plagued by lies and spiritual torment. Even though Heather couldn't communicate with Halima in Swahili, she learned that she can still love her as Jesus loved people while he was on earth. Because love is a verb, and it doesn't always require words. This is Heather's story.

A Change of Plans Leads an Atheist to Christ 7/20/2012

The July 2012 H Squad may have just launched, but God is already doing incredible things through them in Ireland. Sarah Gustafson tells what happens when we allow God to work through all circumstances, including plans changing. Because this team followed God's leading, one man's life will never be the same.

Training Camp Highlights: September 2012 Squads 7/18/2012

This week we are setting a record with the largest number of participants to ever attend a World Race training camp. The campus of Toccoa Falls College is filled to the brim with World Racers from the September 2012 I, J, K, and L squads as they prepare to be sent to the nations. Here are some of the highlights from the week.

[From the Archives]: I Remember When Life Was Easy 7/12/2012

"I remember when life was easy," I think as I lay alongside Aubrey and Jodi, on a mattress that's been set up outside for us. The three of us and Robin are all sick with some sort of stomach bug that's zapped us of all our energy. I think of how easy life is when you have a nice, clean, porcelain toilet when you're sick.  How nice it is to have a Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Target full of medications to make you better. 
How nice it is to have an air conditioned home so you're not constantly sweating. How nice it is to not have flies and bees swarming around you as you try to go to the bathroom. I remember picking up a bottle of Ozarka or Dasani, never worrying whether someone cruel used a syringe to fill it up with dirty, disease-infested water.
I remember when life was easy because it wasn't that long ago. 

New Fourth Route Open for January 2013 7/3/2012

That's right...there are now four routes open for the January 2013 World Race!

That means there are four chances for you to make 2013 your most epic year yet! In case you need a little extra inspiration, we've put together a list of 11 reasons why leaving in January is a great idea.

[From the Archives]: This Girl Cast a Demon Out of a Six Year Old Boy 6/28/2012

During their World Race, Ashley Higgins, of the August 2009 K Squad, and her team ministered to the least of these in Uganda. They encountered a demon-possessed boy and found out what can happen when we offer ourselves to God to be used to bring the kingdom.

Jesus said:
"Heal the sick, raise the dead, heal the lepers, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received." 

The minute I saw him I knew I needed to pray. 

[From the Archives]: Child Slavery: Two Children Kidnapped, Became Soldiers and Escaped 6/14/2012

When I was twelve years old, my main concern was surviving middle school. My mind was focused on things like impressing my crush, having my own phone line,and getting my first kiss. I think back to those years and remember how awkward I was. Life was tough on all of us at that age, right? 

When Nancy was twelve, her concept of struggle was totally different than mine. In 2003, she was abducted from her home at night, along with 9 other siblings and cousins. The rebels targeted her home after being informed of two things. First of all, a teacher (her father-Santo) lived there, which to them meant he worked for the government. Second, they were informed that there would be many children there.

[From the Archives]: Worshiping in the Streets 5/31/2012

God loves to shatter our small expectations and blow our minds with the great things he does.  

Shanda Dodd, of the July 2008 F Squad, grew up as a missionary kid in Europe, but even that life experience couldn't prepare her for what God was going to do with her team in Romania. In this blog entry she examines what can happen when we simply make ourselves available for God to use.

Nathan Dickens: Favorites and Future 5/29/2012

We've learned a lot about Nathan Dickens, July 2011 W Squad, from how he found out about the World Race to being raised up as squad leader and everything in between. Now we take a look at some of his favorite moments on the Race and even get some insight for future Racers.

Training Camp Highlights: July 2012 Squads 5/24/2012

This weekend, 170 young adults set foot on Cherokee Retreat Center campgrounds never to be the same. At World Race training camp, strangers become family, personal space is a thing of the past, and cultural eating has a whole new meaning. Inhibitions are released, teams are formed, freedom is discovered.
Check out some highlights from this week!

Featured Racer: Kendall Thompson 5/15/2012

We've heard how Featured Racer, Kendall Thompson, overcame obstacles to get to the World Race, now we hear how she's handled sickness, leadership, and missing her family. She also shares some advice for future Racers. 

[From the Archives]: Thanks, Mom (Happy Mothers' Day)! 5/10/2012

  From the Archives, the World Race takes a moment to celebrate our beloved mothers.
Mama. Madre. Mère. 母亲. 어머니. お母さん. Mamă. Матушка. माता. คุณแม่. Mẹ. Mum. 
As missionaries overseas, we've learned many ways to say, "Mother", but at the end of the day, they translate to the same thing to us...

[From the Archives] God Gives Good Gifts Sometimes (Like Lots of Money) 4/25/2012

When it comes to support-raising for missions, it's one thing to read verses of God's generosity and provision:

-- James 1:17 (The Message): "Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light."
-- Matthew 7:11 (New Living Translation): "So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him."

And it's quite another thing to experience the reality of these truths - the way some of our World Race missionaries did during a layover at the airport in Los Angeles!

New Route Opens for September 2012 4/23/2012

The World Race opens a fourth and final route for September 2012. It's not too late to be a part of the journey.

[Throwback]: Things Our Missionaries Never Knew: a Video Challenge 4/12/2012

At Launch, which is essentially a few more days of training camp (except it's on the field, during the first days of a World Race), World Race teams are given a prompt and challenged to produce a video.  Here are the winners of the September 2010 World Race challenge.

From the Archives: She Was Blind, But Now She Sees Kingdom 3/22/2012

Though my flesh be destroyed yet with my eyes I will see God.
This story from the archives is a different kind of healing story.

From the Archives | International Women's Day: What's the Big Deal? 3/8/2012

Today's the 101st International Woman's Day. Call out the greatness in the women around you and all over the world.
graphic from Kristen Paulick

A Letter of Thanks From A Rwandan Pastor 3/7/2012

They like us, they really like us. And by "they", we mean the missionaries and pastors we work with; here's what one from Rwanda wrote to us.

January 2013 World Race: Routes Published 2/27/2012

At long last, the January 2013 routes are published!

From the Archives: What It Takes To Be A World Racer 2/9/2012

From the archives: five things we're looking for in a World Racer; a seminary degree isn't one of them.

Featured Racer: Eleven Questions with Kyle Dennard 2/1/2012

We asked Kyle Dennard a few questions, like, what should future World Racers pack?
"...there is this nifty contraption called an Alite butterfly chair, I know that it sounds manly. Get one and you will not regret it. I am currently sitting in mine and it's splendid."
We googled it and they call it a Monarch chair, which sounds manlier.
(photo from Kim Labat).

From the Archives: No Refunds for the Girl You're About to Buy 1/26/2012

Nearly two years ago, Caitlin Parker saw some of the faces of young women and girls captured into the sex trade in the Philippines.

From the Field: Preaching, Babies, Door-to-Door, the African Bush (Anything But Boring) 1/24/2012

Preaching for the first time ever, hitting the ground running, learning about God's love while holding a baby, going door-to-door, and doing without plumbing and electricity, praying for healing and seeing it happen.

Just another update from the field on the World Race.

From the Archives: Worship in the Bars 1/12/2012

We're gonna rewind it back a bit and share some stories from the field from the not-too-distant past. The following took place in Thailand, two years ago in April.

Stories from the Field: Mute, Poison and Brokenness 12/28/2011

For many, stories of deaf ears being healed, families being saved from nearly being poisoned, and the brokenness that comes from loving others are few and far between.  To Racers, it's just another week on the field.

On the Eleventh Day of World Race Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me... 12/24/2011

We're counting down to Christmas in World Race fashion. Today's the eleventh and final day of our countdown; so we share not one but two videos!

From the Field: Deaf, Blind and Thankful. Oh my! 12/8/2011

In the past few weeks our World Racers have seen a deaf man healed, cancer diminish, Thanksgiving for street kids, vision restored, and been wrecked. Sounds like ordinary Christian living to us!

Seven Things You Might Have in Common With Our Featured Racer 12/6/2011

Kelly grew up in the Midwest, went to school on the East Coast, worked on the West coast. She's done a little bit of everything: acting/singing, taking care of people with special needs, holistic health practitioner-ing...and now, global missions.

Top 3 Things to Know About the September 2012 Route #3 11/28/2011

Three things you should know about September 2012 Route #3 (bonus: three ways to know how a route will fill up).

Featured Racer: That Leah Malone, She Crazy 11/23/2011

Leah Malone's the one who called us out for being crazy. You know what they say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." And that's exactly what she's doing. She hasn't left yet but we're featuring her anyway -- suppose that's crazy, too.

*photo by Robin Brooks.

Almost There! Alumni Racers Check-in 11/15/2011

Here is one of many encouraging stories from Shaun and Bethany's (our beloved Alumni Racers) adventure around the US visiting WR alumni who are continuing to choose to live great stories months and years after their World Race. 

Show Your Love for 11/11/11 11/10/2011

Opportunities like the WR come around once in a lifetime.  Opportunities like today's come around once every 100 years.  (Which is an "average life" + 21.3 years.)

Stories from the Field: Persecution, Healing and Favor Despite Restriction 11/2/2011

Three stories -- two that took place in Asia, one from Eastern Europe -- that will make you go, "What?  Wait. Really?!" 

That's life on the World Race for you.

These World Race People are CRAZY 10/28/2011

They're ALWAYS either-
a. dancing
 b. laughing or
c. praying.
These people are crazy!

From the Field: Stories of Hope, Healing and Smiles 10/18/2011

Just a few short stories of great things God's done in the past week or so. Such is life on the World Race.

Featured Racer: Ben Eppinger, (Almost) M.D. 10/10/2011

"I know what it [the World Race] did for me and in me," said Ben. "I know where I was in my faith before the Race, butting up against a glass ceiling, not sure how to get to the next step, hungry for [God] to come in a real tangible way."

Ben went on the World Race before he went on to medical school. The budding physician shares how he's mobilized others.

Cliffnotes: Starting the Race from the Stage at Catalyst 10/10/2011

Brandon Boyd had the amazing opportunity to start his World Race from the stage at Catalyst!

World Racer Launching from Catalyst Conference: Be Present 10/6/2011

Yesterday, Brandon Boyd, of the October 2011 B squad, flew from LAX to ATL. From the airport, he headed straight to this year's Catalyst Conference where he spent two hours meeting and greeting folks (did any of you get to meet him?). 

This morning, Brandon takes the stage at Gwinnett Arena before the thousands of future leaders.  He will join the rest of the squad, who begins their Race in Guatemala.

Adventures in Missions Introduces “Social Justice and the Gospel” at Catalyst Conference 9/28/2011

Gainesville, GA, Oct. 5--Adventures in Missions is partnering with this year's Catalyst conference (October 5-7) to unveil a visitor tent highlighting the role of social justice in the gospel story. 

 "Christians often focus on just the Fall and the Redemption -- 'We're sinners and we need Jesus' -- but when we leave out the messages of Creation and Restoration, we're cutting out half of the gospel," said Daniel Homrich, Adventures marketing director. 

The 40-by 80-foot tent will allow conference attendees to journey through four parts of the gospel story -- Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. In their journey, participants will learn about four great social ills: unsafe water, slavery, orphans, and poverty.

Fully Funded in 16 Weeks: All Things Are Possible With God 9/22/2011

God's inviting you:

Come away with me, come away with me
It's never too late, it's not too late
It's not too late for you
I have a plan for you, I have a plan for you
It's gonna be wild, it's gonna be great, it's gonna be full of me.
Jesus Culture
All things are possible: like being fully-funded for the World Race in four months.

The Awakening 2011: Day 2, Evening Session (Twitter-script) 9/21/2011

The following is a gussied-up transcript of the Twitter stream from day 2 (September 16, 2011), evening session of the Awakening.

The Awakening 2011: Day 2, Morning Session 9/16/2011

The Awakening 2011 kicked off last night at Adventures in Missions's base in Gainesville, GA.  Under the tent, 250+ alumni, friends, family and staff gathered for worship led by Jonathan David Helser and teaching from Anthony Chapman.  Recording of Chapman's message is available for download here. Last night's session was also tweeted here; keep track on Twitter with "#awaken11". The following is a rough timeline of this morning's session.

Featured Racer: Jake ":-)" Morris 8/30/2011

Jake Morris of the January 2011 World Race loves Jesus, his family, hockey (like a good Minnesotan ought to), and smiling (like Buddy the Elf). And he's our most recent Featured Racer.

Top 5 Reasons to Go on The World Race in January 2012 8/25/2011

Perk #2 for going on the January 2012 World Race? Training in photography, cinematography & writing from professionals!

Nacho: I need professional help... I must learn their ways.
Esqueleto: But they are pros. They only hang out with each other.
Nacho: Then we must go pro!
Esqueleto: But going pro's not that easy. It's political, obviously.
- Jared Hess, Nacho Libre
It's not political! These pros believe in you & your stories.

[Much thanks to deviantmonk, from whom the quote]

Field Update: World Race Participants in Peru Are Safe 8/24/2011

At approximately 12:46 pm local time, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the northern region of Peru, where World Race teams are currently located. The earthquake occurred 90 miles underground and there were no reports of damage or injuries. 

God Heals in Mozambique: A Testimony 8/22/2011

"We asked God to touch her body and prayed that He would be glorified in it. He totally healed her. She started jumping and dancing around and hurried back to her village to tell them what God had just done." - Jake Morris, January 2011 U squad leader

Discover Your Passion for Free 8/9/2011

We've got an e-book we'd like to give you just for considering going on the Race (by creating a profile). If you end up filling out an application and decide to go, that's a nice bonus. 

The World Race is quite an amazing experience, but what follows after you finish?
You begin another incredible one. Kingdom Dreams wants to help get you started.

For the First Time: The World Race Launches in the U.S. (An Inside Look) 8/5/2011

The first stateside launch of the World Race for the August 2011 Y squad; here's a rare, inside scoop on what happened...

(The World) Race Around the U.S. 8/3/2011

If you went on the World Race hoping the wanderlust would go away... it's okay. We want to send one of our alumni on a Race Around the U.S. for 11 weeks to collect stories along the way. 

The World Race July 2012: Decide to Change the World 8/1/2011

We've got routes for the World Race July 2012; we've revealed two of them.  And we're throwing the book... the one by Donald Miller, that is.

But ultimately, the choice is yours. Will you decide to change the world?


July 2011 Newsletter: 1,000 Racers in 5.5 Years 7/21/2011

  • Becca Diederich is our 1,000th Racer
  • Where in the World is the World Race?
  • W&X launch from South America & Eastern Europe
  • World Racers featured in the Charleston Daily Mail
  • Before & After World Race Stories
  • Dates to Remember

Update: July 2011 W Squad Begins their World Race! 7/15/2011

The 23rd World Race squad -- W -- arrived in Quito, Ecuador Wednesday night, where they're "launching" (in World Race speak, that's additional training). 

Update: July 2011 X Squad Begins their World Race! 7/14/2011

An update on the July 2011 X World Race squad, who's in Romania.

Questions & Answers with the Featured Racer: Daniel Durick 7/6/2011

Though Daniel has been actually been an alumnus of the World Race for little over a month now, we made him our first Featured Racer.  He began the World Race in July 2010 and in addition to being a video guru, he served as a logistics leader for his squad. Check out his blog for updates on the next season of his life!  In this post, we asked him a few questions about his World Race experience.

Training Camp: September & October 2011 World Race (and Real Life: Immersion, Too!) 7/5/2011

We're at it again, 150+ young adults are getting wrecked in preparation for their global missions pilgrimage; here are a few photos of their first few days of training camp.

June 2011 Newsletter Redux: Remix/Refresh 7/1/2011



The World Race is about transformation. Take a look. 

Twenty-five Thousand Miles in Eleven Months 6/14/2011

From A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller:

If Steve was right about a good story being a condensed version of life - that is, if story is just life without the meaningless scenes - I wondered if life could be lived more like a good story in the first place. I wondered whether a person could plan a story for his life and live it intentionally.

Here's our review of the author's own adventure in planning his own story and living it it intentionally.

Highlights from World Race Training Camp for July & August 2011 6/10/2011

The July & August 2011 World Racers have been back from training camp for over a week; here's a very small sample -- lists, photos, videos, and a blunt blog post written while sitting on the floor of a Chicago during a 5-hour layover -- of some of their reflections. (They shared a few thoughts during training camp here & here)

(photo from Stephanie Bernotas, July 2011 W Squad)

World Race Training Camp for July & August 2011 - Part II 6/1/2011

The W, X, Y squads summarize training camp in six words and complete the sentence, "Before training camp, I didn't know..."

World Race Training Camp for July & August 2011 - Part I 5/27/2011

The W, X, Y squads set foot in Tennessee for training camp on May 21 and will depart this Sunday, May 29th. So much has happened, it'll take more than one post to share. Here we'll post some photos and a few thoughts on training camp from our upcoming Racers.

When Raising the Dead is a Bad Thing 5/26/2011

You may know that we at Adventures in Missions (yep, the World Race is just a part of a greater ministry) believe this happens today as it did when Jesus lived here on earth. And perhaps it's no secret that we want to cultivate the kind of faith that will see him through on these words, yes, even the "raise the dead" part. 

Joel Dutton, one of our missionaries on the January 2011 V squad, offers a perspective that makes us realize that perhaps not all resurrections are created equal.

What to Pack and Other Advice from Our Newest Alumni 5/24/2011

Two of our newest alumni offer their advice to future World Racers: what to bring, what not to bring, what to do...

May 2011 Newsletter: Back Home, We're Relevant, and Go 5/18/2011

This month:

O Squad's Home | Relevant article by World Racer | So I Go: A Video | Where Are the World Racers? | Coming Soon: Upcoming Routes, Training Camp, The Awakening | From the Field: Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden

Is Your Life Too Small? (A Video) 4/28/2011

The spoken word is about the transition through the normal mundane tension of life, and passing through that gateway by making a choice to go. Go to the nations. To respond to the whisper, the rumor that there is more something else. The World Race can be an option to facilitate the "go" in someone's life.

Michael Perez: Like Abba, Like Son 4/26/2011

We're about to release our new video this thursday, April 28th; in it, we feature the spoken word stylings of slam poet, Michael Perez.  The following is a closer look at the artist - a bit about his life and his passions. 

This Thursday will be the premiere and we'll give you the link so be ready to spread the word about our video!

Sometimes Resurrection Takes Awhile 4/24/2011

On Good Friday, we remember his death. We consider how he not only bid us to follow him and die, but that he followed the Father's will and laid down his life for us. Today, we celebrate Easter, his resurrection; we rejoice that we share in his risen life, too. We live in victory, over sin, over death, and everything in between.

March/April 2011: Throwbacks, Goodbyes that Suck, and Looking Forward 4/20/2011

We offer a throwback to childhood days; where the World Race is currently; a sneak peek at an article by a World Racer to be published in Relevant magazine; a heads-up on where to find our soon-to-be released video; a story from the human-trafficking squad; and a challenge as to how you envision 2012.

Remember the Story: The Awakening 2011 3/30/2011

Coming soon: the Awakening 2011.  This year, we're going to remember the story.  We'll fill you in on the logistics and refresh your memory.

In Honor of St. Patrick's Day: A Look at Ministry on the Emerald Isle 3/17/2011

There's more to being Irish than donning green, painting a shamrock on your face and downing a pint.  In August, the June 2010 World Race squad, spent the month ministering all over Ireland -- probably in a manner befitting the patron saint of Ireland.

International Women's Day: What's the Big Deal? 3/8/2011

Women all over the world should matter to us because they matter to God.

Every girl - if given the chance - will grow up to become women.  The question is what kind of women are we raising up?

What will you do empower the girls & women in your life and in the world?

Pick Up The Torch: Uganda 3/4/2011

Under the hands of past rulers and present rebels, missionaries became martyrs and children became soldiers in Uganda.  We're calling our generation to pick up the torch throughout the world -- the way three twenty-somethings did in 2003 -- starting August 2011 on the World Race.

Kingdom Dreams: God Shares His Dreams With You and Wants You To Make Them Come True 3/2/2011

God's shown you his heart for the world (maybe through a missions experience like The World Race). He's given you gifts, passion, and vision; he's placed his dream inside you.

You're not sure how to make it happen.  Kingdom Dreams is a new ministry from Adventures in Missions that wants to make your dream a reality.  We

(You don't have to have been a participant of the World Race or any of Adventures in Missions, by the way.)

February 2011: Running Through the Fire, Living in the Jungle, Victory in the Rainforest, Falling Down a Thousand Hills 2/25/2011

This month's newsletter features stories of our missionaries at their heroic, klutzy, honest, nearly delirious, and lovingly compassionate best -- from the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, the Philippines, Malaysia and Ecuador.

Pick Up The Torch: Romania 2/24/2011

There's more to Romania than just Dracula (yes, Transylvania is a real place) and Nadia Comăneci.

Once upon a time, for half of the 20th century (when our parents were growing up), the church was forced to hide underground in Eastern Europe. Bibles had to be smuggled in. Christians were persecuted yet the church grew.

The Wurmbrands and others carried the torch in Romania; will you pick it up?

Pick Up The Torch: China 2/17/2011

Just imagine what your life would be like if you...
  * were to go all out and held nothing back
  * were to listen for His voice and press fully into his call
  * if you were to go on the World Race

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

Around the World Race: Missions & Life in (South)(East) Asia 2/8/2011

A glance at ministry and life on the mission field - Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam.

Videos from the Mission Field: January 2011 World Race Launch 2/4/2011

At the beginning of their 11 month missions journey, our missionaries answered the questions/completed the sentence, "What is it like?", "Things I never knew," and "Why Are You Here?" with videos.

One Month Done, Only Ten More Left 2/2/2011

The January 2011 World Race is winding down their first month!  Find out where they're headed!

January 2011 World Race Newsletter | Healed, Saved and Transformed 1/20/2011

All over the mission field, God is at work!  This month's newsletter is just a small sample of what God's been doing, like:

  • healing the hurting
  • bringing salvation
  • transforming the missionaries themselves
Keep reading!  We tell you where our current Racers are and where you could be in upcoming World Racers.  At the end, we've got a few videos of:

  • a baptism in Africa
  • some hands-on ministry in Africa
  • a travel day to Asia

We Remember Haiti 1/12/2011

One year after the earthquake in Haiti - we've made some progress.  The work is still unfinished.  One of our alumna, Steph Tyrna, remembers the people and the stories from her time in Haiti.  If you've served in Haiti, share your stories and memories.

(photo from Patti Gibbons)

Human Trafficking, Watch Out, Our Missionaries Are Onto You 1/11/2011

Today's Human Trafficking Awareness Day.   On Saturday, one squad will spend four months getting up close and personal with this injustice in Cambodia, Thailand, India and the U.S.  Read about two of our Racers' motivations and focus during this trip.

I think all a man has to do is think about his wife, or his daughter, [his sister,] or his niece being trafficked and that should be enough to want to get involved, to end the atrocity...
- Jason Mendenhall  

The World Race Turns Five: Anniversary of Our First Mission Trip Around the World 1/8/2011

Ashley Musick is a staff member of Adventures in Missions and was a part of the very first World Race team five years ago. This week, the World Race turns five, celebrating half a decade of ministry and life change around the world. She writes:
5 years ago a rag-tag group of crazy Christians met in Matamoros, Mexico to leave on this new thing called the World Race. We were quite literally racing around the world to tell people about Jesus. The life I live now is a direct result of showing up in Mexico that cold Saturday, five years ago.

Before a Missionary Expedition: A Wild Faith Pursuit 1/4/2011

Last summer we sent a group of college-age young adults on an expedition through East Africa through our Real Life program.  Angie Tibbo shared the amazing ministry that took place before they even got on the plane to Africa.

How Our Missionaries Spent Christmas Around the World (Race) 12/29/2010

It's been nearly one year since we left all of the comforts of home back in Hawaii. It seems getting out of our comfort zone is exactly what God had called us to.  Now this Christmas it's time to stop and rejoice in the gifts all around us, simple things like family, friends, health, hot showers, toilet paper, electricity, food in our stomachs, clean drinking water that comes straight from the tap, dry shelter, and washers/dryers.
The greatest gift of all has been the opportunity to share God's love around the world and learn so much from so many different cultures...

- Brian & Beth Woods, World Race Alumni (January 2010, N Squad)

Ministry with Prostitutes: an Interview with Kimberly Daniels 12/28/2010

Kimberly Daniels went on a life-altering journey last year, a pilgrimage of sorts to over 11 different countries in the course of 11-months.  It was a mission trip that has that intention of creating radically committed Christ followers who go change the world.  I had the chance to sit down with Kim and ask her about her time in Bangkok, Thailand where she did outreach to prostitutes in one of the most prominent places for sex tourism: the Nana Entertainment Plaza.

Spend Next Christmas in the Mission Field: Mozambique 12/22/2010

Have you found it hard to get into "the Christmas spirit" this year? Maybe you're not even sure what that is, exactly.

Something inside you questions how "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" and "folks dressed up like Eskimos" has anything to do with the birth of a baby born in the Middle East a couple thousand years ago. You have a hunch there was more sand than snow; and in your mind's eye, you're inclined to replace reindeer with camels and sheep.
The July 2010 World Race ("P") Squad spending this Christmas in Mozambique; next year, the September 2011 World Race Squad(s) will also be there. It took the P Squad thirty or so hours to get from Malawi to Mozambique -- how long do you suppose it took for Joseph to get himself and (a very pregnant) Mary over to Bethlehem (probably by donkey)?

WR Newsletter | Life as a Missionary: Weight Loss, Revival, Thirst, Light & Heartbreak 12/17/2010

In this newsletter:

  • Thoughts from Our Staff -- The World Race & The Biggest Loser | Ashley Musick
  • Upcoming Trips -- Christmas in Kenya, Cambodia... | Real Life Immersion | College Break Trips
  • Stories from the Field -- All Night Revival in Nicaragua, Thirsty Souls in Southeast Asia, Dangerous Ministry in Central America, Heartbreak in Africa
  • Videos -- Quality Male Bonding in Eastern Europe & Southeast Asia

Spend Next Christmas in the Mission Field: Cambodia 12/15/2010

What if you applied for the World Race for August 2011
What if you got accepted? 
What if you went and spent that Christmas in... Cambodia?

Imagine spending Christmas in a way unlike you're used to...

Spend Next Christmas in the Mission Field: Kenya 12/8/2010

Despite being far, far away from home and all the trappings of this holiday season, I feel like I'm even closer to the true spirit of Christmas and just what life was like for Jesus.  As I walk through the bush, the desert, avoiding the mini-thorn bushes, I wince as I imagine these same thorns (which twice have pierced through the soles of my flip-flops to my toe) pressed into Jesus's head. . . 

I see a well, which looks pretty much like a deep ditch with water, and it's midday and I can almost see Jesus asking the Samaritan woman for a drink. . .  

Staring out at the starry sky, the stars brighter than I've ever seen, I can imagine myself as one of the magi or shepherds who saw the star that led them to Christ.  I can almost see the camels they took.  I can almost smell the manger. . .
- from my blog, December 2008

Twice in a Lifetime Opportunity 12/3/2010

The World Race isn't a one-hit wonder, it's a debut into furthering God's kingdom.  Several alumni, like Steph Tyrna, get the chance to return to the field they first worked in.

A World Race Manifesto? 12/1/2010

If the World Race was a college/university, what would be the rallying cry?  And what's the deal with the number eleven?

When the World's Brokenness Breaks You 11/18/2010

Most if not all World Racers reach a kind of breaking point. July 2010 World Racer Stacey Hume got there in Malawi this month, where she met an eight year old girl with a hole in her throat and all Stacey had to offer her was prayer.

WR Newsletter | The End and the Beginning: The Circle of (the World Race) Life 11/17/2010

November's newsletter features:

- upcoming trips
- the feature story
- stories from the field
- videos

Desperation in Africa: A Hole in Her Throat 11/14/2010

This week, a group of World Racers find themselves in Malawi. Stacey Hume shares the following story from her blog, explaining the needs of the people she's met:
"I knew that Africa would be different.  I knew from the bus ride,  the dusty landscape,  and the few people I had met, that this place would change me. Three days in, and it has already come true."

Becoming and Being the Change: Jacob Hoyer, World Race Alumnus Turned Staff 11/10/2010

In 11 countries in 11 months, World Racers not only change the world but are changed through the journey.  Even after the Race, World Racers continue to transform and be transformed; Jacob Hoyer is one example.

(photo by Nathan Salley)

Portraits of World Racers at the Awakening: Weston B. (part II) 11/5/2010

The final half of the our Awakening portrait of Weston Belkot, which picks up from after being selected as squad leader.

Portraits of World Racers at the Awakening: Weston B. (part I) 11/4/2010

Throughout the Awakening, we interviewed several Racers, each at different points of the journey.  Weston Belkot, of the newest class of World Race alumni (October 2009), is the first of these profiles.  This is the first of two posts.
(photo from Haley Smith, via Facebook)

WR Newsletter | Changing Stories, Raising the Dead, Knowing is Half the Battle 10/27/2010

Samantha Moor of the July 2010 World Race attended a Romanian funeral this month:

I have never seen a dead body before. In America, we don't interact with death like they do in other countries. The dinning room was cleared and in the center of this cold cramped Romanian row house lay the body of a slight elderly woman. She was adorned with a headscarf and scraps of beautiful fabric; flowers lay at her feet and a picture of Jesus lay across her folded arms. I was surprised to find I was not scared.

Read more of how Sam and her teammate comforted a grieving family in this month's newsletter as well as other Racers' stories of bringing life in the midst of loss.  Also in the newsletter:
- Thoughts from World Race Director, Michael Hindes
- Upcoming World Races
- Feature Story: Sold for $60 (Telling the Story Changes the Story)
- Featured Videos

Sold for $60 (Telling the Story Can Change the Story) 10/14/2010

It is possible to make a difference, and you don't have to be a hero to be a hero. Thank you, Sarah Hastings, for your tender heart, and for your relentless compassion that led you to taking matters into your own hands and extending the reach of God even farther.
- Marisa (Banas) Rodriguez.
Two years after she met Michael Angelo, who was sold for $60 as a sex slave, Marisa tells us how a family she's never met intervened in Michael Angelo's life.

New Old-Fashioned Evangelism 10/6/2010

"Fast-forward to our last day of ministry in Tanzania after an entire month of doing nothing but door-to-door evangelism and preaching. I stood in front of the church prepared to share a message and as I looked out at the crowd, I found myself speechless. My words got stuck in my throat like a ten-car pile-up and all that escaped my mouth was a high-pitched squeak. Tears began to run down my face as I stood in front of the whole congregation while God spoke to me quietly in my heart.

He said, 'This is why you do door to door. This is why you do it my way.' The view from the front of the church was what had caught me so off-guard. I looked out into the congregation and saw the fruits of our labor... the church was full of people that we had come to know and poured into that month."

The October 2010 World Race Has Begun! 10/4/2010

We've launched the last squad of the year in Guatemala.  Here's how you can pray for them:

WR Newsletter | Being a Missionary, Sludge and Hugs 9/29/2010

Tiffany Berkowitz, one of the squad leaders of the September 2010 World Race, reflects on what is and isn't normal in the World Race lifestyle.  You'll also find in this month's newsletter:

•    Thoughts from Our Director
•    Upcoming Trips
•    Stories from the Field

The World Race is on TV! 9/28/2010

Upcoming World Racer Philip Cron got to share his story and tell the world about the World Race.

Prayer Request: Malaria Must Go 9/16/2010

Several World Racers have contracted malaria along the way; join us in praying for Trevor Curington, who's being treated for the severest form of malaria and is recovering from surgery.

When the World Met Salley - A Missions Story 9/15/2010

Nathan Salley has a sharp sense of humor, takes amazing photographs, writes with honesty and is not your ordinary missionary.  He's one of three newly-minted squad leaders of the June 2010 World Race.  Read on for more of his story. . .

(photo from Jessica Sims, found on Facebook.)

Still Running the Race: Life After Global Missions 9/10/2010

Wonder what World Racers are up to after they've finished?  Here's what's happening among some of the August 2009 World Race alumni.

The Awakening: Not Your Ordinary Missions Conference 9/9/2010

Leisa Schlichting, January 2010 (M-Squad) World Racer, had a few expectations for the Awakening, she asked God to show her who she is and knock out her insecurities:
"[The Awakening] isn't an accident ... God was just building me up for it and it's been pretty sweet. From day one, [God's] just showing me that who I am has already been established and I need to quit worrying about it and that God is already in me and it's just things that as a Christian you'd think, 'Of course, you know, of course, as a missionary on the field, you know these things,' but it's just been literally knocking out voices that I've been listening to, that I had let this settle so long that I didn't realize they weren't of God.  Just knocking those voices out and letting I AM speak to [who] I am."

Those who attended the Awakening - Erin Winget and Alex Cole, for example - agree that this "conference" lived up to its name.

Injured in Thailand, Healed in Ireland 9/2/2010

On the field, World Racers pray for healing.  At the Awakening, one World Racer gets healed.

WR Newsletter | Human Trafficking, Beauty, and Love 9/1/2010

:: August 2010 :: Newsletter :: 

11 countries in 11 months; One update

Great Expectations on the Mission Field 8/11/2010

The hand of the LORD was upon me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the LORD and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones.  He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry. He asked me, "Son of man, can these bones live?" I said, "O Sovereign LORD, you alone know."
- Ezekiel 37:1-3

Great needs require a great God to meet them; this is how a couple of World Racers dealt with and brought them before Him.

Missions is Risky but Still Worth It 7/29/2010

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed;
perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not abandoned;
struck down, but not destroyed.

- II Corinthians 4:8-9 (NIV)
In the course of some World Races, our participants relate with this passage of Scripture on a deeper level.

WR Newsletter | Race Routes, Miracles, and Testimonies 7/28/2010

Sarah had read the Scripture about healing the sick, raising the dead, driving out demons - and the whole shot (Matt 10.8). But she never expected to see God work a miracle. So what happened?

You'll have to read the newsletter to find out.
You can also find the following in this month's World Race Newsletter:
  • Word from Seth Barnes
  • Upcoming WR Trips and Events
  • Stories from the Field
  • Videos from the Field

No, The World Race Wasn't a Dream 7/26/2010

Liz Bureman, an alumna of the August 2009 World Race, mused, "I could be wrong. Actually, I have a year's worth of pictures that say I've been somewhere else the past eleven months. But it is weird."
Read on about how a couple of her squadmates are also coping with the first days of life after the World Race.

Once a Missionary, Always a Missionary 7/20/2010

Christie Albaugh's finished the World Race over two years ago, but she's still been on the move.  She' back in the U.S. to begin a new season of her life of radical obedience.

Please Pray and Help 7/15/2010

A World Race team in Tanzania (part of the squad that launched in January 2010) needs your help and prayers. They were robbed earlier this week and are in need of basic items (backpacks, toiletries, clothes, etc.). Everyone is safe and doing well, but they, unfortunately, lost nearly everything they had.
Your one-time donation to our general ministry fund can help meet their immediate needs so that they can continue to minister to those in need around the world.

As the World Race Returns 7/12/2010

When Talia Barnes was on the World Race in 2007-2008, her squad partnered with the Nicaraguan Christian Children's Center, or CICRIN. Located in Ometepe Island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, CICRIN cares for twenty to thirty children at a time. Hellen Vindas, originally from Costa Rica, has been serving as CICRIN's director for twenty years, overseeing the care of these children and the daily operations of the orphanage.

A is for Africa and Awesome 7/9/2010

The January 2010 World Racers are currently in Africa, where God seems so alive and active; it's not that He isn't so in other parts of the world, but there's something about being this particular continent that's open and available to His power and love. 

Yes, You Really Are on the World Race 7/8/2010

Launch: when the anticipation and reality of the World Race collide.
The July 2010 squad has begun their Race in the Dominican Republic.  For one Racer, just getting and staying on the plane was a long uphill battle. . . 

Remember Nhu: Preventing Children From Being Trafficked Into Prostitution 7/5/2010

This month we have been working with an organization called Remember Nhu. This organization is amazing! Instead of taking women out of the sex trafficking industry and trying to restore their lives, they prevent young girls from ever going into this industry. Remember Nhu builds homes all across the world in many different countries and raise young girls to be women of God. They provide shelter, food, education, everything! At this moment they have 7 homes in 5 different countries and are currently building more.

Loving Our Southern Neighbor: Latin America 7/2/2010

South America is also a land of promise and potential.  Simon Romero of The New York Times reported on the recent economic growth the region is currently experiencing.  The World Race has reached parts of the continent but not quite as often as other parts of the globe.  We believe, however, that the Lord wants us to ask for more of our inheritance in Latin America.

Wake up & Smell the Irish Coffee: Last Day to Register for Free 7/1/2010

After today, July 1, it will cost $25 to register for the 2nd Annual World Race Awakening. So all alumni and friends and family thereof - quickly let us know that you plan to attend by registering and book your tickets to the Emerald Isle ASAP!

WR Newsletter | prison outreach, injustice, & the awakening 6/30/2010

:: June 2010 :: Newsletter :: 

 11 countries in 11 months; One update

The Learning Curve: A Guide for World Race Rookies 6/25/2010

Thankfully, the World Race isn't some crash course on missions graded on a pass/fail basis. As a World Race alumna, I want the freshmen Racers to get ahead of the learning curve -- here are a few "cheat sheets".

Some Other Beginning's End: (P)re-Entry Reflections 6/23/2010

Semisonic sings, "Closing time / Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end".  For the August 2009 World Race, it's closing time; see what a couple of them got out of these eleven months.

Clear Your Calendar: Upcoming Missions Trips 6/22/2010

Whether you use Outlook or iCalendar, keep these dates on your radar!

Ecuador: There Are Real Jungles Where Dreams Are Made Of 6/21/2010

Ecuador: home of the Galapagos Islands, the Panama hat, and the setting of the amazing true story of sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption (the martyrdom of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian).  This South American country is unchartered territory for the World Race and is set to be the third (tentatively) stop of one of the January 2011 Race routes.

WR Human Trafficking | Prevention Ministries 6/16/2010

Sometimes the best way to keep a bad thing from happening is to take the necessary steps to prevent it. In the spirit of this mentality, the World Race has partnered with several organizations in Southeast Asia committed to preventing the crimes of human trafficking.

Serials for Breakfast 6/14/2010

Cereal is one of my favorite foods.  I enjoy different kinds - the ones that I'm too old to eat (like Kellogg's Corn Pops or General Mills' Cocoa Puffs), the ones that are real simple (Honey Nut Cheerios, Kix), the gourmet kind (anything that has "clusters" and fruit and nuts) - and I'll eat them as any and/or all of the three meals of the day.

I also enjoy blog posts that are serial, like a sitcom or a special news report.

World Race :: Human Trafficking Edition 6/9/2010

After years of seeing the injustices of human trafficking all over the globe, the World Race has organized a response launching in January 2011

Come to the Awakening in Ireland This August 6/8/2010

Many of you have already heard of The Awakening, a yearly worship conference for World Racers on the field. Anyone on the World Race will be going to this year's conference in Ireland in August. But here's what you may not have realized... you're invited. 

That's right. This year, we've opened up the conference to anyone interested in attending. (The only exceptions are friends and family of current participants, as we want to preserve the discipleship process of the Race with little distraction.)

Remind Me Why I Fell In Love 6/7/2010

I never knew my heart would change so much in five months. Nothing is hardly the same.I continue to desire something more, to know more of a grand King.  I was convinced that my heart was only connected to Africa.
I thought, God, if you can just get me there again - then I will be completely ready for this journey.  Little did I know, God did not only give me a heart for one continent...
He has surely broken my heart for the nations.

WR | Training Camp Report 6/3/2010

Last week, roughly 130 new World Racers descended on a quiet little campground an hour north of Atlanta to initiate their training for a year abroad. Participants came from all over the place whether it was the east coast, west coast, Canada, or even Ireland! And the one thing that they all shared in common was a passionate love for God and a desire to see the nations transformed.

What if You Traveled the World for a Year? 6/1/2010

What if?
What if you had made a decision to leave everything you knew, loved, and were comfortable with for an entire year. What if you let each holiday pass knowing you wouldn't be able to celebrate with your family next year? Can you imagine not being held, hugged, or touched or kissed on the head by your parents, family, or best friends for year?

WR Newsletter | healing, free trips, and the kingdom of heaven 5/26/2010

:: May 2010 :: Newsletter :: 

11 countries in 11 months; One update

A World Racer Makes the News 5/24/2010

This is a first. I'm blogging about money. My money. It's not my favorite subject but here goes. 

I give away a lot of money every year, at least it's a lot to me. It may be more than some, less than many others, but just the right amount for me. I'm fine, even happy, with what I give away because I never do it while being pressured or coerced. I give it willingly because I feel blessed and want to help others. I'm also comfortable giving it because I know, and completely believe in, those I'm giving to. It's not only charity for me, it's an investment. I'm not going to go into details about the benefactors of my meager gifts but I do want to share one with all of you. I met him a couple of years ago and he works with me at Channel 9.

All About The Philippines: Once a Spanish and US Colony 5/21/2010

The Philippines is a string of islands full of wonder and beauty and is another stop on the September 2010 World Race.  Whether you are helping at the Filipino dump, or loving on children in an orphanage, the people of this country will quickly befriend you and capture your heart.  Be sure to try some local delicacies while you're there, like fried pigs blood or a balut.

Facts on Uganda: The Source of the Nile River 5/18/2010

Uganda has a harsh past marked with cruel dictatorships and destructive disunity.  Most recently the Lord's Resistance Army has brought Uganda to the attention of human rights groups.  Uganda is working towards recovery and unity but as a country is waiting for the peace of God to fall.

Facts About Romania: Home to Dracula and the Gypsies 5/17/2010

Romania is best known for Transylvania, home to the revered Dracula.  On this stop of the September 2010 World Race, you may get see his inpenetrable fortress or live the life of a gypsy.  Whatever happens, the people and this country is sure to captivate you!

Discovering the Kingdom of Heaven 5/14/2010

At 8:00 a.m. my team hopped into a van and made our way to a government housing relocation center. We spent the morning doing house visits, and before I knew it I was helping a family cut loose threads off black pants. The pants come from a nearby factory, and the family gets $1 for every 100 pants. On an average day they finish 50 pants; on a good day they finish 100. So their income is fifty cents to a dollar a day. If they cause a hole in the pants they are charged $5, and if they lose a pair of pants they are charged $10.

Facts About Kenya: Home to the Maasai Tribe 5/13/2010

  Kenya is a land full of intrigue, from the unique rituals and jewelery of the Maasai tribe to the majestic animals on the savanna.  Here are a few more facts you may not have known about Kenya.

Win a Free Trip Around the World! 5/12/2010

We're going to send someone on an adventure around the world for a year... Will it be you?
To be eligible you must submit either a written or video blog sharing your story and why you should go on the World Race. Be as creative as possible.
We want to know what you're passionate about. 

Everything You Want to Know about Cambodia: Home to Angkor Wat 5/11/2010

Cambodia is another stop on the September 2010 World Race.  Cambodia is a country that is marked with a dark past full of opression and fear.  God is bringing a new hope to this country that it's people are ready for.

She is Blind, but Now Sees the Kingdom 5/10/2010

Today, the 15 of us girls traveled to a village about an hour away from where we are staying.  We divided into groups and went house to house visiting people.  We arrived at the first house and an older woman was sitting outside.  We gathered around her and asked if we could pray for her.  She was blind and asked us to pray for healing. As we prayed, I knelt down beside her and looked into her eyes.  

In that moment, she looked directly into my eyes, and I knew that God was going to heal her.  I began to weep because I knew that He was about to show up in a big, overwhelming way. 

Thailand: Facts About One of the Top Countries for Sex Trafficking 5/7/2010

Thailand is a stop on the September 2010 World Race.  It is a country full of unique culture and history.  Here are some things you might not have known about Thailand!

Jesus Loves the Little Children and This World Racer 5/6/2010

The other day we went to this children's daycare home for mentally
disabled kids. I was helping out in the craft room. The kids were doing a sewing craft. The teacher asked me to teach the girl next to me how to sew a button. She gave me this small square of purple fabric and a few buttons the two of us could choose from. So we started sewing buttons.

Nepal: Facts about the Country that is Home to Mt. Everest 5/5/2010

Nepal is home to the largest mountain in world Mount Everest, and the second stop on the September World Race. Continue reading more facts about Nepal...

India 101: Facts about September 2010 World Race's First Stop 5/4/2010

India is the first stop of the September 2010 World Race.  Check out these facts about Indian culture, religion, and the country.

September 2010 World Race Route 5/2/2010

September 2010 World Race Route
Interested in joining the World Race?  APPLY HERE!

The World Race April 2010 Newsletter 4/28/2010

:: April 2010 :: Newsletter :: 

11 countries in 11 months; One update

January 2011 World Race Route 2 4/28/2010

January 2011 World Race Route #2 
Interested in joining the World Race? APPLY HERE!
>> watch the World Race promotional video << 

Racers Walk Across the Country of Togo 4/26/2010

We walked for almost ten hours and 32 miles.  I started the day with an awful attitude.  My loving wife talked to me and asked me to be in a better mood, then prayed for me to have a great day.  As we began to walk things were still not amazing in my heart.  I listened to some Jake Hamilton and my attitude got much better as I focused on the reason I was walking.

Seeing God in a New Way: A Video 4/23/2010

Before I left and at training camp, I saw God in a very different way spiritually and I was really questioning Him and the people around me on the authenticity of it all. What God whispered into my ear was that my conceptions of Him aren't Him. Sure they may contain a portion of who He is, but He is so much more. Then He asked me, what if my comfortable idea of Him changed, would I allow my mind to be open...truly open to how big God might let me in on His being as I live a life serving and experiencing Him.

World Racers Worship at the Bars 4/22/2010

s the night began, I gazed down the row of familiar bars that we have frequented over the past few weeks. We sat in front of the entrance to the line of bars that make up what is called the Red Light District here in Chiang Mai (one of many). The stretch of neon lights, concrete, dancing women, and lonely men caused my heart to drop. I could barely breathe. It is heavy, and it is hard being there every night.

January 2011 World Race Route 4/20/2010

January 2011 World Race Route
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A Future World Racers Expectations for Life on the Field 4/20/2010

From what I've heard, life on the World Race is anything but predictable.  Still expectations have been created as I prepare to leave.  Here are some things I expect while on the World Race...
To fall in love my 60+ squad mates.
     Brothers and sisters who will push me, challenge me, and teach me even more how to Love like out Father.
Sleep on the floor every night.
     I have yet to purchase my sleeping mat or sleeping bag; this investment will be well worth it.

Gaiw: A Scavenger in the Dump 4/19/2010

Three days ago, I met Gaiw, a 10-year-old scavenger boy, living in a dump community on the outskirts of Phnom Pheh, Cambodia.  After a long day of work, collecting scrap metal in baggies...  Gaiw exchanges his metal for $1.  His days seemed endless to me. He collects scrap metal, to survive?

Alumnus Stephanie Pridgen Visits the Epicenter of Haitian Earthquake 4/16/2010

As we traveled down the road and out of Port-Au-Prince, there was a change from the dusty, dingy streets crowded with people to a lush, verdant landscape running parallel to the sea. Peppered among the amazing scenery provided by nature was another amazing scene, building after building shattered and pancaked.

God Provides Insulin for a Diabetic Through Two Racers 4/12/2010

Brad and I were walking to the bank today when a man walked by and began pleading with us in French. Of course, we didn't have a clue what he was saying so we said we're sorry and tried to keep walking. However, he knew English too, and asked us if we could help buy some insulin for him!  At first it was a really odd request, and he kept saying, "I'm not begging for money, I just need help buying insulin... I'm a diabetic and I need insulin really soon!"

Alumni Neil Bruinsma Saves a Broken Leg 4/9/2010

 We had just pulled into the carepoint in Thulwani. The kids gathered around the big tree to welcome our arrival.  I noticed a boy sitting on a concrete slab all by himself.   His leg looked bandaged up.  I immediately went over to him and with the help of our translator I ask what was wrong.   Apparently three days ago he had fallen off the back of a motorcycle and was dragged some how.   I could see the blood oozing through his bandage while flies buzzed busily around it. 

Racers Discover Freedom Through Prophetic Worship 4/7/2010

Last week, my entire squad was on a rooftop in Ghana, Africa. We tapped into what we have called prophetic worship. There were three of us playing djembes, and two people on guitar. We were not playing any songs that were written by other people, instead we were playing from the heart.

Racer Experiences God's Love Through a Six-Year Old Boy 4/6/2010

The first time I met Arvin was on the street in front of the YMC building wherethe majority of the squad has been staying this month. Moments before meeting Arvin, I had been having a conversation about the Lord's affection for his children. 

I asked myself, "How does the Lord show me He loves me?" "What would it feel like to receive a hug from God? Is that even possible?" 

 The answers to my questions came much quicker than I had intended and in quite unexpected ways. 

 Arvin came running up... and when he runs – he runs. Nothing was going to stop him... he was on a mission. He jumped into my arms and embraced me. HE DIDN'T LET GO FOR at least 15 minutes. No, I'm not kidding.

You'll Never Guess What This Future Racer Found 4/6/2010

Somewhere on the path to this race I have been noticing changes within me.  Things are drastically being recalled from my heart and reissued in a new way.  It is strange to watch, because I almost feel like a voyeur in my own life. It is as if I am a witness to these events and do not feel like a part of them.

World Racers find a 12-Year Old Girl, Abandoned, Blind, & Malnourished 4/1/2010

The precious angel sitting on my dear friend's lap is Sara (her name has been changed to protect her). She is 12. Over a year ago her father left her mother for another woman. Her mother then found a job working in the home of a woman living far enough away that she stayed at the woman's house instead of commuting. Sara's younger siblings went to live with her father and step-mother, but not Sara.

WR Location Feature: Guatemala 3/30/2010

When going on the World Race, it's important to learn about the countries you're potentially traveling to. Having an understanding of the history and tidbits about the culture helps in relating to the people you will meet. There are numerous times while on the field, you will speak with locals who will refer to a particular situation in their country, whether it be past or present. This some information on Guatemala.

God Gives Us Our Desires in His Timing 3/29/2010

He has shown me over the last few weeks in the Philippines that He will answer the desires and dreams of His children's hearts but it will be in His time and for His glory.   

When I was in high school, I had a passion for fashion design.   I dreamed and sketched my latest apparel designs daily. I went to college with every intention of spending my life in that industry.  If you told me ten years ago I would be doing anything but that... I would have laughed.

All my desires of one day owning a clothing boutique were prideful. I had many selfish plans in store and the Lord was very far from them.  After surrendering these dreams years ago, I invited the Lord to guide my path... He recently reignited my passion for fashion design and allowed me to use it for His glory.

This Week - Learning Love :: Addicted to Glue :: Hope in Haiti 3/26/2010

Life on the World Race is extremely fast-paced. From the perspective of someone not immersed in the experience, it can be so fast that it's difficult to stay up-to-date on what's happening. So, to help you, we've highlighted some interesting events that have happened recently. 

 This week on the World Race...

WR Location Feature: Bolivia 3/25/2010

When going on the World Race, it's important to learn about the countries you're potentially traveling to. Having an understanding of the history and tidbits about the culture helps in relating to the people you will meet. There are numerous times while on the field, you will speak with locals who will refer to a particular situation in their country, whether it be past or present. This some information on Bolivia.

The World Race: March 2010 Newsletter 3/24/2010

The World Race: March 2010 Newsletter 

Wonder what's been happening in and through the World Race this past month? Check out our latest newsletter. Here's what you can expect:
Word from Seth Barnes - Why You Should Go on the World Race 
Information on How to Get YOU to Haiti
Upcoming World Race Trips 
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field

What Do You Do to Help All the Orphans? 3/23/2010

One day while I was in church a young muslim boy (about 4 years of age) came in and leaned against the wall of the church. Every time I would look over he would smile and quickly look down to the floor. After some time he got the courage to come sit with our team. We learned his name is Shebi

The next couple of days the cycle would continue of earning his trust.Last night we went to the church to teach English classes. Shebi showed up. I was helping Jodi teach the youth while Shebi and his friend kept coming up to me pulling on me and trying to get me to play with or hold them. I held strong, trying to focus on the ministry and just sitting the boys back in chairs.

Love Don't Come Easy 3/22/2010

"So, what's the World Race?"[the short answer] 
"It's an eleven month long missions trip to eleven countries." 
"Wow. So, what did you do?" 
. . . 

Such is the typical beginning of a conversation about the World Race. I personally have a hard time with such simple questions; it takes such effort to limit my response to something similar to the above model. To those looking in from the outside, the World Race seems like a Christian knock-off of the Amazing Race. A global volunteer/charitable tour.

WR Location Feature: Peru 3/19/2010

When going on the World Race, it's important to learn about the countries you're potentially traveling to. Having an understanding of the history and tidbits about the culture helps in relating to the people you will meet. There are numerous times while on the field, you will speak with locals who will refer to a particular situation in their country, whether it be past or present. This some information on Peru.

No Refunds for the Girl You are about to Purchase 3/16/2010

Anger welled up inside of me as I read the words on the wall written in big bold capital letters. "NO REFUND". The words hit me like I had been punched in the stomach, leaving a sick nauseous feeling. It was the first thing I saw as I entered the massage parlor. The next thing my eyes met were ten beautiful smiling faces of the women who worked there. They were sitting in what can only be described as a pin or corral in front of a large mirror that spanned the wall behind them. We walked in and almost instantly had ten new friends. We sat for the next half hour or so talking, laughing, sharing, just being. We talked about the things we liked and enjoyed, our dreams, hopes, and desires. We learned names and asked about where they were from, as most of the girls were trafficked here from somewhere else in the country. 

Spiritual Sons Becoming Spiritual Fathers 3/15/2010

Everyday, our team goes to an orphanage and plays with the children. . . However, everyday our hearts seem to break. Since the first day, some of the children have asked, "When is my mommy and daddy coming to get me?" And "Are you going to come back and get me after you go home?" 

 How do you respond to that? My eyes seem to water each time one asks this.

This Week on the World Race... 3/12/2010

Life on the World Race is extremely fast paced and often its so fast it can be difficult to keep up. So, to help you, we've highlighted some interesting things in our circle around the world... 

This Week on the World Race...

Matt Encounters a Convict and His Heart Becomes Restless 3/11/2010

"I'm not from Nashville. I'm from Columbia. There's a correctional facility around there and, well, I got out about a month ago."

He fit the profile. He was in worn clothes, a bright red jacket, dirty white shoes, and hadn't shaved for weeks. His mustache curled precariously over his upper lip and glasses sat as an ornament on the ridge of his nose. There wasn't much else to do standing in the remnants of the rain shower we just had fall on us, so I decided to strike up a conversation with James.

Ministering to Byron Bay with Children's Sidewalk Chalk 3/10/2010

There were no erasers or boards, but there was chalk.

And chalk was the word God gave me. Before leaving the US. 
I thought it was going to turn into a creative fundraising event idea-but things never quite panned out.  I didn't know if I should give up on the idea or just allow God to evolve my understanding of His word "chalk". 

As ministry in Australia neared, chalk came up again, and I saw it everywhere the first week we were there. But what to do with this chalk? 

As I prayed, God put a verse about grass and flowers dying into my head for the hippie fickle town of Byron Bay. It was Isaiah 40. It went like this...

Congratulations to February's Blogger of the Month! 3/7/2010

February was month two in the experimental "Blogger of the Month" contest.   Racers compete good naturedly against one another for the title and are chosen for frequency in blogging, interesting content, blog layout and story telling style. This month's Blogger of the Month was voted on by World Race alum judges.

Intercession Team Member Recaps Her Time in Haiti 3/5/2010

From the first day I got there to the minute I was getting in the car to leave, parents were coming up to me and HANDING me their kids. Not just to hold and to love – but to take. I didn't say anything. I didn't do anything. I was just there. Loving. Being Jesus to them. In the midst of it all, children were being given to me to take care of. Not only temporarily while I was in Haiti, but to bring home.

WR Location Feature: China 3/4/2010

When going on the World Race, it's important to learn about the countries you're potentially traveling to. Having an understanding of the history and tidbits about the culture helps in relating to the people you will meet. There are numerous times while on the field, you will speak with locals who will refer to a particular situation in their country, whether it be past or present. Sara Choe (October 2008) sheds some light on the country of China for us.

In the Name of Jesus, Breathe! Part II 3/3/2010

Feb. 26 A couple of hours after the accident, Matt and Dan went back to the Jinja Public Hospital to check on Trevor. Trevor had been admitted and his mother, Sarah, and close family friend, Nathan, were visiting. Matt and Dan talked to Sarah and Nathan and found out that the family is Christian and Nathan is the family's pastor.  

They told Matt and Dan that Trevor had woken up for a little while, but could not hear or speak. But, the doctor said he was hopeful that Trevor would make a full recovery. 

Although his cuts have been treated, Trevor's forehead is still badly swollen. 

After once again praying for Trevor, Matt and Dan leave.

In the Name of Jesus, Breathe! 3/2/2010

They met for the first time in the Atlanta, Georgia airport back in May 2009. Matt Patch, Austin Anglea and Dan Snyder: instant brothers with much in common. After training camp the three of them had dreams and visions of the Lord using them together. Even though they'd talked about it with each other, none really knew what it could possibly look like. 

In November 2009, Matt, Dan and Austin were baptized together in the Jordan River by their brother, Aaron Bruner. As they prepared for the baptisms, they reminisced about the dreams and visions the Lord had given them and how He was going to use the three of them in His Kingdom to do huge things (read Aaron's blog about it here).

July 2010 World Race Route Revealed 3/1/2010

July 2010 World Race Route Revealed

The World Race: February 2010 Newsletter 2/24/2010

:: February 2010 :: Newsletter :: 

 11 countries in 11 months; One update

World Race Exposure Trip 2/24/2010

World Race Exposure is your chance to get involved with the World Race for a month this coming summer. The idea behind this new Real Life program is to submerge you in the lifestyle of a World Racer. 

For one month, you will meet up with one of the World Race teams on the field and live life with them. You'll do what the team does, go where the team goes, and live like they live. This isn't for the lighthearted though. World Race Exposure is a month exactly like your average month on the World Race - so it's going to be intense, beyond ordinary, and leave you with a wealth of memories. Plan on traveling light... the less you pack, the less you'll have to carry.

I Apologize for Everything Christians Have Ever Done to You. 2/23/2010

I stood outside on the sidewalk with a sign that said "Want an apology?" A group approached and asked me what I was trying to apologize for. I briefly introduced myself and the World Race and told them that I am a follower of Christ and I wanted to apologize on behalf of how Christians have misrepresented Jesus.
"I'm sorry for how we fought and killed Muslims, Jews, and gypsies in an attempt to take over Israel during the crusades. I'm sorry we cared more about being right than about being loving. I'm sorry for the hate crimes Christians have committed against homosexuals. I'm sorry for how Christians had advocated slavery in the past, justifying it by saying that it was presented during the time of Moses. 

Alumni Part of AIM's First Wave Response in Haiti 2/22/2010

Our ministry was to ease as much of the burden of the young women of this church who've been on their feet in the kitchen most of the day making gallons of soup for distribution to hospital patients and their families and the displaced refugees in the streets. When we weren't in the kitchen or at the hospital or prayer walking through the streets, we became the orphans' playgrounds. 

Chino consistently carried his Creole Bible around as we ministered in the streets. He was talking to the father/husband, Jean-Gabriel, of a family of three, and I just sat and listened with them. Thanks mostly to Raul, who also tried to connect them to a Haitian refugee center, we treated this family to lunch and assembled a small duffel bag of clothes and toiletries. Underneath the uncertainty of what lay ahead for them I saw a gritty, glimmering sense of gratitude that they were alive.

Alumni: Allison Johnston - I Want to Raise the Dead 2/19/2010

Always a great conversation starter; or a conversation end-er.  Never can tell what kind of response I might get. 
Here is the deal:  I really do believe it.  I believe Matthew 10:9 when Jesus says: "raise the dead".  I believe it when Jesus says that if we have faith in Him we will do even greater things. (John 14:12)  I just believe it. 
I haven't seen it happen yet.  I practiced once, but the lady was old and we are pretty sure that she was resting with Jesus and he wanted her to just hang out with him.  But we still gave it a whirl.  

The World Race & Real Life in Texas... 2/18/2010

The World Race and Real Life are going to be in College Station, TX this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (February 19-21) for a weekend conference at LifeChurch.  It'll be a time to come and learn more about the World Race and Real Life, talk with the staff, and more. 

One Hundred Prisoners Gave their Lives to Jesus 2/16/2010

The thoughts going through my mind as we met the inmates - "I'm sitting here under the shade looking at about 100 inmates at a Kenyan prison." "I'm so loved.  They are so loved and I get to be here."

I was looking into their eyes, at their faces and seeing their desperation for truth, for someone to care, someone to pay attention to them and have hope in them. I didn't even feel worthy to be in such an amazing experience. I get to see God open their eyes to see their true identity in Christ, to be forgiven and to see hope in their future.

Alumni: Chris Telfer Gets His Dream 2/12/2010

When you go on the World Race, one of the most commonly discussed questions is How do you realize your dream? What, at the end of your life, must happen for you to die well? For some, it's having a family, for others building an orphanage in Haiti and for still others it means building a business.

What the Process of Breaking Down the Walls in Your Life May Look Like 2/10/2010

Went to visit my little sister this week in DC. And in the process managed to get myself snowed in for the better part of a week. It was actually a welcome respite to be forced to be still. The whole world stopped moving, just for those few precious days. 

I spent my time curled up on the couch reading books and laughing and just being in community with family. 

 Then it struck me that I couldn't remember the last time that I had done that. Just loved on someone and get loved in return, with no schedule, no agenda, no plan or obligation.

A World Racer Encounters the Holy Spirit When He Speaks to Someone Through Her 2/9/2010

I walked into the COC's kitchen which services the entire hostel and there I met a precious, older lady with stark-white hair. Her name is Dot. She was talking to one of my squad-mates and it didn't take long before the Holy Spirit spoke.

Ask her if she is in pain. 
I could tell by the way she was awkwardly standing- hands on her lower back, back crooked, and neck cocked- that she was in pain. 
Ask her.
Okay, okay Lord. "Dot, are you in pain?!" "Well, Yes . . ." she started in on some story about her back. 
Pray healing over her. 
WHAT Lord?!

An Unsung Heroine 2/8/2010

For many World Racers, Ashley Musick's voice is the first one they hear as they first apply. Ashley was the one who interviewed me and told me that I was accepted. I got to know her during my Ignition training camp and also the M & N squads' Ignition training camp. She also was with us at our launch in the Philippines, and I got to spend a week with her in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Congratulations to January's Blogger of the Month! 2/7/2010

The World Race has started an experiment- a contest - "Blogger of the Month."   Racers compete good naturedly against one another for the title and are chosen for frequency in blogging, interesting content, blog layout and story telling style. This month's Blogger of the Month was voted on by World Race alum judges.

This Man's Story is Why We Must Go to Haiti 2/5/2010

Monday, January 25, 2010. 

6:30am. Time to wake up. The ten of us quietly shuffle around the orphanage getting ready to head into Haiti for another day of helping out. The smell of apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar oatmeal hit your nose as you step outside the church. These few minutes in the morning are really the only quiet times we ever have to ourselves. I look around as my teammates are quietly eating oatmeal, reading their bibles, doing devotionals, and preparing for the day.

Past Racers Meet Future Racer and Help Each Other Face the Pain of Life 2/4/2010

The other evening I had the wonderful occasion to sit down with five former world racers. These beautiful people were so generous and kind to sit in and listen to my stories and help guide me along on this journey towards the World Race.

After hours of talking and chatting one of them turned to me and said point blank, "why won't you be loved?" Kind of an odd question for a person to ask that I just met. But an honest one. I could do nothing else but start to cry. An arrow launched into the heart of a problem I could not myself name.

Haiti: Story of God Saving a Man and His Family in the Earthquake 2/3/2010

For five days, his wife experienced tremendous pain as they fled for the Jimani border, hours away from their home. "How was she going to survive?" he would ask. "Who will help us?" 

Arriving at the border, Francois began asking questions. Medical teams swarmed the mobs of people pouring through the linesand they quickly assisted Francois and his wife. She went into labor and he waited to find out whether or not he would be widowed or if he would have a new addition to his family. 

I'm a White Washed African 2/2/2010

Last week I met a young girl. She couldn't have been any older than four or five. She had never seen a "white" person. This made for an interesting, and unique experience, which made me contemplate how we view race and how we should all approach it with the humor, compassion, and acceptance of a child. While we were chatting with this young girl's grandfather (in Kenya) several things happen instantaneously; she plops down right next to me, grabs my hand, scrutinizes it like an unknown insect in the grass, and she makes a decision and theory about what's wrong with me. I'm dirty. I'm white. I'm a white washed African.

Some of the Adventure Parts of the World Race 2/1/2010

The World Race provides infinite experiences for seeing the Lord's work. And one of the best ways is seeing his creation. So, for your enjoyment, we've put together a couple of videos that highlight the adventure portion of the race.

World Race Alum Bathes a Man Drenched in Urine. 1/29/2010

Recently I met a man named Julio in the hospital, who I had seen around town. Julio is a homeless man and looks it. I never paid him much heed, but seeing him this time, I wondered about him. I walked over to him and saw that, along with his right leg, his left hand was crippled, bending stiffly back to the outside of his arm. I began asking him questions and got to know him a little.

The World Race: January 2010 Newsletter 1/28/2010

:: January 2010 :: Newsletter ::
 11 countries in 11 months; One update

Project Searchlight Wraps Up and Dreams are Birthed 1/26/2010

"What was a need you saw this year that impacted you?" 

 It began as an exercise to launch Project Searchlight, a way to transition into discussing kingdom dreams, but it turned into something much greater.

World Race July 2010 Will Respond to Haiti 1/25/2010

This coming July, the World Race July 2010 trip is headed to Haiti to assist in rebuilding efforts.  Not only will the focus be on individual recovery, but also on establishing a restoration of the country beginning with pocket communities.  The first two months will be spent in the Dominican Republic and Haiti assisting earthquake victims.*  The bottom line is that people need shelter, water, food, comfort and care, and we're available to be conduits of God's provision in Haiti for this.

How God Continues to Move on Behalf of Haiti. 1/22/2010

Ten-year old Brittany has watched as World Race Alum staying in her home have prayed and mobilized for Haiti over the last week. And last night she heard a story of a two-year old Haitian leaving a Dominican hospital wearing bandages dripping with blood and a dry IV bag because her mothere need to return to Port-Au-Prince to find her other children.  Brittany wanted to help, but how?

October 2010 World Race Route 1/21/2010

October 2010 World Race Route
Interested in joining the World Race?  APPLY HERE!

Haiti: Letter from Adventures in Missions' Executive Director 1/20/2010

I recently spoke with Miguel Shaul about his trip to Port-au-Prince this past weekend. He shared with me some of the horrifying things he had seen from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti exactly a week ago. He told me about the school that had completely collapsed, killing most of the students inside, the woman who was weeping beside the body of her sister who died because she couldn't receive treatment, and the mass of refugees fleeing Port-au-Prince.

A Ukrainian Orphan who was Never Named, Feels Love 1/19/2010


I don't know her name. But she left an impression on my heart that needs no label. It was at an orphanage in the Ukraine. The "invalid" orphanage that doesn't leave my thoughts. I had written a blog about it during that time... but now she doesn't leave me... and I write this to her. Something she will never read, and even if it were read to her... she wouldn't understand it anyway... for her all the same.

Unsung Heroes in Ministry 1/18/2010

Now, Jeff isn't just staff on the World Race, but he oversees the mobilization efforts of AIM as a whole. Mobilization is just the SAT word for getting people to move. Not only does he write real good but he also excels in provoking thought. He may do the latter a little too well; one reader commented, "My brain hurts sometimes when I come to your blog."

Alumni: Jeninifer Denman - Bed Time Stories 1/15/2010

There are 14 of us; it seems quite small compared to the 52 that I am used to being a part of.   All but one is an H-squad alum - yet Helen doesn't feel like an outsider. She's one of us. We are a different breed, I think. We seem to thrive in a different culture.  Not how America is a different culture than Thailand. It's more of a difference of lifestyle that others just don't seem to understand, but we all do.  We understand each other perfectly. 

How You Can Help Provide Relief in Haiti 1/14/2010

It should be no surprise by now that Haiti was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake two nights ago, one of the worst earthquakes that the country has experienced in centuries.
The January 2009 World Race squad's first stop last year was Haiti. They spent four weeks ministering there, and one participant Teri knew that part of her destiny would be fulfilled in reaching the Haitians for Jesus. She returns next month. Many more World Race alumni will follow in her footsteps, restoring devastated places, and this summer, the July Race will visit Haiti as one of their first countries. In addition, AIM will soon have opportunities for other short-term volunteers to go and help.

But many people have still been asking us how they can help Haiti right now.

I Could Never Go on the World Race... And That Is Why I Must 1/12/2010

This whisper inside of me has elevated to an undeniable shout for, and of, hope.  I only desire to share this love that the Father has lavished upon me, and to spread the hope that only He was able to give me throughout my life.

Alcoholic Anonymous Taught Me Grace and Love 1/12/2010


Step one of Alcoholics Anonymous says "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable". Step one is not just for alcoholics. You can fill in the blank with just about anything. Step one is for everyone.

Butterfly Wings and Whispers 1/11/2010

"Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?" is a concept made popular by scientist Edward Lorenz. It references a theory that small, seemingly insignificant changes contribute to the initial conditions and those tiny changes may, in fact, alter the course of a tornado elsewhere. The flapping wing does not cause the tornado, in the sense that it does not create that much energy; however without the flapping the initial conditions would be changed and the tornado may not exist.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day - January 11. 1/11/2010

Today's National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. That means that for the 27.1 million people that are enslaved beyond their will are getting some much needed attention. Who's giving it? We are. We are their voice. We are their deliverance. We are their freedom waiting to be delivered. The question is: what are you doing to help them? God's given me a platform through blog and other media outlets; He's also given me a voice that I've dedicated to Him. So Twitter this, Facebook it, it, and do what you have to, to get the word out. You're welcome to copy & paste this blog I wrote a while ago.

Do You Believe in Miracles? 1/8/2010

The World Race is officially unveiling it's very own channel on Youtube with a series of short stories centered around testimonies and experiences of Racers on the field.  What will you encounter when serving with the World Race? 

Alumni: Michelle McBeath - Still Wrecked. 1/7/2010

Currently I'm stuck in an airport. 

Sounds oddly familiar, right? My roommates thought it was crazy that I was going to sleep in the terminal overnight. And yet, it felt comfortable. Somehow a bit normal. The only thing missing was about 51 other packs and persons to share in the experience. 

Put me in Coach! 1/6/2010

In 750 words or less, complete the following phrase with an analogy and explain your answer. "Life is like..." 

Life is like playing in a basketball game. If you're in the game, you'll have the opportunity to have opportunities, but you still have to take the shot. If you're on the bench you'll merely watch others partake in what could be yours.

Urbana 2009 1/5/2010

Last week wrapped up a week of awakening for the thousands who attended Urbana.   The World Race and AIM had the opportunity to host a booth so Kelly and Kim checked in...

Where It Began for Me 1/4/2010

At the time I wrote this, I actually hoped you wouldn't be at home browsing the updates blog.

I only caught some of the live webcast of Onething on Monday and have been catching bits and pieces of Urbana via Twitter.  After having attended Urbana for the first time in 2003 (the last time it was actually in Urbana-Champaign, IL) and the previous one in 2006, to taste only a little bit of it this year from afar has left me quite wistful.

The Truth about Christmas - A Reflection 1/2/2010

Africa is a place full of the most colorful culture that I have ever witnessed. When I look out the door of my tent, I see the silhouettes of deep purple mountains, vibrant colors of exotic fruits that decorate the lush greenery completely surrounding me, and the most crisp, clear blue sky imaginable... 

The World Race: December 2009 Newsletter 12/31/2009

:: December 2009 :: Newsletter ::

 11 countries in 11 months; One update
In this issue:
Current & Upcoming Races
From a World Race Alumna
Stories from the Field
Video from the Field

Alumni: Where are they now? The Morgan McKeown Edition 12/30/2009

Morgan McKeown participated on the January 2007 Race; she was on the A Squad; among the first Race pioneers. Since coming home two years ago Morgan has adjusted back to life in the states and evaluated how she wants to continue changing the world. It has looked different than she initially expected but she has not been silent on God's behalf. She shares part of her story here.

A Peek into a Racer's Mind and Heart 12/29/2009

Racers all over the U.S. prepare to embark on a year's long sojourn in the world - in less than a weeks time.  As they do this, a wide range of conflicting emotions converge on their senses.   Cat Pollock illustrates the emotional climate for a racer in the week leading up to their launch.  Please pray for them as finish everything up at home and commence their journey.

The Fruit Tastes Great 12/28/2009

Even though the sin in this city can be overwhelming, we have been blessed to see some fruit of our labor. There are two specific women I want to share about. The first lady is Mamma Pon. This woman works from 6am-6pm everyday at one of the bars, and her job is to clean up the mess from the night before. I met her the first day I was here...

I Want to Change the World 12/24/2009

Someone asked me recently, what's the worst response I've gotten when I tell people about the World Race. Honestly? I haven't really had anyone respond negatively... everyone's been incredibly encouraging. But one thing that kind of blows my mind is how amazed people are. I've gotten a lot of "I can't believe you're doing such a great thing!!" 

Tara Reed: Then and Now 12/23/2009

Last September Tara Reed was enjoying an ordinary day on the race.  Her squad was staying at a hostel in Bucharest, Romania and on their way to Turkey.  She had team activites in the morning, shopping with a friend in the afternoon and a mid-afternoon discussion with one of the guys about how she was asking God for three things.  In their conversation she shared about her prayers for God to show her how to feartrust and listen to His voice.  Later that evening she got back to the hostel to find most of her teammates exhausted and sleeping.  She wasn't tired so she decided to go out to the balcony for some quiet time with the Lord.

Same Same 12/22/2009

Regardless of your involvement with the World Race, when you read these pilgrims' chronicles, you'll see that there's more common ground between you and them than you realize.  Before I joined the World Race, I wasn't living in the bush of Africa like some of them were.  I lived a comfortably busy life in the northern Virginian/Washingtonian bubble.  

Yet in the words of these perfect strangers I could hear God playing the same song in their hearts as in mine, just inverting the chords and switching up the progression here and there.  As you read these excerpts, listen for the variations of the theme He's orchestrating in all of us.

Interview with a Kiwi 12/21/2009

Kyla Cornelius by happenstance interviewed with a Christian radio station in New Zealand.  The Lord is growing the World Race beyond the United States and it is exciting to watch.

See What Awaits You: Upcoming Trips 12/17/2009

Beyond the comfort of American and western culture lies a world most of us have never seen:
Orphans that go to bed hungry at night, teenage prostitutes that are in search of love and acceptance, and homeless wanderers that are searching for a place to belong.
Sometimes in a world full of such despairing and painful situations, we wonder why God doesn't do something about it.
But he did do something: he created you.

Apply for June 2010 & Win a $250 REI Gift Card! 12/16/2009

Are you thirsty for a little adventure, to see the world and discover more of yourself? Have you ever thought about going on a pilgrimage? Here's your chance...
Openings still remain for the June 2010 World Race (which will bring you to Ireland, Romania, Israel, and more!).

The World Race: Coming Soon 12/15/2009

There's been anticipation building for what's coming in October 2010.  The World Race is launching it's newest Race route.  Hold your breath.  It's gonna be big.

One Missionary's Story of Life Around the World 12/14/2009

Still wondering about the World Race? Here's an article that was published in RELEVANT Magazine over a year ago that tells the story of one Racer:
It was a week before Eric Hanson would be graduating from Northern Arizona University, and like many of his peers, the future held a few unknowns. Growing up in Scottsdale, Ariz., an affluent area near Phoenix, he felt the social pressure to launch into the business world and make a successful living, but there was something else stirring in his heart. It was the suspicion that what the world was offering him was simply not enough. There had to be a deeper significance to his time on earth.

Farther Into the Wild(erness) 12/12/2009

Yet as epic as the experience has been, Ashley Higgins openly reflects the stark and harsh reality of the desert-life:
I am getting to the point where going around in circles just isn't so appealing anymore.  I am sick of working on myself.  I am tired of spending time figuring out what my issues are and how to best fix them.  Not because I don't want to put the work in but because there is a hurt and dying world right in front of my face.  And I am generally too concerned about me getting myself put together that i often overlook what is right in front of me.

Into the Wild(erness) 12/11/2009

Elf.  Winter Wonderland.  Candy Canes.  Evergreen trees.   Chesnuts roasing on an open fire.  Sleighs rides in snow.  Perfectly good red and green fabric wasted as tacky sweaters.  Eggnog.  Santa Claus.  Rudolph.  Bells that jingle.  White elephant gift exchanges.

These are what we associate with Christmas in North America.  Yet do you actually ride in a sleigh outfitted with jingling bells and horses?  Does decorating a tree with a rainbow of glass and metal orbs and a string of lights conjure up images of Christ as a newborn baby?

Imagine being in the Middle East, fasting from technology and far far away from winter and family and friends and traditions.  Could it be that the August 2009 Racers are as close as one can get to celebrating an authentic Christmas?

June 2010 World Race Route - You Know You Want To! 12/10/2009

June 2010 World Race Route
Interested in joining the World Race?  APPLY HERE!
 **TRAINING CAMP DATES: May 22 - 30, 2010**

Seven Safety Concerns of a World Race Parent 12/8/2009

Seth Barnes serves as the Executive Director for Adventures in Missions.  Seth and his wife Karen are no stranger to danger and trusting the Lord.  His two eldest children spent a year on the World Race while two of his youngest daughters lived as teenagers in some of the roughest areas of Africa.  Below he outlines some of the risk assessment AIM has done before launching teams.
Those of us who want to make Jesus Lord need to be prepared to give up our rights and embrace the inevitability of risk. Still, what is an appropriate level of risk?

The World Race September 2010: Redemption in Thailand 12/8/2009

Bangkok, Thailand has thousands of bars, with thousands of women who believe that selling themselves is their only option.
Some have been forced into this life; some have been trafficked and work because of fear.
Our goal is to prevent this.

An Open Letter to the Parents: Let them go! 12/7/2009

Open Letter to World Race ParentsMy wife, Kathy, and I have been married nearly 29 years.  We have three sons ages 22-25, they are all in the middle of pursuing God's plan for their lives.

It often feels that their walk into destiny is actually a walk away from us.  A recurring thought I've had as we raised our sons was that they were trying to move away from us.  See when they crawled, they crawled away; when they walked, they walked away; when they ran, they ran away, we taught them to ride bikes, they peddled away, they got their licenses, they drove away.  Now we see them in pursuit of independence and finding their voices.  The problem we are having is they are fighting to get independence from us and their voices rarely sound like us.  It's a painful job this calling to be a parent.

January 2010 News Release: Running the Race 12/4/2009

Here's a news release we just published about the World Race squad leaving in January 2010 (click here and here to view their blogs). Feel free to share it, re-post it to your blog, or send it to a local newspaper:
World Race - Kids on DockOver 100 men and women ages 21-35, compelled by issues of social justice and simple living, are leaving the comfort of their homes and possessions in January of 2010, to travel 11 to countries in 11 months, sharing the hope of Jesus Christ as they go.
The group is called the World Race and was first conceived by Seth Barnes, founder and executive director of Adventures In Missions, in 2006. He designed a trip that would remove young people from their comfortable lifestyles for a year--to see the developing world and be transformed by what they saw. The first team consisted of 14 people. Since then, AIM has sent 92 teams consisting of over 630 men and women on 12 different trips around the world and visiting over 64 countries.

In Constant Motion 12/3/2009

Over a week ago, the January 2009 World Race squad finished their race and are
 now back home in different corners of North America.  In about a month, the January 2010 World Race squads begin their pilgrimage.  And in between, you have hundreds of current World Racers actively running their Race and scores of World Race alumni scattered in the US/Canada and overseas.
Regardless of how you are connected to the World Race community, you'll discover that "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't hold completely true.  You may find another reality in play; that in all the wherever's, with whomever's, whatever's and whenever's of life, whether we like it or not, life goes on.

Ministry Highlights of an October 2009 World Racer 12/2/2009

April Duncan left in October 2009 to bring hope to the nations.  Below, she high lights some of the fruit her team has seen in various ministries in the past few months. 
Prophets and Apostles Church want to thank you for painting the church. 
While painting the church with watered-down paint was not easy, we were fulfilling a prophecy!  We met this church in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala during a time of grieving.  A loved one had just died and the church was desperately trying to prepare for the church's anniversary celebration.  They had been praying for a long time for someone to paint the church, and it had also been prophesied that a huge blessing was coming.  When we showed up the day before the anniversary celebration to paint their church, they were absolutely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  

The World Race: November 2009 Newsletter 12/1/2009

: November 2009 :: Newsletter ::
 11 countries in 11 months; One update

:: In this Issue ::

Current & Upcoming Races
Word to the World Race Alumni
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field

Traveling the World to Love the One 11/20/2009

Traveling the World to Love the OneTen days of training.  Eleven countries.  Eleven months.  Roughly 264 hours of transit.  $14,000+.  Frequent flier miles to last a couple lifetimes.  But World Racers don't keep track of numbers, yes, even those in charge of team finances.  
They remember names and faces and hearts.
Tiffany tells us,
"From the time I was a little girl, when I was maybe five years old (before I even really knew what Africa was), my dream was to go to Africa and tell people about Jesus.  As I grew older, my dream never changed..."

Missionary Team Delivers Baby in Back Seat of a Van 11/18/2009

Here is an Incredible story from Swaziland by Tiffany Berkowitz, a missionary who is currently on the World Race:

Baby HopeI had just sat down on one of the mattresses in the common area of where we live to watch an episode of The Office with some of the girls. I had never seen it before, and thought a little mid-day bonding over popcorn and a show sounded pretty good. Five minutes into the show, William and Matt walked in the room and asked the question: "Are there any girls who would want to go with Pastor Gift to deliver a baby?"
I think that after the initial shock wore off, I jumped up faster than I ever had before. I looked at Erin who had also jumped up and started pumping my fists in the air and screaming with so much excitement. Within a few moments, six of us girls were piled into White Chocolate (the old white van we drive around) and ready to go.

Muslim Comes to Christ in Montenegro 11/17/2009

Last month, Caroline Crawford and her team were in Montenegro, encouraging the small, but dedicated group of Christians there. She told the following inspiring story of one Muslim woman she met and how God brought them together:
She's an elderly woman, probably in her mid-sixties.  The sun has made its mark on her face, with lines encircling her brown-hazed eyes.  She's a follower of Islam, careful to read her Koran and pray the regular five times a day. 
And she is a woman seeking truth.

What Has the World Race Meant to You? 11/16/2009

On behalf of Adventures In Missions and the World Race department, we just wanted to say thanks for reading this blog -- for following the stories and supporting this ministry. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear more from you, particularly how the World Race has made an impact on your lie -- whether it was through going on the trip itself, following the stories, or something else.

World Race: October 2009 Newsletter 11/4/2009

:: October 2009 :: Newsletter ::
In this Update:
Word from the Alumni
World Race June 2010
WR Training Camp
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field

World Race Training Camp 11/4/2009

Ever wonder what a World Race training camp is like?  Rusty and Ericka Jackson, two staff with AIM and the World Race, recamp their time at the most recent World Race training camp in this short video.  Check it out!

Update: Escape from Room 211 11/2/2009

Some of you might remember that roughly a month ago one of the World Racers was involved in an accident in Romania and we petitioned for you to intercede on her behalf.  Here's the latest update from Tara Reed - one whom God has definitely touched!

Practice What you Preach: Update from Guatemala 10/19/2009

Live from GuatemalaThe last few days, my team has been building the second floor to a house for a woman named Isabella and her two children. We have been mixing concrete on the floor of the first level of the house-an area about 10'x14', and laying block up above to double the size of the home.
At night, we have been taught by the greatest man of faith in the community, possibly in all of Guatemala. Our contact, Benjamin, is a pastor of a local church and lives what he preaches. He gets up earlier than us, works harder than us, skips meals, prepares a two-hour teaching for us daily, delivers the two-hour teaching, and often times has another group meeting after ours.  

World Race Alumni Video: It's More than a Mission Trip 10/8/2009

If you've spent any time on the World Race website reading participants' blogs, you may have noticed that certain buzz words are common on the Race:
"Gap Year."

World Race End of Summer Report 10/7/2009

World Race End of Summer 2009 ReportThis past summer has been a whirlwind of ministry, adventure, and growth in our World Race teams. 
For many World Racers, the time has come to enter back into "normal" life. The October 08 teams spent the remainder of their ministry in Costa Rica, debriefing their experiences, sharing stories, and encouraging each other to continue the race in "real" life.
They have since returned home
 and have begun the "re-entry" process.

Prayer Update: Coming Together for Complete Healing 10/1/2009

Many of you know by now about Tara Reed, the June 2009 World Racer who was injured while on the field last week.  She's recovering really well and will not need surgery; however, the doctors' reports that are coming back are saying that she's going to be immobile for several months.
That's not acceptable.
As a community, we're asking you to come together and join us in prayer for Tara's complete healing!  We're a body of believers that does not limit God and we have the faith that Tara can come into complete healing.

World Race: September 2009 Newsletter 10/1/2009

:: September 2009 :: Newsletter ::

Experience a year of adventure, ministry, community and self-discovery.  World Racers develop broken hearts that propel their hands to act for God's kingdom around the globe.  It's merely the beginning of a life-long journey.  
In this Update:
World Race Overview
World Race January 2010
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field

Update on Prayer Request 9/29/2009

Tara ReedThis is an update on Tara Reed, one of the World Race participants that was injured on the field a few days ago.  Please continue to cover her in prayer!
Tara's Mom and family friend arrived tonight.  Her Mom is staying with her at the hospital. The results from Tara's x-ray showed that she doesn't need surgery!  She has a few cracks in her pelvis.  One that is more serious than the others, but nothing that requires surgery.

Need for Immediate Prayer Covering 9/27/2009

We received this from one of our squad leaders on the field the day after The World Race Awakening Conference in Romania.  Tara Reed, a World Racer on the June 2009 squad was recently in an accident and we're asking the community to come together and cover her in prayer.  Here's the email:
"We ended up in a hostel in Bucharest for the night in order to plan new arrangements to Istanbul since the train is not currently running due to the flooding. Around 7pm tonight Tara was doing something on the porch - not sure what yet - and ended up falling from the second story of the hostel.  We think she slid off a roof that was less than 2 feet away from our building and somehow may have hit another cement wall in the process." 

A Year Around the World: The Possibilities 9/24/2009

Kenya PhotoWhere in the world will you be in 2010? Here are some possibilities:
On the January Race (there's still time to apply for this one!), you'll be part of the first team to visit New Zealand and Australia. In Malaysia, you'll have opportunities to minister to Muslims and seeing the world with spiritual eyes.
In Africa and Eastern Europe, your team will have the opportunity to step off the beaten path and ask God where to go. This is one of our most popular Race routes to date.

Dear Future World Racers 9/18/2009

Kim Jerkins, from the January 2009 Word Race squad, has a message about some things that future Word Racers can expect on their journey.  A must read if you're just starting your World Race adventure, or even just considering it.

Dear Future World Racers,
Yes, what you hear is true! You will travel to different nations and meet people from many cultures. You will meet little orphans and they will hug you and soak up your love. You will plan church services, preach, do construction, evangelize, pray and everything else under the sun! You will proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ and many will choose to follow.

A Word From Our Director (Video) 9/16/2009

World Race Director Michael Hindes shares with us his passion and heart for the World Race.

World Race: August 2009 Newsletter 9/7/2009

:: August 2009 :: Newsletter ::
In this Update:
What is the World Race?
Upcoming Races
WR Training Camp
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field

July 2010 World Race Route 9/2/2009

July 2010 World Race Route
Interested in joining the World Race?  APPLY HERE!
 **TRAINING CAMP DATES: May 22 - 30, 2010**

WR Team Update: August 09 Teams 9/1/2009

A little over two weeks ago, the World Race launched its August 09 squads.  The first stop on the journey?  Just a hop across the pond to the Emerald Isle.  Now, as our 80 racers prepare to head off to the next destination, Romania, we wanted to share some of the pictures, highlights, and thoughts from our young travelers' first experience on the Race. 

CICRIN: Ometepe Nicaragua 8/19/2009

In many of the stops along their journey, World Racers often have the opportunity to work with people and organizations who are already established in the local community.  Melissa Gibson shares this experience during her team's latest stop in Nicaragua:
Being on this race for 11 months, traveling around the world, will expose you to a lot of new experiences. Some easy, but most are difficult.  The race also allows you to meet some amazing people from all over the world - in all walks of life. I've met some of the most selfless, most loving, dedicated, and most faithful people that I've ever met.
Take Helen for example.  Helen is the current director at CICRIN, the orphanage where my team is serving for the month.

Real Life in Nsoko 8/12/2009

Darci Simpson shares this heartbreaking story from Nsoko, Swaziland:
WARNING: This blog is honest and may be filled with some gory details – it could be uncomfortable, but it is REAL. 
The first week of my ministry here in Nsoko, Swaziland is to do home visits with a beautiful young girl named Maswane.  Maswane is in her last stages of life, suffering from AIDS and she is only 19 years old.  Her innocence was taken from her at age 15 – when her uncle and possibly her brother raped her.  She contracted the HIV virus and now 4 years later, she is dying.  

What is the World Race? (Video) 8/8/2009

Have you ever wondered what the World Race was all about?  Check out the latest release of our new promo video and let us know what you think!

WR Training Camp Report: An Outsider Looking In 8/7/2009

Every few months the AIM offices become a popular destination for young men & women from all over the country, preparing for the journey of a lifetime.  These individuals I am referring to are the latest World Racers, around 50 young adults getting ready to share Christ's love with 11 countries in 11 months.

This week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a day of the October 2009 team's training camp.  These training camps are held for 10 days and are used to equip the teams heading out into the field with the inner transformation and knowledge necessary to effectively touch the lives of those they come in contact with.

WR Training Camp Report: Camp Interviews 8/7/2009

The training camp for the October 2009 Word Race team is currently underway at AIM headquarters.  50 young adults from across the country have assembled for 10 days of field training and team interaction, as they prepare for their upcoming journey.  These passionate young adults are extremely outspoken about how God has been working in their lives during their time at camp.

World Race: July 2009 Newsletter 7/31/2009

:: July 2009 :: Newsletter ::
In this Update:
Upcoming Races
Photo Contest Finale
Stories from the Field
Words From a New Racer
Videos from the Field

World Racers Gaining the Eyes of Christ 7/31/2009

Gaining the Eyes of ChristThe World Race is an opportunity to be changed, to see the world differently than before. This paradigm shift often happens through difficult situations, where participants are exposed to the deep needs of the world. In the process, their hearts are broken, and they learn about how God wants to use them to redeem the pain in the world and see his kingdom come. Here are a couple stories that illustrate this process.
Janina Laier writes the following story from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala:
As an official "World Race missionary" for nine and a half months now, I am realizing that my mindset has been completely altered. Now when I look at most people, I habitually find myself asking the Lord whether or not He has something to tell them through me.

Why Have a World Race? 7/17/2009

Why have a World Race?Many people look at the World Race and get the wrong idea. We believe that it is one of the most powerful missions mobilization tools to come along in years!

Here are a few questions that we've received about The World Race:

Why do people sign up for the World Race?

Everyone wants to find their place in the world. They want to better understand what God is doing in it and how to join Him.

Testimonies of Transformation from the World Race 7/16/2009

There are a lot of reasons to go on the World Race (read 10 of them right here: 10 Reasons to Go on the World Race), but what better reason do you need than the testimonies of those who have gone before you?

World Racer reflects on the importance of giving God a year of her life:
"I went to college, earned a degree, and was ready to jump on the fast track to the nice life. Now, I can't imagine going back to the life I once desired. I no longer want to be the same..."

Donate Your Status THIS WEEK! 6/30/2009

Have a status on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace that you're willing to donate?  Check this out and see how you can help us!  Help us see a generation mobilized and activated THIS WEEK.

World Race: June 2009 Newsletter 6/23/2009

:: June 2009 :: Newsletter ::
 In this Update:
Upcoming Races
Stories from the Field
Videos from the Field
WR Alumni in India
Fighting Human Trafficking

April 2010 World Race Route 6/17/2009

April 2010 World Race Route
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Five Keys to a Successful Missions Project 6/16/2009

Five keys to a mission tripSuccessful mission projects may differ in many ways, but they'll share a few common denominators.  Before getting started, it's wise to look at the following:

1.    Your purpose in going
2.    Your partner on the field
3.    Selecting & preparing team
4.    How you set up & lead the project
5.    How you follow up on your project

Faith and Funds: God's Provision in Support Raising 6/11/2009

For most people, one of the most daunting things about going on the World Race is having to raise $13,800.  Some people have months to prepare letters, fundraisers, and meetings with potential supporters and other racers only get the two months between training camp and the launch of their race.  Support raising is just one part of the journey each World Racer goes on during the year and everybody's support raising journey is a little different.  We learn to trust God and depend on the body of Christ through support raising. 

Support Raising shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

January 2010 World Race Route 6/4/2009

January 2010 World Race Route
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Support Raising 101: An Introduction to Missionary Fundraising 6/3/2009

Financial support-raising is the biggest fear that people have about going on the World Race.  Thankfully, the Adventures In Mission (AIM) staff makes the process as painless and easy as possible.

The following are some commonly-asked questions about support-raising:
What is support raising?
Where does the money go?
How do I raise the financial support I need?
Who will help me raise support for my mission trip?
Is it hard to raise support?

Join the Movement - Week #4 5/25/2009

 :: The World Race :: 11 countries, 11 months ::
:: Week 4 :: May 24 – 30 ::
Network the movement.

World Race: May 2009 Newsletter 5/19/2009

It's been another successful month with The World Race.  With the July 2008 squad preparing to return after a year of travel and the August 2009 squad on the verge of heading into the field, we at The World Race are looking forward to an exciting season in our ministry.

Want to know more about what's going on in the field?  Check out the May 2009 World Race Newsletter.
The May 2009 Newsletter Features:
Upcoming Races
Missions Photo Contest
Stories from the Field
Pre-Race Thoughts
Videos from the Field
Join the Movement
Do you want to know more about The World Race?  Check out the newsletter or visit us online.

Join the Movement - Week #3 5/18/2009

Week #3 - Don't change.

New! October 2009 World Race Route 5/11/2009

Where could you be going this October? 
The answer: 11 different countries across four continents.
Sounds cool doesn't it?
Check out the October 2009 World Race to learn more.

NEW! October 2009 World Race Route 5/11/2009

NEW! October 2009 World Race Route
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Join the Movement. 5/4/2009

 This month is your opportunity to become a part of something big, something revolutionary, and something that cannot be stopped.  All across the world there is a movement of radicals changing the world.  And this is your chance to step in and become a part of it.  How do you join the movement?  It's easy.  You invite others to become a part of it. 

Find the Lost 4/22/2009

Scattered across the world are millions of faces that go ignored. 
And this August, you could be the one to find them. 

The World Race: August 2009
You only have until May 8th.
Use the promotional code: wr aug app before April 30th and pay no application fee!

World Race: April 2009 Newsletter 4/14/2009

While the rest of the world sleeps or goes about its normal routines, there's a community of radicals storming the globe with change.  Orphans are cared for, naked are clothed, the hungry are fed, and the lost are found. 

But one question remains: where are they? 

The April 2009 issue of the World Race newsletter answers that question so you can find out what the eager world changers are doing during their 11-month journey across the globe.  Here's a glimpse at what you'll find inside:
Upcoming Races
Real Life Expedition
Stories from the Field
World Race Training Camp
Videos from the Field
Help us Promote

Love Amongst Prostitutes 4/4/2009

"I'd felt intense all day, and it culminated especially as I stepped out of the taxi and laid eyes once more on the chaos of the downtown scene. The lights, the pounding music, the men, the women, the beer, the smell..."

Where are the World Race Teams? 3/18/2009

One of the most fascinating things about the World Race is the travel experience.  Sometimes teams travel from one country to another by merely walking across the border.  Other times, teams travel for several days across multiple countries and oceans just to get to the next location.  And in the process it's easy for our readers to lose track of where each World Race squad is.

August 2009 World Race Route 3/16/2009

August 2009 World Race Route
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Accepting only the first 85 who apply!
Ireland boasts  a heritage of Christianity through Catholicism. Yet the lifeless display of faith reveals that this nation is farther from God than ever. Rampant alcoholism and suicide rates reveal a desperate need for hope.  Through sports, children's outreach, and the relationships that just happen along the way, World Race hopes to reintroduce a life-giving faith to this beautiful, historic culture.

World Race: March 2009 Newsletter 3/5/2009

The World Race Newsletter is now available for you to check out online.  While we currently have several teams of World Racers scattered in service around the globe, we want to give you back home a glimpse into what they're doing and the impact they are making worldwide.  Check out our World Race Newsletter for a look at our racers in action and information on how you can get involved with The World Race.

Looking for something to read? 2/27/2009

Sometimes you're looking for a good read and other times you're just looking to kill some time on the internet.  Here are some good blogs from the World Race to check out:
Counting the Cost to the Point of Death - Tara Bruce
I was born of influential Muslim parents; I was almost killed for believing in Jesus Christ in May 1982.  My grandparents were associated with Arab slave traders in Malawi.  These Arabs were Muslims.  Thus my grandparents were among the pioneers of Islamic religion in Malawi...

June 2009 World Race Route 2/17/2009

Apply for the June 2009 World Race (deadline is March 16th)
Guatemala.  The nation of Guatemala is a region known for its spectacular beauty, volcanic ranges, rich cultural heritage and Mayan roots. Temple ruins from the past speckle the landscape and stand as tributes to the historical significance of the country's spiritual history. Guatemalans are people of art and expression; yet, very few see the beauty around them as evidence of a divine Creator.

10 Reasons to Go on the World Race 1/13/2009

Maybe you're sitting behind the computer screen contemplating reasons why you should go on the World Race.  Here are ten reasons for you:

1.      You learn who you are.  Going on the World Race introduces you to the person that God wants you to be.  You won't necessarily be the Jack Bauer or Indiana Jones of missionaries, but you'll definitely learn what the heart of God is and how He wants to use that to show you who you need to be in the Kingdom.  And let's face it - you're more than just another employee slaving away in a cubicle, or a student going blindly into the ‘real world' after college.

July '08 Racers Safe in Africa 1/13/2009

From July '08 squad leader, Stephanie Fisk.
Hello from Southern Africa!  This is Stephanie (the July '08 squad leader) and I just wanted to give a quick update to all the July 'o8 parents and supporters who read the blogs as the racers internet access will be scarce over the next few weeks.  We all arrived safely to South Africa and immediately traveled up to Mozambique.  The 80-90 degree weather was a pleasant shock to our systems after witnessing snow in London only 20 hours before!

Opportunity to Bless a Missionary: Giving to The World Race 12/15/2008

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world: surrounding yourself with new cultures, new places, and new experiences every day?

The World Race is calling you to move from simple talk to radical action...
The World Race is an eleven-month adventure through eleven different countries. With different locations to visit, new faces to meet, and unique stories to tell, each Race offers its own distinct journey.

Interview with WR Coaches Gary and Lisa Black 12/8/2008

Gary and Lisa Black are spiritual coaches for the World Race and have gone out and visited different WR squads in the field. They have a particular passion for orphans and spent last year with their family in Swaziland, Africa. Here is an interview with them:

1. Gary and Lisa, your love for family and community is evident; can you share a little bit about where you came from and the family environments in which you grew up?
I was raised in a very Godly home, way to religious! Performance, trying to please, never good enough; that was the picture I had of God, from my father; an angry guy that I could never please...

January 2009 World Race Route 10/15/2008

Here's a look at the adventure awaiting the next squad of World Racers that will launch into the field in January 2009. Click here to see other upcoming Races.
Dominican Republic
The Caribbean sits as unexplored territory for the World Race. This initial launch will send teams into all corners of this beautiful country to build relationships, plant churches, love orphans and widows and begin to discover all that God has in store for the people of the D.R.

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