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Welcome to Cambodia!!

by Scott Perez on 9/18/2014
Team Hungry Youngsters

My Route {March 2015 - Chile}

by Kate Stinson on 9/18/2014

The Asking Part

by Brandi Brock on 9/18/2014

I'm Sick and Tired of My Life

by Justin Marshall on 9/18/2014
Team The Force

For such a time as this

by Bree Rossi on 9/18/2014
Team Imago Dei

I Want More

by Alex Quinn on 9/18/2014
Team Renown

Speak the Language of Love

by Seth O'Neill on 9/18/2014
Team Hope Awakening

God is love

by Nicole Smith on 9/18/2014
Team Imago Dei

Distractions, Discipline, & Home

by Brittany Gonzales on 9/18/2014
Team Royal Covenant

Great is their Reward

by Jacob Quijas on 9/18/2014
Team Royal Covenant

I already did that! Didn't I?

by Heather Snider on 9/18/2014
Team Imago Dei

My Awesome Gear!

by Annie Burnham on 9/18/2014

Route Change!

by Justin Kent on 9/18/2014

Thankful Heart

by Kelly Smith on 9/18/2014

Lack of Connection

by Katie Kroeger on 9/18/2014
Team Beautifully Broken

STOP Glorifying us World Racers

by Daniel Williams on 9/18/2014
Team Uncharted

Team changes aren't all that bad.

by Brooklynn Simmons on 9/18/2014
Team So Entonces

New Route

by Tori Thompson on 9/18/2014

Gods Grace

by Emily Lancon on 9/18/2014

Pieces of my Heart

by Dani Tripp on 9/18/2014
Team Bellator

Speak, Friend, and Enter

by Rachael Curtis on 9/18/2014
Team Bellator

India Video (Month 2)

by William Reed on 9/18/2014
Team Aperture


by Jenessa Arps on 9/18/2014

How God called me to missions

by Kyle Harper on 9/18/2014

I'm Gettin' Murried!

by Shannon Passaro on 9/18/2014
Team Fishers of Men

How do you know He's talking to you?

by Nikki Arends on 9/18/2014

Computer Down & T-shirts

by Misha Shonkwiler on 9/18/2014

Unsung Hero- Emanuel Baptist Church

by Olivia Bourgeois on 9/18/2014
Team Akal Esh

My Life Right Now

by Alex Applegate on 9/18/2014
Team Aletheia

Feeding Frenzy

by Anna Nicles on 9/18/2014
Team Aletheia


by Jacie Zook on 9/18/2014
Team 3D

Into the Woods

by Josh Mackey on 9/18/2014
Team Relentless Light

A Tour of My Race

by Liv Pinizzotto on 9/18/2014

India Video

by Amanda Patchin on 9/18/2014
Team Gladiators

Tent City

by Kelly Penner on 9/18/2014
Team Selah

Dirty Little Secret

by Natalia Davis (Tai) on 9/18/2014
Team Mosaic

This is not what I expected..

by Kristen Graham on 9/18/2014
Team Selah

A Child-Like Faith

by Jordan Duke on 9/18/2014
Team Fearlessly Present

Fundraising Update

by Laura Baumback on 9/18/2014

I Believe in Healing

by Lynda Watson on 9/18/2014
Team The Conquerors

The Difference of Six Days

by Becky Houston on 9/18/2014
Team The Conquerors

Something to chew on

by Kevin Smith on 9/18/2014

Forget About The Price Tags

by Erin Cramer on 9/18/2014

Why share the Gospel?

by Cindy Chau on 9/18/2014

Two weeks notice

by Linda Swier on 9/17/2014
Team Sozo

I Don't Have Time for This

by Kels Tosca on 9/17/2014

I was IN a parade!!!

by Hannah Berndt on 9/17/2014
Team Reptar

Wake Up Call

by Keri Reyes on 9/17/2014
Team Royal Covenant

Country Roads.

by Schuylar Reggi on 9/17/2014
Team R & R

I'm not in Kansas anymore: Cambodia

by Caitlin Strecker on 9/17/2014
Team Burning Joy

Q&A Pt 1: Favorite Ministry

by Lydia Neumann on 9/17/2014
Team R & R

India {Month 2}

by Jackelyn (Jack) Mead on 9/17/2014
Team Gladiators

A Time For Everything

by Ernest Dushime on 9/17/2014

My Story and How I Got Here

by Justin Hunt on 9/17/2014

and then I didn't want to go

by Alice Sudlow on 9/17/2014
Team Kenosis

More Than My Need to Know Why

by Troy Smouse on 9/17/2014
Team 3D

The Trouble with Self-Doubt!

by Jess Jenkinson on 9/17/2014

Bridge Collapse

by Grace Veker on 9/17/2014
Team Magnetic Light

Guat's Up

by Shelby Havard on 9/17/2014
Team Valiant

When "Worship" Isn't Enough

by Nic Mizeur on 9/17/2014

The World Race..!

by Adri Montero on 9/17/2014
Team Tonka

When the Supernatural Becomes Natural

by Kelsey Chancellor on 9/17/2014
Team Unveiled

Where Feet May Fail

by Josh and Kelsey Mygatt on 9/17/2014

Life after the Race

by Ryan Johnson on 9/17/2014
Team Ohana


by Justin Kent on 9/17/2014

I'm Tired.

by Ryan Vogel on 9/17/2014
Team Iron Life

My Route!

by Lyndi Stucky on 9/17/2014

Cold Feet

by Emily Bjerstedt on 9/17/2014

Eleventh Hour Countdown

by Alicia Doran on 9/17/2014
Team Tonka

A Fiesta and a Financial Deadline

by Dani Rogg on 9/17/2014

Sufficient In My Weakness

by Kathleen Forrest on 9/17/2014

I'm Going on an Adventure!

by Anna Norman on 9/17/2014


by Sam Gindlesberger on 9/17/2014
Team Undefined


by gwen Debaun on 9/17/2014

Training Camp // Gear Registry!

by Julie Tuggle on 9/17/2014

Sweaty tears

by Laura Lea Medders on 9/17/2014
Team Fishers of Men

Fear, why should I Fear?

by Crystal Arnold on 9/17/2014

I finally did IT....

by Rachel Martin on 9/17/2014
Team Via Gloria

Devastation in Colón

by Nick Shear on 9/17/2014
Team Royal Covenant


by Sam & Susan Hansen on 9/17/2014
Team Tonka

Living in Kairos Time

by Stephanie Kreuger on 9/17/2014
Team Mountain Movers

Thailand is AWESOME!!!

by Jonathan Sander on 9/17/2014
Team Boundless

Bits and Pieces of India

by Allie Spain on 9/17/2014
Team Mountain Movers

Listening to Gods Voice

by Heidi Streicher on 9/17/2014
Team Mountain Movers

Serving leftovers to a holy God

by Jonathan Sander on 9/17/2014
Team Boundless

Just being there

by Chantel Arnold on 9/17/2014
Team Aurora Borealis

Attitude check

by Chantel Arnold on 9/17/2014
Team Aurora Borealis