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Creative Ministry: A UH Highlight

by Naomi Demmon on 10/25/2014
Team Gladiators

Jelly gone mad!

by Mary Brinen on 10/25/2014
Team Golden Arrows

Processing Out Loud

by Julie Sliwinski on 10/25/2014
Team Mountain Movers

God Has A Sense of Humor

by LeAnna Truesdale on 10/25/2014
Team Jesus Jewels

Went for a little walk...

by Katie Allen on 10/25/2014
Team Hungry Youngsters

I Just Ask One Thing

by Julia Goll on 10/25/2014
Team Beloved Warriors

Going Deep

by Aleisa Mifflin on 10/24/2014
Team Fearless Love

Being a Lover of Your Presence

by Sareece Heitmann on 10/24/2014
Team Coram Deo

Cambodia Update!

by Aleisa Mifflin on 10/24/2014
Team Fearless Love


by Alyssa Trainor on 10/24/2014
Team Rebah Current

Holding Hands at Training Camp

by Kelley Willcox on 10/24/2014
Team Kabod

Jesus did my dishes

by Amanda Hall on 10/24/2014
Team Forerunners

The pieces coming together

by Kevin Smith on 10/24/2014
Team Ones on the Rock


by Taylor Duggan on 10/24/2014
Team Reckless Warriors

Where to begin...

by Jordan Chepke on 10/24/2014
Team Lutroo

I Am So Weak.

by Victoria Castillo on 10/24/2014
Team Fiercely Rooted

Training camp a week of growing up and brokeness

by ChristinaJoy Coleman on 10/24/2014
Team Dunamis

My Next Adventure

by Jena Foster on 10/24/2014
Team Squad Leaders

Why Am I Here?

by Keri Reyes on 10/24/2014
Team Royal Covenant

Words Keep Going

by Heather Snider on 10/24/2014
Team Imago Dei

A Love that Changed my Life

by Kelsey Shreve on 10/24/2014
Team Steadfast Pursuit

One More Step

by Nick Cummings on 10/24/2014
Team Awaken

And he said to the sea...

by Anna Norman on 10/24/2014

Following the Spirit in Nicaragua

by Alexis Coryell on 10/24/2014
Team Agape Warriors

Get Up and Walk (Training Camp Part 2)

by Heather Merrell on 10/24/2014
Team Key Bearers

Botswana Moments

by Kim Harris on 10/24/2014
Team Hakuna Matata

A Goat in a Marshmallow

by Jenni Murphy on 10/24/2014
Team bold | 2831


by Kalah Shockley on 10/24/2014
Team Fierce

A Call To Die

by Brandon Williams on 10/24/2014
Team Ones on the Rock

Training Camp Round 2

by Aimee Labelle on 10/24/2014
Team Uncaged


by Molly Reel on 10/24/2014
Team Open Arms

God Didn't Meet Me At Training Camp

by Cali Castaneda on 10/24/2014
Team Wanderers

What's happenin'?

by Elizabeth Snyder on 10/24/2014
Team Daughters Ablaze

Training Camp Top Eleven

by Melissa Bjorklund on 10/24/2014
Team Awakened Warriors

Crash: Part I

by Naz Hagos on 10/24/2014
Team Errene

Looking at the Angles

by Zach Ripley on 10/24/2014
Team Tonka


by Anna Kuepfer on 10/24/2014
Team Boldly Present


by Michelle on 10/24/2014
Team Valiant

It feels like home to me

by Jennie Dugan on 10/24/2014
Team Koinonia

my new normal

by Bethany Fristad on 10/24/2014
Team Ohana

Through Pain There Should Be Compassion

by Simone Sterling on 10/24/2014
Team Anathallo

When You STILL Don't Trust God

by Sha'terika Perkins on 10/24/2014
Team ...Drops Mic

My Parents Came On The Race

by Katie Cawthon on 10/24/2014
Team No Doubt

It's Time To Do Something!

by Jeff Gala on 10/24/2014
Team Dar Vida

Ministry in Thailand

by Ashley Albert on 10/24/2014
Team Burning Joy

You Read My Journal?!

by Jess Herzanek on 10/24/2014
Team Iron Life

I Have A Confession

by Bekah Shearin on 10/24/2014
Team Boldly Present

Seeing the Light

by Becky Houston on 10/24/2014
Team The Conquerors

Birthday Abroad

by Mandy Kearns on 10/24/2014
Team Boundless

La Ponderosa

by Paul Diffee on 10/24/2014
Team Katafygio

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

by Amanda Nylin on 10/23/2014
Team Daughters Ablaze

Make it Work

by Debbie Bein on 10/23/2014
Team Forerunners

Oh…But training camp, You see…

by Hilary Rogers on 10/23/2014
Team Joyous Light

The month of Changes

by Stefani Brewster on 10/23/2014
Team Agape Warriors

Take It!

by Justin Geisheimer on 10/23/2014
Team The Good Timers

I'll Trust You.

by Anna Carter on 10/23/2014

I Saw God Today

by Sam Caruso on 10/23/2014
Team Geronimo


by Kirsten Hughes on 10/23/2014
Team Holy Grail

Honduras: Part 1 (With Photos)

by Becca Mussatti on 10/23/2014
Team En Fuego

Guatemala: Don't get served.

by Matt Carlson on 10/23/2014
Team Forerunners

Training Camp: Secrets Unveiled

by Chelsea Lemon on 10/23/2014
Team Eklektos

Let Go and Let God

by Haley Roddy on 10/23/2014


by Ryan Vogel on 10/23/2014
Team Iron Life

R. Kelly Said It Best

by Kaitlin McElroy on 10/23/2014
Team Warrior

I Want To Be Like A Tree

by Benita Townsend on 10/23/2014
Team The Pursuit

Breaking and Entering

by Josh Johnson on 10/23/2014
Team The Fellowship

A Change of Plan

by Beka Hardy on 10/23/2014
Team Phoenix

The power of being sharpened!

by Jen Goeking on 10/23/2014
Team The Janes

Undergoing A Heart Transplant

by David Hamilton on 10/23/2014
Team Intentional Love

Post Training Camp Thoughts

by Kyla Stearns on 10/23/2014
Team Boundless

One is enough

by Bethany Bernard on 10/23/2014
Team Iron Maidens

Orphans and Widows

by John Sims on 10/23/2014