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Unexpected Love

by Bryce Hayden on 8/30/2014

Where Will I Be Going?

by Stephanie Jansen on 8/30/2014

Two Coins the Richer

by Kristin Schneider on 8/30/2014
Team Warrior Bride

Break Every Chain

by Kelsey Kraus on 8/30/2014
Team Calm Waters

Only One Week To....

by Abbie Eaton on 8/30/2014
Team Lavished Warriors

ˇprepárate Perú!

by Tiffany Blount on 8/30/2014
Team Free

Upside Down in a Week

by Bethany Staton on 8/30/2014
Team Awaken

Fundraising Whoas #2: Whoant He do it?!

by Simeon Rodgers on 8/30/2014

Chasing Jodi

by Tressa Borchardt on 8/30/2014
Team Fearless Love

Loose my heart

by Darla Pruit on 8/30/2014

Lunch with Eno

by Amy Hirabayashi on 8/30/2014
Team Unity 31

Just Say "YES!"

by Hope Bowman on 8/30/2014

A Picture Blog: Haiti

by Ashley Loucks on 8/30/2014
Team Alvah

A Day in the Life in Cambodia

by Cody and Stephanie Stutzman on 8/30/2014
Team Leonard*


by Olivia Bourgeois on 8/30/2014
Team Akal Esh

Cambodia VIDEO

by Cody and Stephanie Stutzman on 8/30/2014
Team Leonard*

A Month to Remember!

by Darron Chamlee on 8/30/2014
Team En Fuego

The One Where I Ask For Help

by Hunter Young on 8/30/2014
Team Ru-ah

Goodbye India (+ Photos!)

by Jonathan Sander on 8/30/2014
Team Boundless

To Tat or Not To Tat?

by Gabrielle Hobbs on 8/30/2014
Team Apotolmao

Healed. Baptized. Month 2.

by John Harbold on 8/30/2014
Team Boundless

Made New

by Danielle Wieber on 8/30/2014
Team Relentless

When All Is Stripped Away

by Erika Michael on 8/30/2014
Team Iron Life

I wanted to punch children

by Alison Scott on 8/30/2014
Team Undefined

One Week

by Jayden Korber on 8/30/2014
Team i68

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

by Tristiana on 8/30/2014
Team Starfish

Sweet Surrender

by Courtney Rylee on 8/30/2014
Team Aperture

Lists from India

by KELSEY BEGGS on 8/30/2014
Team Aperture

A Little About Me

by Amelia Dernier on 8/30/2014

Adopted by God

by Cody and Stephanie Stutzman on 8/30/2014
Team Leonard*

Running out of time

by Beth Mora on 8/30/2014
Team Beautifully Broken

I'm Challenging YOU!

by Beth Crenshaw on 8/30/2014

When being courageous means saying no

by Sarah Michel on 8/29/2014

Why Story?

by Kirsten Hughes on 8/29/2014
Team Holy Grail

Wish List

by Amy Davis on 8/29/2014

I Prayed for 1 and Got 4

by Laura Moody on 8/29/2014
Team Radical

Let The Future Begin

by Susan Perry on 8/29/2014

HE is Risen!

by Bryce Hayden on 8/29/2014

Praying Through The Pain

by Myles Willman on 8/29/2014
Team Aperture

Way OVER due

by David Sadowski on 8/29/2014
Team Relentless Hope

Positive Vibe Posters for Sale! :)

by Deborah Bitzer on 8/29/2014
Team Kenosis

"I Yam What I Yam"

by Angel Borthwick on 8/29/2014
Team P.S. I Love You

What is Worthwhile?

by Ashton Robertson on 8/29/2014

The World Race... What?

by Maria Todd on 8/29/2014

Yo Soy Libre!

by Lauren Massey on 8/29/2014
Team Lutroo

Having Crucial Conversations

by Taylor Duggan on 8/29/2014

Conquering Fears - Peru

by Esther Gordon on 8/29/2014
Team Bold Radiance

Faithful as Stars in the Night Sky

by Andie Pointer on 8/29/2014

Experiencing a Tsunami

by Nick Shear on 8/29/2014
Team Royal Covenant


by Amy Hirabayashi on 8/29/2014
Team Unity 31

An Invitation!:)

by James Fraundorf on 8/29/2014
Team Wildfire

when the going gets tough

by leslie mifflin on 8/29/2014

The World Race in Not a Vacation

by Savannah Rucker on 8/29/2014

God's Grace

by Tina Sakers on 8/29/2014
Team Beautifully Broken

Not an overall blog

by Dani Piva de Albuquerque on 8/29/2014
Team Unity 31

Angels in disguise

by Miranda Parnell on 8/29/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

The things I've Seen

by Miranda Parnell on 8/29/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

He said, "Go 'til God says no"

by Beka Hardy on 8/29/2014
Team Phoenix

The "unlovable."

by Crystal Avery on 8/29/2014

Swan song

by Isaiah Alvarado on 8/29/2014
Team Entregado

Take a chance on me

by Brie Thomas on 8/29/2014
Team Abundant Joy

Month 2: Albania Summary and Update

by Jessica Ravin Johnson on 8/29/2014
Team Unity 31

Video from the Pig Farm!

by Drea Ruddock on 8/29/2014
Team Akal Esh

Parent Vision Trip Video!

by Micah Roeder on 8/29/2014
Team Change

And She Starved

by Stephanie Stambaugh on 8/29/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

Life is Ministry

by Derek West on 8/29/2014
Team Nautilus

A Day in "Juvie"

by Tara Truitt on 8/29/2014
Team Jericho

Face to Face with Death on the World Race

by Cody and Stephanie Stutzman on 8/29/2014
Team Leonard*


by Amanda Hobbs on 8/29/2014
Team Evermore

The Month of Redeeming Love

by Cody and Stephanie Stutzman on 8/29/2014
Team Leonard*

Daily Bread ( & photos )

by Will Taylor on 8/29/2014
Team Change

Keeping you in the Know!

by Abbie Eaton on 8/29/2014
Team Lavished Warriors

Dear African Church

by Jacob Stewart on 8/29/2014
Team Love Bears