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He Was 15 When He Started Stabbing, Stealing, and Dealing.


This month, we're celebrating men in missions— men who have left their norm to advance the gospel and bring the love of Christ wherever they step.
Kyle Harper of July 2015 U Squad met a man who went from stabbing people to making sandwiches for them.

He Didn't Want to Get Caught Sharing the Gospel, so He Jumped Off a Cliff


This month, we’re celebrating men in missions - men who live the adventure of their faith and bring kingdom wherever they step.

Our 2nd Kingdom Journeys Men’s team is traveling in the 10/40 Window, living and sharing the kingdom in countries where Christianity is illegal.

While “tract bombing” in the dead of night with the number #1 rule of “Don’t get caught,” World Race Alum Luke Geldmacher jumped off a 14-foot cliff in the middle of the night - and walked away.

He Gave a Glimpse of True Love in a Nepali Brothel


This month, we’re celebrating men in missions - men who live the adventure of their faith and bring kingdom wherever they step.

Josh Stoneman of July 2015 T Squad was the very man a waitress in a Nepal needed to meet - the first to tell her she was loved by God and worth more than her body.

The Uncomfortable Truth of What's Happening to Millions of Girls in Africa


This September we are featuring stories of social justice. Meghan Tschanz of second generation H squad shares the injustice of Female Genital Mutilation she found in a small border town of Kenya.

Announcing April 2016 World Race Expedition: 10/40 Window


World Race Expedition: 10/40 window, will venture into the extremes. The route will launch in Spain, then venture into Northern Africa. From there you will traverse this region to reach those that have never heard of Jesus. 

Listening to God Landed Me in a Jail Cell


Right now, world wide, thousands of Christians are imprisoned for their faith and we get to hear the testimonies of how God uses them to change lives. 

Kayla Garrison of Y squad was jailed for an entirely different reason, but that doesn't mean that God didn't use her to change a life.

Anastasia's Ashes: Scatter Me


At 23, Anastasia Sloan had a dream - to travel around the world for a year sharing the love of God. But two weeks before her World Race Training Camp, Anastasia was killed in a car accident. 

When her parents asked Anastasia's squad to scatter her ashes in every country on their Race, they vowed to fulfill her dream - and saw miracles along the way. Please watch this video; we think you'll be inspired.

Refugee Crisis Meets World Race in Serbia


At her launch, Kayla Zilch of Y squad was deeply moved by the plight of the refugees from Syria and wrote this blog we shared last week. Little did she know that she and her squad would land right in the middle of the refugee crisis in Serbia. 

A Baby Drowned, and We Watched From the Couch


Kayla Zilch just launched for her World Race, and had a moment of realization about how inward her focus has been. 

She shares her thoughts on how people can get involved in social justice and be a force for good in the world.

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